What makes content go viral? 13 tips for marketing

What makes content go viral? 13 tips for marketing      

Viral content is facilitated by the shares the content gets and it is the varied elements that drive the engagement that build ensure the target audience responds to the content. When trying to understand the elements that make content go viral, it is important to consider the emotional triggers that humans have and how the same can be leveraged to ensure they respond in a desirable way, which is sharing the content. The factors that make content go viral are the same elements that marketers must target and they include:

Generate awe

Content must be able to generate awe if it has any intention of going viral. Whether it is laughter or the feeling of amusement, targeted content must generate awe to trigger the target audience to share.

Supports a cause

When content speaks for a cause that an individual or society genuinely cares about, it is bound to go viral. The psychological setup of the target audience is inclined to share and make people aware of what they value or a cause that they value and wish to be associated with. When content ticks that box, it is sure to go viral since people will resonate with the message and ensure all others get to identify with it as well.

Information is from trusted sources

People appreciate authentic information that they can take to be gospel truth. If content is from trusted sources or is affiliated with the trusted sources, it is bound to go viral since it can be taken at face value as being the creditable information.

Includes infographics or lists

When content includes infographics or lists, it is sure to create a buzz around the targeted audience since it is able to effectively capture what they are about in clear presentations. A numbered or top list generates the desired traffic since people are able to skim through and find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Appeals to dominance within target audience

The human psychology is tuned to resonate with what appeals to their dominance. This is to say everybody has a narcissistic side and if a piece of information makes them feed that side through making them feel smart and superior for doing so, it is a sure platform for the content to go viral.

Defines an individual

People share content with their friends or relatives if it defines who they are or what they stand for. If content speaks to who people really are as individuals, then it is destined to go viral since many people will share the content with the perception that it will inform others what they are about and what they carry in terms of opinion.

Nourishment of relationships

Viral content has to nourish the relationships people have between each other and among groups. A survey of the content that has gone viral reveals that it was in one way or another able to nourish the relationships of the people who shared the same amongst themselves.


People are bound to share the content that gives them a sense of belonging and involvement within the world setup. When content ticks the box of self-nourishment, it is able to convince the readers to share the content which is exactly what drives the nature of the select pieces in terms of them being viral.

Brings valuable entertainment

If the content brings valuable entertainment, then it is bound to be shared to enhance the fun and association. Hilarious and engaging content automatically goes viral since it brings humor and entertainment among individuals on the online platform.

Valuable advice

If content provides valuable advice like helpful tips and hints for growth of an individual and the society at large, it is bound to go viral since people love to be associated with winning formulas. With valuable advice, content can never go wrong since there are bound to be people looking to share and get advice on everyday situations.

Aspect of uniting people

If content is tuned to unite individuals and aid them in becoming part of a “tribe” or a defined niche of individuals with similar tastes or outlooks, it is sure to go viral. Individuals are known to crave the presence of a connection that will ultimately ensure they are able to relate well with other individuals and if select content can provide that connection, then it surely is destined to go viral.

Emotional activation

Viral content has the ability to trigger or activate hidden emotions whether it is anxiety, curiosity of any other emotion that a person has. Content that facilitates emotional activation is tuned to go viral since it speaks to what people are afraid or not willing to go public about.

Have a storyline

Viral content is set with a storyline that sets the journey that readers are made to go through. Content with a storyline has the ability to go viral since it manifests as being not only emotionally compelling but also with an astute presentation that resonates with the target audience.

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