Learning New Thing Makes Me Happy

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As for life.  It’s going well.  I love working in downtown Houston.  The location is excellent.  It’s fun to walk around (minus the heat) after work in the tunnels.  I haven’t found anywhere amazing to eat yet… but I’m trying.  Hence the lack of Instagram pictures.  Overall it’s nice working in the actual city.  It makes me miss New York City,  although in NYC people don’t clear out in a hurry on weekdays.  A lot of things close around 5pm.  Curious.

Ever since high school I’ve learned best at night… with cookies, Swedish fish, and all types of gross candy.  I still remember those late Walgreen runs at University Hall.  My friend Anthony would send a text “Swedish fish?”  Of course.  I have a 24 hour CVS 4 minutes from where I now live… it’s sort of a problem.  I need to eat healthier.  Haha.  Anyways, bliss is knowing there’s something new to learn. Also I solved the problem of what television show to have as background noise.  Netflix has NCIS episodes!!! Background television is essential to learning… at least for me it is.

The plan for the next few nights is simple, learn AdWords scripts/API functionality, watch NCIS/listen to Pandora, and occasionally play super smash bros.   Love live the night.