Life has been a Whirlwind


I have so much to do… and I sort of forgot to blog.  I’m going to catch up this weekend.  Life has been a Whirlwind of personal ordeals and startup life.  I had to take care of some personal matters this week and it’s been emotionally exhausting.  I rarely get tired from work, but my emotional resilience is much less.  I’m going to need some time to reset.  Probably alone.

Work has been fun.  Stressful but entertaining.  I’m learning sales.  Along with javascript and SEO, sales is important skill I hope to obtain sometime soon. If only I had more time.  haha.  I’m still getting used to the whole software managing thing.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.


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Finished Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain


It was a long game but the ending was amazing.  I love how games I played as a child are still being produced.  I’m okay with new version of old games.  It’s nostalgia when you see an old character like revolver ocelot…  Not my favorite character but a nice throwback nonetheless.

I’m excited for Final Fantasy 7.  That game helped define my childhood in terms of being interested in fantasy worlds.  The story telling in video games has come a long way since then… although it was excellent then as well.  I can’t wait to play the reboot.  I’m sure there were technical limitations that restricted how the story was told then.  READ MORE

I’m an Owl or a Night Wolf

December 28, 2014 5:55AM

Why am I so efficient when grinding late nights into early mornings? My study/work habits have remained largely the same. I blame this on my college days. New York City was a fun place to study and learn. However, there was always some event to go to. Being pre-med in college meant regretting every night not in the library. I was forced into a serpentine cycle of going out and needing to go the library to cram. I would go out because I needed a break from cramming in the library. And I would be at the library because I was going out so much. It was a beautifully disastrous schedule. I graduated the intensive program with honors. So it worked.

In law school, it was more of the same. I worked my ass off in non-curricular activities. Since law school was much smaller 600ish vs. 20,000ish I could become a leader. Something I learned to covet when I was a teaching assistant. I decided it was a good idea to be President of a fraternity, IP Club, and on the board of two journals. These were massive time consuming endeavors. But they paled in comparison to being engaged through law school to a fiancee who didn’t own a car and wanted to eat at fancy restaurants every day. I guess, in law school, I learned how to optimize cramming.

Somehow, I developed extremely potent cramming abilities which I’m grateful I have. Life has less cramming now. But it’s nice to spend an entire night just grinding at work which makes more work. The best part of the vacation (a lovely cruise to Mexico) is working on PPC things while watching Adult Swim until the sun breaks.

Late Night Holiday Anime Binge

December 28, 2014 1:55AM

My holiday is nearly over. One more day left at sea. I’ve been in vacation mode for a week; Mexico with the family on a cruise. It seems like forever since I’ve been home. I sort of kind of miss it. Which is weird considering this is only a 5 day cruise. Last year I went on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii, but I had internet the majority of the time. 5 days without internet is insane.

I’m trying to salvage the last 24 hours of the cruise through a late night grind. I have a lot to do. It helps the coffee station is so close. I’m on my third cup. It also helps that Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) is running the entire Evangelion Series (I’ve been watching since 1.1.1 and now it is 2.2.2). I grew up with the series. That and Pokemon of course!!!

I’m pretty weird. Watching an anime series I’ve already seen makes for an incredibly productive night. It’s like having a study partner. I was extremely lucky in college and law school to find study partners who were like me: crazy. Honestly, I miss the late night sushi runs and WAWA trips in between Immunology and Corporation. There’s something about working when most people are sleeping that is super alluring to me.

And when they play my favorite anime series…. well that means an incredibly productive night.


I’m Going to Become a Developer


I’ve committed.  The next step is to unlock my teamtreehouse account.  23, 000 points… haha.  It was a lot of learning.  I like their platform.  It’s elegant and encourages aggressive learning.  Sort of like law school.. but without the final counting for your entire grade.  I love it.  And I love coding.  When properly motivated I can pick up a skill set rather quickly.  At this junction I’m fully motivated.  I’m glad… I have most fun when I’m competing.  The stronger the rival the better.  I’m one of those people at the gym who “ghost compete.”  I can learn other ways.  But competition is what truly motivates me.  And being told I’m not as good as someone….


Chinatown and Late Nights


Houston doesn’t really have a Chinatown.  When I think Chinatown I think New York City.  Man I miss the food.  I loved the duck and the random alley stores.  And of course there is flushing which is more akin to a China county.  I had dim sum today.  It was really good.  I miss Saturday labs into Chinatown with David, Usman, Jimmy, and a bunch of other pre-med nerds.  The food was fantastic by the way…. But the walking… I don’t miss that.  Although I’m sure I was much healthier because of it.


I Missed a Few Blogs


Not too many, but enough to feel a bit guilty.  Life has been an interesting nightmare.  It’s hard to explain, but my current workload is heavy…. which is both a good and bad.  I hope to catch up.  Let’s see.  This week has been various levels of drama.  Most of it relating to family issues.  Family is complicated.  Mine isn’t that different.  Family stress is the worst type in my opinion.  I deal surprisingly well with work stress.  And well with friend related stress.  Family stress is on another level.  It’s one of the only things that can emotionally drain me.

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Roughest Week of My Life


First off…  I’m terrible at purchasing plane tickets.  And emergency related things.  Last night was probably one of the top five worst nights in my life.  Non-refundable plane tickets and a whole family related mess.  I don’t stress easily.  That’s probably one of my better attributes.  But this is stressful.  I’m sure tomorrow will be an even worst day.  It’s okay.  I can deal.

It’s been an absolute nightmare from every perspective.  I’m sure my sister is as stressed.  She probably has even less leeway at her job to handle this situation.  It’s clear to me what is causing this stress.  Obviously you remove the source as soon as you can.  Otherwise it will eat you alive.  To be honest… I’m mad.  And that’s not an emotion I even have.  I don’t get mad at things or people.  I move on.  This is something I am not at all pleased.  I’ll figure things out later.


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Love is so Cruel


I’m not going to lie… I thought operating a website was going to be easy. I ran many websites before including pretty much all of my law school clubs… weird now that I think about it. Well it’s not easy… or cheap. It’s a love hate relationship. You love it since the content is fun to make and share. But I hate it because it’s unnecessarily stressful. My website as you may notice goes down randomly every few days. For long stretches of the day… it goes down. Until I eventually find out and notify the it team to fix it. I believe I am on my third server? Regardless. This hobby is both stressful and expensive. I guess all hobbies have this binary relationship. I just want my website to work properly.

On that note… I also paid a team to do SEO.READ MORE

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Giving Out Free Graphic Design Books


I’ll be honest… I didn’t quit give up the concept of making the world a better place.  I’ve just changed how I want to do it.  I received several messages and emails from parents and students to tutor them.  It’s sort of sad saying no…. since I enjoy it a lot.  But time is something I don’t have as much of anymore.  Instead… I’m giving away books.

The story is pretty awesome.  Domy Books in Houston was a store that bankrupted… mainly because no one ever purchased anything.  It reminded me a lot of a store only selling board games… you know the end is eventually going to come.  They carried graphic design books.  They sold

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This Is Monday’s Blog


I’m going to try to predict as best I can the events for Monday.  I’m pitching a product presentation Monday at 10:30.  Then I’m working with developers to do things.  And then I’m going to the gym (I really hope this happens).  Sounds like a pretty wonderful Monday. Maybe I’ll even post an article in the google partners community.  And I will probably pass out right away after work.  I imagine some progress will be made with the actual product.  I’ll also go out to restaurant week.

These future posts are interesting because it hasn’t happened yet.  I’m sure when I get more practice they will be more detailed.  Haha… I should make a this is Tuesday blog.  Maybe I will…  Blogging is veryREAD MORE

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Relax, It’s a Sunday


I’m taking today off.  Saturday was productive.  I sprayed for ants, brought a ladder, clean my gutters (it was so gross), did laundry, washed dishes, obtained enough food for the week, cleaned, re-organized, and watched some Korean Drama… and finish that Korean Drama.  Rather than following up with another productive day I’m sitting on my favorite couch blogging about sitting on my couch.

I’ll probably spend my Sunday outlining (for fun of course… since I really enjoy doing that)… various scripts and making videos for my hobby channel.  It’s crazy how time restricted I currently am.  Much to do… and little time to do it.  It would be nice to have time to read.  If I ever retire… I will literallyREAD MORE

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It’s 5pm Already… What?!


I’m not sure where my Saturday went.  I purchased a ladder at Walmart and had lunch with a few friends… but time passes by so fast.  Isn’t it weird?  The more things I have to do… the less time I have for them.  My friends are coming over tomorrow and if I’m ambitious I can even do a pitch…. which I should probably work on tonight.  I was going to take a cat nap and play some civilization… but probably a horrible plan if I want to make the most out of today.  There are videos I need to record and scripts I need to create.

On the bright side, the home will be presentable to my friends.  And I now have a ladder and enough food for the upcoming week.  My sleep cycle is still

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It’s 5am… I want to watch the Sunrise


In college I would pull all nighters twice a week.  Thursdays into Fridays and Saturdays into Sundays.  My productivity was scary during these times of night especially if I was working from the student library.  After midnight the top floors of the library closed and everyone was moved into the basements.  You sort of know who will be where, since the crowd is the same.  At that time of night it’s mostly graduate students, but some “regulars.”   Part of the fun of working so late at night is the silence.  It sounds weird, but when everyone else is sleeping and I’m working… it’s satisfying.

I’m going to end this blog short, because I haveREAD MORE


Ick… It’s 4am…


It’s actually 3:55am.  These long nights of researching are super fun but ultimately exhausting.  Can’t wait until the weekend to get some R and R.  Oh I guess continue working… one of the two.  I started researching insurance… don’t ask why… and 1am became 4am.  I’m not tired or sleepy yet.  I can probably go for another hour.  The unlimited red bulls at work is wonderful but super addicting..  Anyways I should held off to bed.  Or make food… I’m such a late night owl.  Which has benefits in getting things done and getting into an incredibly productive work cycle.  So productive…. it becomes hard to stop and sleep.  Well I need to wake up semi-early tomorrow.  But it’s Friday! I’ve considered enrolling for a single programming class just so I can use their facilities late at night.  Or finding a study partner…. or rival.. hehe.