Flashing the Tiger Fangs

I’m excited. I get to try this run an entire agency thing…. It’s exhilarating because everything you do correlates with how successful you become.

Sales, content generation, development management, etc… all things I did today. I feel exhausted everyday, but it’s a good type of exhausted. Lots of phone calls and networking. At the end of the day I get to see exactly how long my fangs are. Weird analogy I know. But I’m pretty weird.

Anyways this weekend is going to busy. I have to set up the content and proposal generating part of the agency. Right now, proposals are taking too long to generate. I will need to create a simplified system. I also need to get some legal things in order. I did go to law school for something. And finances… need to work on that. As well as this website. I should make a list:

clean (house is a mess)
Shopping for Clothes
Ant Removal
Hobby YouTube Videos…. X 14
Videos on Guttulus X a lot…
Prepare Presentation
Obtain Legal Papers
Create Proposal System
Redo an entire PPC campaign

And that’s my weekend. Wait until you see what I get to do in the weekday.

But I do get Friday/Monday of next week off to visit my sister in PA. That I’m excited for. It would be nice to see her again for my birthday.

This was a strange blog… even for me.

What I Learned from My Father

My father came to the U.S. with $50 dollars in his pocket.  I grew up poor.  Very poor.  At my first party we gave a pencil… as a birthday present.  Because we were poor,  I learned never to take family and friends for granted.  And the value of loyalty.

I wrote the following letter to my Immigration professor on why I wanted to take her class (she was also my contracts professor):

“Both my parents were international students from China.  My dad came over in 1988 and my mom soon afterwards.  They came on a student visa from the University of Akron, Ohio.  In 1989, the Tiananmen shootings occurred: where the Chinese government shot its own students.  In response to this, President George Bush Sr. made easier the process for Chinese students in the U.S. to file for working permits in executive order 12711.  The order allowed my parents to support themselves financially in the U.S.  In 1992 Congress under Nancy Pelosi passed the Chinese Student Act of 1992 which allowed my parents to file for permanent residency in the U.S.

I hope to eventually do pro-bono immigration work after law school.  This is an area I feel that I can give a lot back.   My father is also a lawyer and he enjoys giving advice to new immigrants at the company he works at.”

My father sacrificed a lot to ensure my sister and I grew properly.  From forcing us to learn piano to making sure we volunteered as often as we could.  He went to law law school at night when he had a full time job.  He took multiple part time jobs including being a backyard farmer to support us.  That’s where I get my grit.

When you are poor you see the worst in people.  People take advantage of you… because they can.  However, you also see the best.  My father taught my sister and I to help people in need.   Pro-bono immigration work, tutoring, volunteering at animal shelters, playing piano at retirement homes… is how I spent my Saturdays/Sundays for the past 20 years.  I am grateful for everything my father has taught me.  Happy Father’s Day (a little belated).

I May Need Better Friends

An early… or I guess earlier post.  I needed to get something off my chest.  I need better friends.

As personalities go, I’m happy go lucky.  I wake up happy and I go to bed happy.  I don’t dwell on the negatives for long.  The reason I’m making this post is to make a note of something I discovered.  While doing my personal finance accounting, I realized I have a few friends who voraciously take from me.  They take video games, books, free meals, etc.  These friends don’t give back.  The more I dig into my finances the worst I feel.  My credit card statement for June was 3 times higher than it normally is.  Some of the increase can be accounted to fixing my car and unwise purchases.  However, a large chunk relates to toxic friends.

These are the same people who complain about a $100 birthday gift while “forgetting” my birthday gift.  It’s one thing to take, it’s another to take and be rude.

The correct decision is to distance myself because they aren’t really my friends.  I value friendship incredibly high, but the question is are they my friends?  Which the answer is no, friends don’t act like they do.

Onwards to Adventure

Today I learned how to use my new mac book.  I love it so much.  It’s a 15 inch Retina 16GB ram i7 2.2.  And it’s lightning fast.  I was video editing today.  It took 1/3 the time it normally takes for my video edits (after 2 hours of being confused).  The mac is also compatible with the SD card the other laptop hates.  The only issue is the mac only has a 256GB hard drive.  I thought it would be a lot of space, but I’m using it for video edits.

While I was writing this blog, I became hungry… I went to CVS to buy some chocolate.  It’s hard to justify buying 13.42 dollars of chocolate and eating the majority of it…  and not feeling bad at all.  I blame this on my best friend Freshman year at NYU…. Anthony.  Our dorm University Hall was right outside a 24hr CVS.  Around 3am every night he would call and we would get food at the chicken and rice place.  And later candy at CVS.

And now it’s 3am.  Weird how fast time goes by.  I’ve been working on this website for a bit, I think I fully understand how to update the back end now. This weekend as a whole was incredibly uneventful.

Tomorrow will be rough though since I have volunteer/tutoring for 4 hours in the city.  Then diner with a friend.  And if I’m productive I can record more videos.  I’m hoping to knock out Advanced Search if not both search and display.  We will see.

One of my other concerns is I’ve been buying a lot of stuff.  I purchased a 2K macbook pro, an iPad air, $450 of anime merchandise, and 500+ graphic design books.  And magic the gathering cards.  I did all of this… without an actual W-2 job locked up (although I probably will be going W-2 Monday).  And I have more bills incoming including airplane and travel expenses.  I need to be more careful with spending.  Oh and this website… haha.  I put 800 into it already.  I’m planning on spending 2,500 more for a cool application.  But it’s hard to grasp the additional value at this stage.  And funds are depleted.

I am a Magi

This week has been fun.  It started with travel and it ended with watching Magi at home while working on templates.  Yes I will upload them… eventually.  Making content isn’t as easy.  I have about 56 videos to make this weekend and absolutely no will power.  And tutoring half a day Sunday.  Always a good experience, but somewhat draining.  Especially when its the SATs on a Sunday….

Life has drastically improved.  I was able to test the open market to see what I am worth.  And I’m worth a lot.  A PPC person with my experience, certification, and determination is rare.  Said PPC person doesn’t make anything less than a comptroller would.  Being a comptroller was a daunting experience right out of law school.  I’m not sure I will ever be ready to try that again.  But PPC is fun.  I enjoy learning and talking about it.

However, my true value is something more.  It’s the ability to adapt:  Sales, SEO, PPC, Legal, Business, Accounting, Finance, and Social Media.  And it seems like my new “job” will require me to do all of those.

In the short week since I left my previous employment, I’ve accomplished half a years’ worth of goals.  I have a fully healthy ppc account, fun clients, and an investor who cares about my ideals and goals. I’ve been able to protect my friends and secure their futures as well.

Lastly, I realized just how ferocious I can be.  Which is a good thing.  After all I did go to a top law school and clawed my way to two law journals and President of my fraternity.  I’m off to a new adventure.  Wish me luck.

The Daily Grind

It’s Wednesday, almost a week since I resigned.  I feel happy.  Outside of various money issues, partially my fault for buying an entire graphic design library instead of a laptop… hahaha.  And that my credit card bill was 3 times what it normally is: plane tickets and fixing up the ac in the car…  Life has been amazing.

When I first started “working from home” I thought hey I won’t have to get stuff in traffic or drive anymore.  This was completely incorrect.  It turns out you drive more for potential client meetings.

The second most surprising thing is how difficult it is to organize your time. I work hard.  And I typically work 10-12 hours.  However, have ultimate freedom to do as you please with your time is both scary and refreshing.  Essentially I’ve been making youtube videos for my hobby the past few days.  You might ask, why is that a good idea at this point?  Shouldn’t I be worried about finding clients?  I’m not worried at all since I’m confident in my abilities to do ppc and everything else.  And I guess that’s why I’m not as stressed as I probably should be.

Oh and the long winded phone calls from friends and family.  Those can often be draining.  I’m happy.  Once I get a bit more hungry, then I’ll start to be more aggressive in client acquisition.  At this moment, I’m just enjoying the sheer and complete freedom.

Overwhelmed But Excited

     The title aptly describes how I feel. And yes its 3:35am when I started this post. I resigned my previous employment over ethical qualms last Thursday. Since then I have not looked for steady employment of the W-2 Nature. In the few days past, I’ve traveled, seen old friends, and haven’t gotten much sleep. Obviously this website is new and I love it.

      What I learned over the past…. long five days… was that feeling overwhelmed is sort of exciting. Everyday becomes a new adventure.

       Thursday I resigned at 5pm. I sent an email to a friend, but couldn’t make it to drinks that night. We got drinks and sushi the next night. I know I didn’t sleep well on Thursday. I may have worked on my website all Thursday night.

       Friday I had a business dinner… that’s one way to put it. More like hanging out with a friend at a big company who I enjoy spending time with anyways.

       Then Saturday lunch with another friend/client. I like to think all my clients are or will be friends. Trust is what every great marketing relationship is built upon. Especially since marketing can be sort of scammy. And then off to travel. I’m not the biggest fan of travel. I’ll leave that here…

       Sunday was travel.

       I got back for lunch on Monday from the travel. Then I napped. And did PPC the rest of the day. Talked to a Google rep who bless her didn’t understand very much about AdWords. Got Google Certified and attached myself to a Guttulus agency for now. I’m sure that will change soon. Then did some more PPC. And here we are. Oh also sales of course, since that is probably important.

        I’m exhausted, but I still need to produce several hundred videos… yes hundreds. Pay for a development app… somehow… Oh right and pay for this website.

      Thank goodness there are credit cards and my credit is spectacular. This is hard. But that’s what makes it so fun.

Marketing Retainer Agreement Contract



This Marketing Contract is entered on this day: ________ between Guttulus and ________.   Guttulus resides at:   ________   and Client resides at: ________. Client hereby employs and retains Guttulus to work on marketing regarding: [Insert Description of Work Paragraph]

Effect Time: This Contract is not effective and Guttulus has no obligation to provide marketing services until Client returns a signed copy of the Contract and deposits a retainer. Client must pay a deposit of X Dollars under the title “Marketing Fees” to engage services.

Scope and Duties: Client hires Guttulus to provide marketing services including but not limited to: [Insert List of Potential Jobs].

Cost and Expenses: Client shall reimburse Guttulus for all expenses related to the above marketing project outside the cost of labor.

Statements: Guttulus will send Client statements for fees and costs undertaken. Client is to pay for Guttulus’s services within 15 days of each statement’s date. Client may request Guttulus to provide a statement; Guttulus will provide the statement within 10 days after request. Unless otherwise notified, Guttulus will take fees and costs from the retainer portion. Guttulus will provide a statement of the remaining retainer amount at the end of each invoice. If no amount remains, Guttulus will ask for the retainer to be refilled.

Marketing Fees: You agree for fees and costs described in the signed contract to be take out as work is done. [Description of Marketing Fees]

Discharge: Client may discharge Guttulus at any time. Likewise, Guttulus may discharge Client at any time.

Conclusion: Once Guttulus has concluded services, all unpaid charges are immediately due. Guttulus will take money from the remaining retainer and issue a statement with a description of the charges. If money remains in the retainer, Guttulus will issue a check for that amount. If there is a disagreement over charges, the signed contract as to the project’s specifications will control. If disagreement remains, both parties agree to arbitration for the remaining amount.

Disclaimer: Successful marketing is not guaranteed. There are no promises as to results. All expressions of success should be construed only as opinions.




It’s Not Late. It’s Early!

Well, it is.  There’s something haunting about working late into the night.  Time passes by fast, but I also get a terrible amount of useful things done.  And I normally have fun doing it.

Today, I went to work out for an hour (my gym is 24 hours).  Came back and then did some coding and worked on my website.  This website.

The only issue I’m currently facing is there are a lot of expenses.  I made several buying errors recently.  The first was buying a library of books I may not have time to read.  I love reading but given my work, volunteer, and tutoring scheduling, I don’t have much time to sit down with a book. I have to make time, therefore buying an entire library was probably not wise.   I also went to several conventions which eats into money and time.

And I decided to help someone… pretty much pro bono… or at a severe discount.  Sometimes I can be too nice.  It’s not that I won’t get something, it’s the cost of opportunity.

And the car had to get fixed for 1200 and I brought a ticket to spend the Fourth a July with my sister.  And I brought an ipad.  And I brought anime related merchandise that I broke in transit.  And I brought a video game collection.

Alone, it’s not a big deal.  But my credit card bill is 3 times higher than normal (yes a lot of that is stuff I need like car repairs etc).   And of course there are other issues I have concerns about.

Well, all you can do is smile and work hard.

5 things I’ve learned about SEO Yesterday

by Tony Guo

*My expertise is in Pay Per Click. SEO is fun but it’s more of a hobby than a job. SEO helps keep my PPC skill set sharp. This is a short primer to a future white paper.

1. Words Matter: Include the words: YOU; NOW; NEW; and FREE as much as you can. However over-saturation creates an unnatural voice which leads to confusion. As an experiment, I wrote 3 articles on avoiding counterfeit trading cards: first person, second person, and third person. The first person (I) article had 97 views; the second person (YOU) article had 312 views; the third person (He/She) article had only 22 views. The articles were written to mirror each other. The images used and upload time were the same.

2. CTR Matter LOTS. Click Through Rates are not just a PPC factor to determine ad quality, they also determine your organic ranking. Google has stated higher CTR = higher relevancy = higher ranking. Search engines have come to the logical conclusion that if a searcher clicks a link, the link is more relevant and should be moved (or remain) on top.

3. Broad Match > Exact Match. Now this may be controversial, but I do all my research using Broad Match. And I run out all my PPC campaigns using Broad Match (initially). Exact Match is not what is used to be. It appears Google is focused on the intent of the searcher rather than the exact keywords they are searching for. Plus Broad Match allows you to build a search query. In SEO, when I choose a narrow topic but writing using broad match terms, it has greatly increased views.

4. Hummingbird is MEAN. Hummingbird was the biggest change in the Google search algorithm because it rewrote everything. Google no longer ranks web-pages. Instead they rank entities. Hummingbird will take search queries and find matching documents in the Google entity database. Hummingbird scrapes the web for information as well as off-site SCEHEMA references (i.e. Wiki, Ratings, Reviews, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Using factoids (many random pieces of information), Hummingbird makes an entity for you. Therefore WebMaster Tools is very important since you can check errors with it.

5. Pigeons are LOCAL. Pigeon is like a local version of Hummingbird. Enhanced listings (the one where you use a Google photographer) have tremendous SEO value. Maps are important (if you have Free parking put it in your map listing). Reviews on Wiki, Forums, Blogs, G+, Yelp matter A LOT. Most of local traffic will be mobile, therefore you have to design for mobile. It’s worth it.

Anyways I’ll add a lot more later when its not 2am in the morning. I promise. 🙂

Designing and Developing My New Website

I wanted to share with you some good news.  I may have a new website design soon.  I figure it’s time to get a bit more serious.  But I want to assure you, everything will still be free.  Templates, study guides, etc.  I’m not in this to make money.  Just to have a fun and go on an adventure in marketing.

This week was busy.  It started with work.  Work is busy.  I can’t disclose too much but I had a lot on my plate.

Next I had tutoring and volunteering over the weekend.  Which combined takes a lot of time.  I love it though.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then I worked on designing and developing this website.  Until 4am in the morning….  But I think I made enough progress to be excited.

And today I had work related things to do which finished around 10:30.  I ate dinner.  And then began recording (I’m editing right now).

And after these 10 videos are uploaded.  I get to make some more.  Yeah for always waiting until Monday night to do things.

I also got an interesting offer to help someone for anime related merchandise.  How can I say no to that?