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Doing Nothing Is Fun


It was a long week.  I learned a lot.  Which is always good.  But it was exhausting. And I have a long list of things I need to do…. however, tonight I just sat at home and watched pawn stores and scary movies on netflix.  In short, it’s one of those nights.  The good news is I’m not sleepy.  The bad news is I have to shower, snack, and do a bunch of errands before I head off to bed.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make a bunch of videos tomorrow and edit them as well.

Doing nothing is sort of nice.  Time goes by pretty fast.  I almost started a new civilization game… but thought better of it.  I’m trying to finish pokemon conquest right now.  I’m almost done.  Two more stages before the “ultimate” stage.


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People Throw Rocks at Things that Shine


Listening to Taylor Swift at 1am… is sort of becoming a tradition.  At the very least I’m going to finish blog 4 tonight.  I don’t think creating 5 study guides: SEO, PPC, Social Media, YouTube, and Content.. .is such a good idea on the ipad.  I’ll revert back to binding on coding.  Or maybe I should create the study guides as a challenge.  I miss having a fully charged macbook.  In hindsight I should have just gone to best buy or an apple store to buy a new charger.  Having two chargers is probably a good idea anyways.  But I hate spending extra money.  Although going without a laptop is unbearable.  An Ipad is nice… but it doesn’t have any of the features I use… like video editing… plus the entire interface with auto-correct is so weird.


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Learning Javascript is Fun


Since I didn’t have my laptop this weekend… ick.  I downloaded the teamtreehouse app and binged on javascript.  I get the basics now.  It’s interesting.  I’m sure I can pick up on it fast. That’s my greatest strength is I learn extremely fast.  It’s not because I’m super smart.  It’s because I’m willing to put in more hours.  I love Will Smith’s quote in Pursuit of Happiness… if we both get on this trend mill two things are going to happen… either you will get off before me or I will die on this trend mill.  One of my favorite movies.  I grew up in Philly, so I had to watch every Will Smith movie.  But that’s my favorite.


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High School Reunion is Soonish


I had a pretty good high school experience.  It wasn’t as fun as college or law school.  But there are things I miss.  And for sure people I miss talking to.  I’ve kept in touch with a few friends.  Not many.  But enough to be interested in seeing them later in life.  As I grow older I look at high school fondly.  I wasn’t popular in high school, but that was okay.  I became immensely popular in college; that was a shock.  However, I prefer not being popular.  I was such a book worm in high school.  I used to read sooo much manga.  And my final project was creating my own manga which of course I drew the illustrations too.  It was far better not being popular… people leave you alone and you get to do what you wanted.


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I Left my Laptop Charger at Work


This weekend has been fascinating.  Mainly because I went without a laptop…  There was so much to do this weekend… and I only had my ipad.. which luckily I brought a keyboard for.  At least I had that.  My ipad is in Chinese by the way.  Mainly because I use it for video games. I’m addicted to a Korean basketball game.  I still play with my roommates from NYU.  Gosh… and the Korean racing car game where you drift.  Like Mario cart but better.  I miss going to Korean town with my roommates.  The food is so good and they are open incredibly late.  Sometimes I think about visiting, but there’s so much going on right now… It’s hard for me to even imagine going to my high school reunion… because I’m so swamped.  READ MORE

Perfect PPC Account Structure & Patents


by Tony Guo

It’s 2:45am CST. I’m an owl. I’m writing this “piece” as a break from more urgent responsibilities. Having worked with several PPC managers, I’ve learned personality affects account structure. To make an overly broad generalization, unorganized managers create messy structures; meticulous managers create organized structures; lazy managers don’t log in (luckily there is “change history”); inexperienced managers create too many ad groups in the hopes that something works; overly confident managers create too few ad groups since they are mired in pass successes.


How I Deal with A Terrible Day?

Some days in start up life are tougher than others.  I work up at 5am today to drive to an Acura dealership to get my car checked out.  Well… it took from 7:20am until 6pm for them to tell me my compressor wasn’t working… and they need 1100 dollars.  Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.  Roll down windows it is for a while.  One of the things I’m learning is how to budget my own life better.  Which is weird, since I create proposals and budgets for companies all the  time.  However, when it comes to my own budget, not so much.


Video Marketing

White Papers

5 Case Studies in Using Google Video Ads and Video Marketing

I discuss five case studies on YouTube Video Marketing and how it was able to build strong brands for our clients  Topics include CPV vs. CPC bidding, TrueView, Video Ads vs. Traditional Display Ads, Cost, Targeting, and Best Practices


How to Make a Viral YouTube Video?

Very few videos organically become viral. Most viral videos are well planned marketing campaigns disguised as natural growth. Viral videos are shrouded in mystique because conspirators never discuss how much planning and marketing went into the campaign. Ego is the reason they don’t.

 Why You Should Use Video Ads?

Why should you use Video Ads?  1.5 Billion Video Users by 2016. 72 Hours of Video Uploaded On YouTube Every Minute. Video is 50X More Likely to appear on first page of a search.  Video Ads are a great way to promote a brand.

How I Justify Spending $1,955.00 in a Weekend? Answer: #StartupLife

My tab for the past weekend was nearly $2, 000 dollars. Not included: rent, health insurance, cable, internet, auto insurance, home insurance, cell phone bills, electric, heating and water, since I haven’t paid them yet.  Luckily AMEX increased my credit limit to $10,000 yesterday.  Thank you my credit card overseers.


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Sundays are Lackadaisical


I got all my videos shot and uploaded for the week.  Or at least a lot of them.  There’s till plenty of things I need to do.  Clean the home being the foremost.  But I brought food, did laundry, went out to eat the family, etc.  It was an incredibly productive Saturday and a semi-productive Sunday.  I’m saving Monday to make new study guides and outlines for ppc.

Oh I remember.  I spent today finishing up a lot of errands.  I’ll probably post another blog today since tomorrow will be lock down code mode.  I’m looking forward to having an entire day dedicated to learning things and sales as well.


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A Unique Skill Set


I love collecting random skills.  It’s an interesting hobby.  The skills I worked on in 2015 include coding, sales, ppc, seo, and videography.  I guess analytics too… but I’ve always been good at that.  I need to work on coding/sales but the other bunch I’m content with their progress.  I’m always in search of other new skills.

In college I learned how to present in front of a large audience.  I was shy in high school… but in college and law school, I got to make speeches in front of hundreds and thousands of people.  Talk about a confidence boost.  Although, I haven’t perfected it… but I’m trying.


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Social Media Goals


At my old agency they never executed a project…. instead they spent a lot of time trying to make it perfect.  Here’s a hint… things aren’t perfect in real life.  And they don’t have to be.  It’s better to execute a semi-workable marketing campaign than nothing at all.  And that brings me to social media.  I’ve worked with several people whose job titles were social media or something like that.  In fact the reason I have my social media is because a “social media expert” told me I would never have as many followers as she does.  Well… I took that as a challenge and within 1 month had 4X the amount she did.  I now have more than 10X on that social platform than she does.  And I’ve long stopped caring about that social media platform.  On to the next one.


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Things to Get Done Labor Day Weekend


I decided to make a to do list for this weekend.  Since making a to do list is like doing it… right?  At the very least, making a list of things I’d like to accomplish helps organize the order and encourages me to do them… such as blogs.  Today, I’ll work on blogs and some coding.  It’s nice to have Monday off.  This weekend is more hectic than a regular weekend due to family and personal issues.  Oh and designing posters… since that’s up there in importance.  Time is never on your side… likely a nickleback lyric. I can’t believe I used to listen to them.  Such a long time ago.  In high school they were extremely popular.  I’ll spend some time on iTunes perusing for new study soundtracks.   Lastly, I need a haircut and new clothing.  And some anime stuff.  You can never have enough anime stuff.  As long as I stay off netflix and video games from this point on I should be okay in terms of time.