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Ick It’s 4am… Seriously?


I took a small break from blogging and now it’s 4am… what?  I not sure where the time goes.  It just disappears.  I could have swore it was 2am a few seconds ago.  All I did was organize the room…. and the room isn’t even that organized.  I’m going to finish this segment of blogs.  Because if I don’t… I won’t until later.. when I don’t have a choice.  I’ll leave the other two blogs for later this week.  The problem with weekends is I stack all my errands through the week.  I then hope that Saturday and Sunday are enough to do the errands and advance my skill set. It turns out it is not.  Even the epic background music that I have playing isn’t keeping me awake.


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Sun Burning Through the Night


Blogging is sort of theoretical.   I’m still haven’t gotten good at remembering to do it daily.  I’m actually better at doing daily instagraming then blogs.  I’m watching a few netflix horror films.  I’ll get everything I need done tomorrow.  Sundays have always been a productive day.  There’s a lot of work I need to finish.  I have to shoot several more videos… mainly to store for this channel.  Write a few articles.  And compose a pitch deck.  As well as do stuff with craigslist.  I’m fairly certain all I need is one day…. oh… and errands… so many errands.  I going to finish my blogs tonight.  It’s nice to be forced to write thoughts down.


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Resetting and Refreshed


Friday/Saturday was refreshing.  It was nice to see old friends and make some new ones.  Great food, lots of fun, and seeing old friends.  It’s also moon cake time.  There’s just so much I want to do everyday. It’s hard to prioritize since everything is important.  Having a few days off helped me refocus.  Sometimes I just need to vent to an old friend.  The last few months have been a whirlwind.  I still haven’t purchased the DSLR camera… Although I now have lots of other things I don’t need…. And a new kitten. I found him injured in my drive way.  My plan is to heal him up and then decide what to do.  He’s pretty wild.  I’m fairly certain he is a feral kitten.  Which is okay.  He likes the outside a lot.  I’ll keep just long enough so he can heal proper.


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Weekend Errands are Annoying


I’m still horrible at errands.  It takes 1-2 hours to do banking… and way too long to do grocery shopping.  I choose to drive 30-40 minutes, although walmart is next door.  I spend too much time and money eating at restaurants that don’t taste good.  And I’m not great at laundry/house work or anything like that.  Considering all of these factors and my need to find an apartment… soonish I’m searching for a roommate… no not in the creepy craigslist way.  My roommates in the past have all been awesome.  My Freshman year roommate Steve and I played poker every Thursday, talked about life for hours, and got good at WOW.  At the time we employed a legion of Gold Farmers in China.  My sophomore roommates, Olsi and Peter were the best when it came to cooking food to eat.   I had 5 other roommates.. or I guess suite mates…. for a grand total of 8.  Overall roommates are a blast.  And then Junior year… Dwayne…


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A Most Tiring Week


I felt tired every day this week.  I’m normally very upbeat and it doesn’t take all that much to get me excited about something new.  This entire week felt like a black and white movie… pretty boring.  The highlight was finishing gotham… yes it was a bad week.  And I’m not really sure why.  I found a kitten… well a dog, cat, and kitten but the kitten stayed.  I’ve even stopped learning code… and graphic design.  Sales… I still don’t understand how to do it to the level I need to.  It’s a grind.  A few months from now I’ll look back and realized this is what I needed… but right now I’m not the fondest.

On a brighter note, this weekend will be fun.  I have friends coming in and I have a pre release to go to.  I have Friday… today to make sure I buy food and do laundry.  The rest of the weekend is completely accounted for.


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Not Every Day is Productive


It happens.  I got up early for a Skype conference.  And then an unexpected dinner.  I could still crunch some code… if I didn’t try to finish Gotham on NetFlix.  I will watch anything with Batman, no matter how poorly written the script is.  Gotham is not the worst.  I started apartment hunting since I’ve decided to move closer into the city.  My only requirement… as apartments go…. is a space for a library.  That’s why I enjoy living in a house so much.  There’s plenty of space.  I own a beautiful library close to 1500 books.  And lots of figures and toys.  Which is my second library.  I have a storage unit and I don’t go over my collection often… but it’s nice to know it’s there.  It’s 2:09am and I’m ready to head off to bed.  I was incredibly tired today.  Not bored… just tired.  Probably the food… I’ve been bingeing on fast food… If I eat fast food back to back to back to back to back meals… I begin to feel sick.


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Wake Up at 6am to Skype Russia


You might not think that’s a big deal… but I go to sleep around 3am… Right now it’s 2:13am… but I have to finish learning a few things and of course this blog.  I’m trying my best not to forget to blog daily… which means I blog right now.  I’m not a morning person.  I bet that’s surprising.  In college I forced myself to have a normal sleep pattern.  This only resulted in extremely unproductive mornings.  Cat videos… that’s what I do when I wake up earlier than I should.  I am excited to Skype with a marketing team in Russia. I’m training them… sort of pro bono but with upside.  The upside is interesting and something I really wanted.  Life has been busy and I’ve largely ignored my friends this month…. which is okay… since I’ll see a lot of them this weekend.  I can justify ignoring them… because I knew I would spend this entire weekend hangout with them.  It’s fair.


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It’s Always So Late…


I don’t understand where the time goes.  It was a semi-productive weekend.  I spent a bit more money on useless things than I should have.  I’ve picked up a nasty tendency to buy things I can’t use.  Good food is one thing… but some of the things I purchase… I don’t think are useful to anyone.  Part of being bored I guess.  This weekend was supposed to allow me to reset and think… but as usual when I task myself with producing numerous videos… it’s pretty much an entire day dedicated to making videos.. and waiting for them to upload.  And now football… I love watching football… so that takes the other day.   And I read… so weekends are rather fulfilling.  I’ll be just fine.


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I Have Large Tiger Fangs


Yes… I’m still trying to SEO this keyword.  The fact I can do 5 blogs at 3am at night is impressive… even to me.  It would be better if I could do them on separate days… but hey… I like this a lot too.  I’ll share a secret with you… I’m not afraid of anything.  I watch a lot of “scary” movies…. and I’m so immune to them… that it’s starting to affect real life too.  I’ve always been this way.  I remember watching the Blair Witch Project and thinking omg… these camera angles are awful.  I grew up a diet of scary movies…. I’m also not scared of people.  I’m a lawyer… many of my friends are lawyers.  My dad is a lawyer… many of our family friends are lawyers.  I guess.. being around so many lawyers all my life has conditioned me to be brave.  but… truth be told… something else gave me my tiger fangs… and it’s not what you expect.


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Life Goals are Simple & Clean


My life goals are simple and clean.  I want to be the absolute best at whatever I do.  I’m only a fan of comparing myself when I want to learn something new.  Essentially, if I’m disinterested… I won’t compare myself… therefore I won’t drive myself to learn that skill.  I’ve done some pretty interesting things already… professionally at least.  I view life as an adventure and an educational system.  It’s sort of funny… I did pre-med, law, accounting, business, and now marketing in a relatively short span of time.  It’s why startup life is the perfect fit for me.  It’s all of these things combined (minus the pre-med).

If I had to narrow down and pick one goal it would be to stay hungry.  Right now I’m famished.  Staying hungry means essentially go after what you want.  Yes, some people will get jealous… but at in the end it’s my goals.


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Things to Do this Weekend


I like making lists.  They comfort me immensely when I feel unproductive.  Here’s the list of things I need to do this weekend.

  • Exercise at least twice
  • Clean pretty much the entire house
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Floors
  • Bills
  • Design T-Shirts
  • Design Posters
  • Design Business Cards


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I Love Competition a Little Too Much


Weird blog topic but it is 2:24 at night and I to be honest when I blog.  I love competition.  It’s something I grew up enjoying.  Sometimes it comes off as aggression, but really it’s a desire to learn.  If you have a skill I think is valuable, I want to learn it.  For non-competitive people it sometimes comes off as rude.  But as I’ve told my co-workers all the time, it’s only the desire to push myself to become better.  I tell the social media story often.  The social media manager told me I would never have as many twitter followers… well I have many more.  The same for any social media.  Today everything can be quantified…. or at least most things.  Artwork can be given a price in auction and Wikipedia can report the sale.  If even artwork can be quantified then something like social media, ppc, seo, and marketing in general certainly can.