Sunday Cram Days

Sunday Are Always Cram Days

Well… I have a lot of work to do.  More than a usual weekend.  An normal weekends are pretty hectic.  I was able to get my coding fix in.  And code a bunch already.  So that’s done.  But as of 4pm… that’s all I really did.  I completed some errands as well but pretty minor ones.  I have today and tomorrow to do a lot of things.  The first of which is to create 3-5 more blogs.  Blogging has been placed the back burner, but I miss it.  Going to try my best to catch up since a lot of things has happened this weekend.  And well it’s sort of fun documenting startup life and being able to look at it later.


hours of graphic design

5 Hours of Graphic Design Later

I started resizing images around 11pm…. went to get ice cream at cvs.  And now some how it’s almost 4am.  I’m not sure where the time went…. I don’t have adobe illustrator on my laptop.  One of the downfalls of buying a mac was I lost all those expensive programs I paid for… since I had a windows.  I love my macbook…. after I left my job it was the first purchase I made.  My previous company computer was a nightmare to use… and not something that I’ll have to deal with again.  It wasn’t the worst computer… but it just wasn’t good.  And everyone else got a macbook… one of the myriad of reasons I didn’t feel good about working there.


art of war

Sales, the Art of War

Sales can be a lot of fun.  In theory, it’s like optimizing in real life.  Once you receive a no, you go back figure out what to change and repeat a few hundred or thousand more times.  Sale is also about not allowing negativity to dampen your mood; surprisingly something social media has taught be a lot about…. deal with negative people.  Oh trolls….  On a more serious note… I’m glad I had the experiences on social media I did.  If you can’t deal with negativity then you won’t get too far.


college work

Extra Life Event & Saturdays

These are pretty fun.  The idea is that you raise money for charity and play video games for 24 hours.  It’s a lot of fun.  But this year I couldn’t do it.  It’s fun to have on the background to watch though.  I just returned from grabbing lunch with a friend and it’s already 4:10pm… ick.  Saturdays… the time seems to go a lot faster. Have to start Laundry and then go to the gym.  I’m hoping to at least record all the videos today.  A tall task given… the current time line.  Oh Saturdays… by far the least productive day even when I really try.


buying things

Buying Things I Don’t Need


This has been a bigger problem lately.  I’m not sure what is happening… But according to my back account I’ve made a lot of purchases that can’t be justified.  Like… I’m looking at some of these expenses… and it’s face palm….  I need to get my spending under control.  Which is funny.. when you have last time to do things you just spend more money getting them done.  Time really is money.  While I can’t justify my recent spending… I don’t want to cut it either.  A lot of the spending relates to my hobby of commissioning things.  Which is perfectly okay.  I can stomach that.  But some of the things I need to stop.


social media fun

Social Media is a Lot of Fun

I have 18, 000 Youtube subs, 11, 000 twitter followers, 4,500 Facebook friends, 3,000 Facebook fans, and 900 instagram followers…  And i’m still not happy with those numbers.  I can get a lot more… The main problem is that I have 3 different profile types, hobby, personal, and business.  Those three for the most part don’t intersect.  It’s like being 3 different people.  And having 3 different identities.  One the nerd, second the person, and third the business.  It’s hard mixing each of them.  But according to Klout I’m doing an okay job.  I have a 78 on Klout… which I still don’t know what it means.  I assume a 78 is high since I get free perks at that stage.  I’m not sure how good the perks are… but they are free.


youtube subscriber

18,000 YouTube Subscribers Later

I have a hobby channel.  It’s a little more than 2 years old.  I’ve produced over 2500 videos.  I used it as an interesting marketing exercise.  On social media the top thing is to be consistent.  And to produce content even if you really don’t feel like it that day.  The easiest blogs I can write this week will be detailing my social media journey.  I have a Facebook, Twitter, and even Facebook page which are doing well.  The funny thing is I sometimes have three different social media profiles.  I have one for my hobby, guttulus, and sometimes personal.  it’s hard running that many social medias.  And who knows I might add another for the agency.


kill morning

That’s One Way to Kill a Morning


I’ve been watching random amvs… and league of legends videos for the past few hours.  This corresponds to my theory that waking up early is actually far less product.  Let’s get some blogging done, and then some video recording.  I’m glad I got all my coding out of the way already for this weekend.  Seems like a smart move.  I’ve not a morning person.  even when I wake up early… I don’t really get anything done until after 1pm.  The idea schedule would be 1pm until 4am.  That’s crunch time.


work at home

Another Work at Home Day

Working at home days are wonderful.  They are more productive then office days.  And a lot more relaxing…. which makes them more productive.  I got a lot done today.  Mainly, sales.  Sales is interesting… I’m getting better at it.  However, there are a few things I have to work on.  Mainly closing.  I’m not great at closing a sale.  I can talk about myself a lot.. but I don’t have my closing fangs yet.


halloween fun

Halloween was a lot of Fun


Halloween this year was super fun.  My lawn care person didn’t come since it was flooding.  I sent my parents to the airport.  It was flooding.  Which is fine… but… I almost got stuck.  The rain was coming down heavy that day.  Went to a party, came back to pass out candy, and went to a second late night party.  Got back really late to film all my youtube videos.  Did an awful job editing them…. oh iMovie…  I’m still a novice.  I need to watch a few youtube videos about managing it.  There’s a lot of features I didn’t know about until recently.


halloween party

Halo 5 & Productive Weekend?


Most weekends playing Halo.. are bad weekends.  productivity wise.  But this weekend I got every thing I needed to get done.  Finishing up the Kanas Royals game.  When I was an intern at a patent/trademark places in Richmond, VA.. .one of our clients was from the Kanas City Royals.  I forget who it was…. I’ve been trying to look it up.  Pretty good game.  Normally I’m not a fan of baseball… but it’s okay since I had the Broncos game to watch to.


productive event

A Productive Weekend… I Hope


I’m going to set this weekend’s productivity expectations high.  Super high.  Because honestly I need to.  My mom and dad finally go back to Hong Kong.  So dinner on Friday night.  And then send them off to the airport early Saturday.  And then my lawn care person comes to trim the trees and mulch the things…  I seriously don’t know what they are called.  I want to say garden but that’s wrong.  Maybe, landscape.


artist paid work

Artist Should Be Paid Money


I read an article by Will Wheaton.  I’m not a Will Wheaton fan… but the article was very good.  In the article he suggested that big media was taking advantage of artist and content producers by using the excuse… do it for the exposure.  He’s right.  As an artist… there is nothing more annoying then when someone doesn’t want to pay you… but wants you to do free work… for exposure…  It’s lame.. and quite frightening how many artist give in….. to irrational demands.  Exposure is okay if you aren’t good at what you are doing.. but once you have some expertise you should warrant both exposure and financial gains.


managing people difficulty

Managing People is Difficult


I manage people.  It is not easy.  End of the blog… No seriously it’s not easy.  There are so many different personality types and everyone has a different incentive.  I’ll just talk about my YouTube.  I run the channel.  And it’s a one person channel.  I’ve worked with many people in the community to creative artwork, playmats, alters, etc etc.  Some of them work out and are still working with me… and some of them are not.  The ones that are not are the ones that I needed to micromanage.  Since, my channel is a hobby, there is no reason I should ever be stressed about something being done… or in most cases not being done.  I trust my artist to make decisions without me have to explicitly express what I want.  The best creative person is one who is allowed to be creative.


buying time with money

Buying Time With Money


They say time is the hardest thing to buy… and really it is.  If I could buy more time I would.  Therefore it makes sense for me to figure out how to free up more of my time.  One of the most time consuming things is managing my graphic team… yes.. I’m serious.  I currently pay 4 freelancers to create work for my youtube channel.  It’s difficult to manage them all.  Especially ones which need more mentoring…  It’s sort of stressful.  With this gloomy weather… being on Facebook chat… not the greatest.