Better Late than Never

I missed my first blog post yesterday.  I couldn’t be helped.  I was too busy with other things.  Life has gotten sort of hectic as of late.  I would say it’s stressful, but honestly I’m hard to stress out.  I am glad that it will be the weekend soon.

This weekend I have to make lots of videos.  Hopefully I can actually get a head of schedule.  But it’s not looking promising.  I will need to dedicate a majority of the weekend shooting videos.  Which is fine, since I enjoy it a lot.  The only issue is how time consuming it is.  And how it just engulfs your entire weekend.

While on the topic of things that are time consuming.  Students.  I have a new one this Saturday.  I don’t live anywhere close to any of my students.  I live outside Humble, while all my students live within Houston.  Another Saturday evening dedicated to teaching the ISEE exam.  Tutoring is one of the more enjoyable things I do on the weekends.

And then there are all those books I purchased I should read.  Oh life… I guess it’s better to be swamped than not have anything to do.  I wonder what a boring life would be like.  I imagine the trade off between stress and entertainment isn’t worth it.

Oh… also It’s 210am… and I probably will grind out some more “learning” until 4am.

Ups and Downs in Marketing


I work in marketing.  The first thing you learn is there are highs and lows.   For you it’s data, but for the client it’s the livelihood.  Most clients I’ve worked with don’t enjoy this roller coaster ad.  Some months you hit a record high of conversions.  Other months your data is horrific.  The strange part is you give the same amount of effort; I would even say you work harder in the months conversions are weakest.

The important part is to keep grinding away and trust that marketing does work.  Because you know it actually does.

A Not So Productive Monday

It’s pass midnight.  Today was, for a Monday, not productive at all.  I had a few things I wanted to do, but instead I chose NetFlix.  Which makes this a lazy Monday.  I still have some time to be productive but I’m not in the mood.  I’m just tired.

My accomplishment for today was folding Laundry.  It’s strange, since I didn’t volunteer or tutor today  (which I normally do Mondays).  Having extra time doesn’t necessarily mean you use it wisely.

I will end tonight with reading one of my many new books.  A new found hobby now that I have a mini-library to draw from.  I’m exhausted and I don’t really know why.  I think it’s probably because of traffic.  I was stuck in traffic a long time today.  And driving around in the Houston weather isn’t fun.  Going from AC to no AC and then back to AC again.

I’ll probably go for a late night run, shower, and read a book.  Hopefully Tuesday is a better day.

Well That Weekend was Eventful

It’s only 1am.  The night is still young.  I can probably grind out a few more hours of work.  But should I?  This weekend was a mixture of getting a lot done and nothing at all.

First of all I tutored a lot this weekend.  Way more than I expected.  Here’s what my schedule was like this weekend:

Friday Night: Read 3 graphic design books.  I mean I do have a library now.  🙂

Saturday: Tutored for 3.75 hours.  Brought food.. you know to survive.  Made 12 videos for my hobby channel which is now at 4.5 Million views.  And I think that was it. Oh and made a seafood broil with snow crabs.

Sunday: Tutored for 4 hours.  Napped.  Made 4 videos for this particular channel.  Haha… I just remembered I need to do laundry.

Since I don’t live anywhere near my students it normally takes about 45 minutes to get to their homes and back.  Tutoring therefore takes a huge chunk of my day.  Probably close to 5-6 hours if you include preparation time.  And then videos can be a nightmare… especially if you are not in the mood.  Oh I and I forgot I went to the gym on both days.  Yes….

Here’s what I have left to do:

PPC cheat sheet

7 Book a Day Videos




And other stuff I’m forgetting.

Probably something bill related too since it is the beginning of the next month.

While I’m proud of all the things I did get done, the things I didn’t get done are annoying to think about.  I guess if I’m diligent and stay up a little later I can finish laundry and dishes, and maybe get a midnight run in.  I love running late at night.  Minus the bugs, but I prep with tons of bug spray.

Okay look forward to more videos very soon.  I guess if I’m incredibly productive I can finish the PPC cheat sheet in the morning.  Nah…  Haha.

Hello 3AM Again

Well today was eventful.  I woke up at 7 to feed the cats and get ready for tutoring.  I prepare a lesson before heading off.  The student lived relatively far away but I always try to get there early. Tutoring went well.  And 3.75 hours later it was over and it was time to go shopping for food.

I’m a pretty bad shopper.  I went to Sam’s Club to buy seafood and somehow spent $180+ on a food cart 1/3 the size of the person in front of me who spent $70.  I would love to say it comes down to quality, but that’s not really it.  Someone how in a week I can go through $180 of food.  It doesn’t make too much sense since I eat out a lot.

I returned home exhausted so I took a cat nap.  Woke up and started on video production for my hobby channel which is uploading as we speak.  Tomorrow will be a crazy day as well.

I have 7 more videos to shoot about books I like and hopefully 7 more videos about PPC.  And a PPC cheat sheet.  Although I do have tutoring from 1pm until 5pm.  I’m literally more busy on weekends than I am on weekdays.  But good busy.  I think.

I only wish I had a little bit of time to read all those books I purchased.  Oh also Laundry and Dishes and other real  people things need to be taken care of.

But next weekend I think I have all the evenings off from volunteering and tutoring.  Which is nice.  And I won’t need to worry about weekend video production.  It’s funny that my weekends are far more busy than my weekdays.

My Cats Are Fighting

It’s 2:30AM on a Saturday Morning and I need to get up at 7am to get ready for tutoring.  It’s funny how I get up earlier on days I have “off” than days I have work.  But my cats are fighting.  And its pretty bad.

Lily pooped upstairs which is never a good thing since I don’t know if she has done this before  She has recovered nicely, to the point that she has begun attacking my other cat, Amber.  They are sisters, but they are super mean to each other, at least right now.

Amber peed and has a torn nail… which means some bleeding.  It also means between the two there was a lot of time spent cleaning up… and I most likely get to spend tomorrow morning cleaning up.

Outside of that, I have a huge scratch mark on my left arm.  Sometimes having cats are difficult.  Lily is outside in her cage to prevent further “attacks” on Amber.  And Amber is inside in her crate to prevent her from moving too much (her nail has stopped bleeding).  I’ve done this one time before… and I know there will be a sizable mess when I wake up tomorrow.

Oh and I haven’t gone to the gym in forever.  I don’t know why I’m thinking about that.  I did get to read a few books before I heard ‘thump’ which was Amber jumping off the second story…. if I had to guess this is how she broke her nail.  I hope she learned it’s not a good idea.  Amber climbs off a ledge often.  I’ve heard her jumping before… but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

Anyways, rather than durdle any longer, I need to held off to sleep and hope tomorrow is a bit more productive.  My goals for tomorrow are to tutor… until 1 and stay in the city for lunch.  Get back home.  Take a nap.  Do dishes (they are piled up so high).  Maybe go to Sam Club to get some food.  Hope my cats do not need to go to the vet again and play nice.  And make 16 videos for my hobby channel and 7 book related videos and some PPC videos.

It’s lucky I don’t need that much sleep.  Haha extra time to bond with my cats and read obscure graphic design books.

I Brought 500 Books… Seriously

Well it’s that time of night again…  1:31am when I start to blog about my day.  I had a pretty eventful day… and I brought at least 500 books.  The books have an unique story to them.  At one time they belonged to a store called Domy Books:  The store was one of a kind and for artist.  The books and toys they carried were hard to find anywhere else in Houston (obviously you could order it online, but you can’t fall in love with something online like you can in person).

I guess the best way I can describe Domy is through their own words:

As many of you well know, Domy Books is a portal to the fantastical – a place to find your most far-out and free-wheelin fantasies printed, pressed, published and presented for the express purpose of plucking the playful heartstrings that please your personality so perfectly you feel as though you never really left the childhood from whence your first imagination sprang.

Kind of like platform 9 3/4 only without the jumping, wouldn’t you say?”

Domy went out of business and consigned the rest of its stock to Insomnia Games, a place I heard a lot about and was the first place I visited when we moved to our new office.  They had the remaining Domy stock, and I wanted it.  It was being sold at 20 dollars for 6-8 books valued at least a $100.  I made a fair offer of $2 a book and the owner after a day said yes.  And even cut me a better deal.

I’m excited I get to keep part of Houston’s art scene history.  It belongs an artist’s home.

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Motivation and Las Vegas

Well not really.  It’s actually 12:33am… But I’m sure I’ll durdle around until 2am before publishing this post.  I’m highly motivated to make a video series about AdWords.  Right now the quality is pretty low.  I realized I filmed most of my video series while it was flooding outside my house.  Yeah for Houston Floods.

I thought I should talk about motivation and Las Vegas.  I’ve only been to Vegas once.  And I lost money.  In fact I lost the money saved for my new 3ds XL and games…. which was sad.  I went to a multi-level marketing convention (mlm) where people talked about selling tupperware to each other.  The convention food was also fittingly awful.  But I had a great time pretending to be interested in joining pyramid schemes.

That aside, many of my friends are going to Las Vegas for a Magic the Gathering convention.  I’m a nerd and I have a YouTube channel with 13K+ subscribers and close to 4.5 Million views.  I don’t play the game often.  Only when my high school friends are in town. I actually didn’t play at all in college and for most of law school.

Anyways let’s talk about why I chose not to do to this epic event with my friends.  I found a lost dog on my way to another convention.  IMG_3170It didn’t take long to find it’s owner, but in doing so I was reminded of the long hiatus I took from volunteering at my local animal shelter.  I also tutor a lot and I was not dedicating much time to helping my students either.  I was being selfish.  I felt bad, although volunteering is always optional, I’ve volunteered since I was in middle school.  And I’ve tutored since I was in high school.  My motivation and the reason I do things don’t make sense.  I stopped my car and chased after a dog in the pouring rain.  Took the dog to the house, dried the dog, and then went to find it’s owner.  Couldn’t get pass the locked gate so called the owner again.  And eventually I dropped the dog at a neighbor’s home for safe keeping.  And I had a convention to go to… which I was quite late for.

Again sometimes I just don’t really get why I do things.  Like adopt two cats off craigslist so they wouldn’t be separated…  who does that?  Or a dog from behind a Whataburger garbage.  My three pets are champions at increasing their medical bills.  But I can’t complain.  It’s nice to come home to them.

IMG_3157 IMG_3161

Late Night Owl

For whatever reasons I work extremely well late at night.  It started in Middle School.  I figured out a system where I could take a nap after dinner for 2 hours and work late into the night without suffering in the morning.  It was sort of a trade.  I would trade 2 hours from 7pm-9pm for the ability to work until 4am.  Instead of sleeping for 8 hours I would only need 6 on a weekday.  And maybe 8-10 hours on weekends to catch up.  This was immensely useful in High School, where 7pm-9pm was sort of a lull in activity.

In college I figured out something even more interesting.  If I took two 2 hour naps (haha I made sure my class schedule would allow this), most nights I wouldn’t even really need sleep.  This continued until I started working part time and then I to change my schedule.

And law school….  Where sleep really is a premium.  My cat naps proved extremely useful.  I was the President of the Intellectual Property Organization, American Constitution Organization, and a Legal Fraternity.  As well… as having titles on 2 law journals.  And doing work for Professors and volunteering to help immigrants not be deported.  Also animal shelters.

Now that I’m much older, I still enjoy the late night coding binges.  There’s something exhilarating knowing that you are progressing while most people are sleeping.  I can’t logically explain it, but I can say the thing I miss most about living in New York City is being able to find a study buddy who is as owl like as I am.

I think marketing is a really good fit for me.  Since most of my learning happens between midnight and 3am.  While it’s getting harder to do, I still really enjoy grinding out the night.  And before you say I’m a vampire… I’m not.  Since I get as much time in the day as most people.  I just have more time at night.

It Dawns on Me – May 25

It looks like it will be a brutal night of working.  This weekend was crazy.  It was a fun vacation, not a relaxing one.  I got to work from home Thursday and Friday which was exactly what I imagine having your own business is like.  You work more than normal, but on stuff that you really want to work on.

I picked up one of my Cats who has been sick and away from the home for four day on Friday.  I then spent the rest of the night playing with her.

The next day I woke up, and tutored… until 3pm.  Then it was time to take an epic nap.  And head out to Comicpalooza to help a friend with her art gallery booth.  Then back home at 6am… yes that’s when the sun first comes out.

Slept in.  And woke up late Sunday.  To begin filming and editing videos for my hobby channel.  Hey that channel takes up a lot of my time.

And then Monday. I don’t really comprehend how it’s Monday already.  It seems like I must have done something in between Sunday and Today.  But hey I guess it was a good weekend.

Oh I remember.  Sunday I spent a lot of time with a lost dog trying to find it’s owner.  And thankfully.  I mean wow the storms are bad.  And the dog was super wet.  And today I played Pokemon most of the day and at 11pm begin setting up my YouTube Channel.

Taking My Website More Seriously – May 22nd

Well this weekend is over.  And the website is still… progressing.  It’s weird to imagine all the things that happen in a weekend unplanned.  But rather than make excuses I’m going to try my best to complete my ultimate project which is to get a YouTube Channel up.

It’s a lot of hard work since I will be integrating more components then I usually do for a video.  But I really want to do it.  And I’ve been planning for over a year now.  No more excuses.  I just have execute and try my best.

My last excuse was I had to do Teamtreehouse… haha that’s over already.  It’s time to get to work.

Wow That Vacation Was Short

Life likes to throw a lot of curve balls.  I was excited for my new journey on this website… and then I found a lost dog.  It was too cute not to look for it’s home.  And then I took a volunteer shift.  And after that…  I helped my friend sell items at the artist gallery.  Then one of my cats got sick again… Lily just got back from the Hospital a few days ago.  And she’s so mean now. I think it’s due to the medicine.  She knows every time I grab her it’s to feed her medicine which she doesn’t like.  Two times a day I get bitten…

And everything else.  Sometimes it’s just exhausting.  I didn’t even feel like going to my neighbor’s party.  Although I really should have.  I can still hear it.  That’s enough rambling for now.  I still have 12 videos to produce of semi-decent quality.  I will need to get on that… after dinner.

2016 Mobile Ad Certification Guide



Basic and advanced mobile advertising; including ad formats, bidding and targeting, and campaign measurement and optimization. Learn about the mobile consumer, how you can meet your advertising objectives using mobile, and the importance of mobile site and app design.


2016 Google Analytics Certification Guide


  • 90 minutes will be given to complete the Advanced Search exam
  • 70 questions will be Available in Advanced Search exam and once confirm the answer you cannot modify it in AdWords exam
  • 80% score should be needed for passing the Advanced Search exam

Of all the exams Google offers… this is by far the most important.  Without tracking there isn’t a point to advertising.  Analytics provides you tracking.  Understanding how to use analytics will open the door to profitability.

*Updated May 22nd 2016 for more recent material.


Bills and Expenses Everywhere

Cats are expensive… Especially my cats since they are spoiled. Fancy feast… and omg vet bills. Cat medicine is pricy. But it’s worth having Amber and Lily hangout with me late at night. They keep me company late at night when I’m working. Amber is a blue Russian and Lily is a Tabby. You can see pictures of them on my Instagram: Guttulus. Lily had a fever and is currently on antibiotics. She caught a fever, hopefully not due to infection. She was recently declawed (front claws) and sprayed.

Car Maintenance is expensive. And less fun than having cats. Yes another 12 hundred dollars plop down for air conditioning. I tried to go without it (windows down) and it was horrible. I had to save up and reduce my hobbies somewhat. My car has gone to the shop every other month now. And eventually I need to buy a new one… because this maintenance thing is getting insanely pricy.

Dave and Busters…. Please don’t laugh…

Volunteering is expensive. I don’t want to complain too much since it is a choice. And no one is forcing me to volunteer. But if I sit down and calculate how much money is spent on gas and supplies (yes I buy supplies; a lot of times we don’t have the funding to buy it so I spend my own money), it’s a bit frightening. I don’t want to complain since I can choose not to volunteer or I can choose to volunteer less (I’m volunteering almost every weekend). I will have to really sit down and look at reducing my hours. I think I’m at a point where I need as much time as possible to work on branding myself.

And those simple things, like vacations.