Why millennials don’t have the same household skills as older generations – 13 reasons 

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Why millennials don’t have the same household skills as older generations – 13 reasons 

Millennials have been bashed all through and one of the things they have been massively criticized for is lacking the basic household skills. Millennials have been characterized as lacking the household skills and abilities that older generations have proudly held which stands as a worrying trend. Millennials can barely handle simple household tasks not to mention their inclination to take things for granted. Here are 13 reasons why millennials lack the household skills.

Part of a digital generation

Millennials are part of a digital generation and this means that they believe most things and factors are done online. The digital platform has provided the illusion that almost all answers can be found in soft copy format which directs the eventual reality that they lack the basic household skills. The role model for skill acquisition is the internet and not the real-life individuals and this makes them lack the skills that older generations have.


Digital assistants and robots have taken over the basic duties that millennials would have carried out in order for them to learn the household skills. Coupled with dishwashing, laundry and cooking machinery, millennials literally lack the setting where they can learn the skills in handling the processes.

Rarely take responsibilities

Millennials rarely take responsibility of their own lives in terms of taking the initiative to learn and acquire new skills and techniques. This is to say their disinterest costs them in that they fail to capture the gist of what household skills are all about.

They have a microwave mentality

One of the main downfalls of the millennials has been their focus on having a microwave mentality. They believe everything has a simple answer as opposed to actually taking the step to learn and accept the input of others which provides them with the alternative answer to what they think the online platform provides.

They don’t invest the time to learn

A major problem with millennials is that they don’t invest the time to learn and take note of any techniques they need to grasp. By not investing the time and effort, millennials miss the chance to acquire new skills and techniques including varied ideas on how to handle the household duties.

They are not good at taking advice and direction

Millennials are a stubborn generation and this means they are not good at taking advice and direction. It is this stubbornness that has become a major impediment to them being able to learn the household skills that can help them in their daily lives.

They dislike manual applications

It is common knowledge that millennials dislike manual applications and this means they keep away from any process that will require manual effort. This tendency often leaves them exposed in terms of learning new concepts and ideas on how to handle household needs.

Spend most of their time on gadgets

A significant fault that makes millennials lack the household skills that older generations have is the habit of spending most of their time on gadgets. Millennials spend their time shopping online or chatting with fellow millennials which takes up the time they would have otherwise used to gain a new skill.

They still live with their parents

Most millennials still live with their parents and this eliminates their critical thinking ability since they find everything done. This makes them lack the ability to take initiative to learn and gain new household techniques since they find everything done for them.

More concerned with theoretical background

Millennials are the best when it comes to theoretical knowledge but the worst when it gets to practical input. Most millennials are concerned with the theoretical background and leave the actual application to other individuals.

They rarely interact

Interactions in the real world are what build skills and experience. Millennials rarely interact and the only time they interact is when they are playing Pokémon or indulging their fantasies on the online platform. With this lack of interaction, it becomes virtually impossible to learn new household skills.

Millennials are easily discouraged

Acquisition of household skills is a process that requires staunch determination since people never get it right the first time. With millennials easily discouraged if things don’t go right the way they want, it becomes hard for them to gain the skill and learn the techniques to use to get everything right.

Oblivious of real world challenges

Millennials believe they are better served by setting their path in pursuing their own interests as opposed to learning the core of world problems and challenges. They are mainly oblivious of real world challenges and believe that it is another person’s job or responsibility. With this self-centered approach, millennials end up missing on the opportunity to adopt and acquire the household skills that older generations are famed for.

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