2016 Shopping Ads Certification Guide


My last study guide.  Enjoy.  This one was the most difficult to make.  I tried a few new things… didn’t work.  Remade the study guide.  And here it is.  With Q/A.

*Updated May 23rd 2016 for more recent material.

Chapter 1: Product Listing AdsREAD MORE

2016 Video Ads Certification Guide


Use Google Video Ads to interactively promote your brand.  Video ads help you connect with people in a unique way–show them what you do, how you do it, and why you love it.

*Updated May 23rd 2016 for more recent material.

 Chapter 1: Video Types 

Video marketing on YouTube is mostly accomplished using “TrueView videos.”  TrueView has 3 different forms: in-stream, in-search, and in-display.  Each is a bit different, but the general idea is you pay per view.

In-stream is the most common.  When you click on a video you may see an ad at the beginning, middle, or even end of the video.  The viewer has the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds.  You pay if the viewer reaches the 30 seconds point of the video or if the video is less than 30 seconds finishes the video.  This means READ MORE