How to Host an Instagram Takeover in 13 Easy Steps

How to Host an Instagram Takeover in 13 Easy Steps      

An Instagram takeover refers to the taking command of another person’s Instagram account to engage with their audience. It began in 2012, and it has gained unprecedented popularity courtesy of the fun, and efficacy it brings to the table. Here are 13 steps on how to implement a winning Instagram takeover.

Set goals

Elaborate goals are the lynchpin that actuates and anchors prosperous campaigns that hit all the right spots. Campaign targets should be developed in tandem with the partner whose account will be taken over to ensure alignment and comprehension of all that is at hand. Probable goals could include brand awareness, promotion of a product or an event.

Determine the type of takeover

Instagram has various content types, and it is imperative to choose the one best suited to the set targets. It could be stories, live video, posts, or a mix of the above.

Posts are perfect for employee oriented takeovers, for instance, while live videos and stories are excellent for building brand awareness by encouraging and making use of user-generated content.

Select your guest/s

Your goals should form the basis of guest choice. An apparel company, for instance, should go for a renowned influencer while a firm looking to attract top talent could use the employee takeover strategy.

Other aspects to consider include the reach (followers), reputation, and the sphere of influence of your guest. Social influencers, community figures, industry authority figures, employees, celebrities, etc. are all excellent candidates.

The alternative approach

Alternatively, you can choose to be the party taking over someone else’s Instagram account. It involves a lot less legwork, but substantial effort still has to go into choosing the right person to approach for the undertaking.

As a guest, you will lose the final say over the content shared as well as veto power over trivialities, but in the grand scheme, it is not a costly compromise considering the gains.

Identify the metrics to watch

Goals are substantiated by metrics which offer benchmarks to both drive and measure success. Depending on the takeover in question, ideal parameters could include the engagement rate, likes, followers gained, sales, etc.

Identified metrics should also have numerical ideals that will act as a reference point. All information should be clearly laid out and revised in the presence of all involved to boost congruence when implementation begins.


Theme the takeover to align it with the campaign’s targets. It will streamline the takeover and reduce the chances of getting sidetracked. You could decide to base the campaign of gifs, or 2-second videos for example. The key is to strive for uniqueness to boost the fun aspect which will, in turn, increase engagement and efficacy.


A takeover should be time limited for optimal effect. A live campaign could have a time scale of an hour, or two, for instance and story based takeovers can run for a day. As can be deduced, the duration should depend on the theme and content type preferred for the takeover.

Cost and logistics

Proper planning and organization is critical to running an efficient and effective takeover. An employee takeover may eat into work time, facilitators will have to be paid, there may be transport or extra work hours involved, among many other details that are easy to overlook.

Create the hashtags

Hashtags make it possible to monitor comments and the general performance of the takeover. Decide whether you will use one hashtag for all posts or distinct hashtags.

Hashtag wording should be well thought out to reflect the campaign’s purpose. Advisably, go for branded hashtags to make it easier for those who stumble onto the takeover to see all previous posts.

Advertise the takeover

At this stage, with all campaign specifics set up, promote the takeover. Make use of other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as Instagram. Promotion should start a week or two before takeover commencement. Involve posts from the chosen guest to add more weight to the advertising efforts.

Implementation and security

Implement the takeover as per the decided guidelines. Considering the safety implications of sharing your Instagram login credentials with external parties, be extra vigilant during implementation.

To minimize security risks, you can use an indirect approach where the guest sends the content and then you post it. However, the takeover may lose some flavor this way, but you will get some level of control over the content shared besides bolstering security.

Review the performance

Once the takeover concludes, involve the team and analyze the results using your goals and set metrics as the yardstick. From the analysis, generate inferences on how to improve future takeovers. If a professional takeover, create a report for documentation and future reference.

Broaden campaign reach

Compile all the strong points and the standout content pieces of the takeover and post them on your blog or website. This way, you will be able to leverage the takeover for more traffic and extend its effect. You can also share snippets on other social platforms for the same reason.

With the above steps and tips, you are all set to enforce a successful Instagram takeover. Most takeovers are usually held on Tuesdays under the famous slogan “takeover Tuesdays.”

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