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Lose a Lifetime Customer

How to Lose a Lifetime Customer?


To give some context I paid $124.38 on 04/13/2015 for the AC inspection.  I had the part replaced on 5/12/2015 for $1, 153.05.  Since late June the AC has not worked.  Lately it’s become an issue since Houston is 100 plus degrees.

I’ve used this X Acura for many years and my father purchased a new car from them 3-4 years ago.  They’ve lost my trust from the way they behaved. READ MORE

Certain Sacrifices

Every Dream Requires Certain Sacrifices


Here are the things that take time and my decision whether I decided to continue with it.

Tutoring: This was a rewarding experience.  I’m grateful that St. John’s allowed me to tutor their students.  And I’m grateful for the Houston tutoring company I worked with to schedule sessions.  The time requirement was heavy and sporadic.  I choose not to continue… for now.

Volunteering: I volunteered at an animal shelter.  I love READ MORE

PPC training for business owners

Business Owners Doing PPC


My dream is for clients to manage their own PPC.  I want to educate a new batch PPC managers… business owners.  The best person to run PPC is a business owner.  They understand the terminology and what their business is better than a PPC “expert.”  The simple reason… owners live their business each day.  PPC managers don’t live and breathe the business.  Many PPC managers are responsible for dozens if not hundreds of accounts; they don’t have the same fire

Guttulus Main Hobby

Guttulus is a Main Hobby Now


Guttulus started as a SEO joke.  In the past it was a hobby secondary to all my other hobbies: Lion YouTube Channel, volunteering, convention going, comics, and tutoring.  I now understand… Guttulus is the only hobby that can advance my professional skill sets.  I need to commit time and effort to develop an actual PPC Houston learning channel.  That’s the value I can add to the community and how I can show off my expertise.

Guttulus is a species of cat… I figured it would be funny READ MORE

Future Goals in Marketing

Goals and Such Things


I’ve been thinking about my future goals.  I’m pretty happy… but still extremely famished.  I want to learn more, do more, and see where I end up in marketing.  It seems I have a unique skill set, but I’m not sure how valuable this skill set is.  I want to add a few other skills… unfortunately what I want to add is difficult to learn.  In short, I’m not ready… at least not to the extent I would be content with.


Enjoyable Relaxing Weekend

An Overall Enjoyable Relaxing Weekend


This weekend was fun.  I hung out with old friends, talked to my sister, and generally did house cleaning.  The weekend was stress free.  Good food, good friends, and good books. I read books on design, learned a little bit of javascript, and worked on my website.  Working on the website website is weirdly relaxing; repeating the same actions over and over while having netflix on is sort of enjoyable.


Spending the Day Reading Books


*Picture was something I found in the Houston tunnels.

I have a library of graphic design/art books… the remaining stock of Domy Books resides in my home.  Domy was a bookstore that has since bankrupted.  It was a local landmark for Houston graphic design.  I’ve donated books around the town and gave some to my graphic design friends.

I haven’t even gone through all the titles yet.   Today was the first time since I hauled them from Insomnia Games READ MORE


Something Lost and Something Gained


I normally crunch either code or something marketing related… maybe create YouTube videos, this time of night.  Tonight old friends are in town from Virginia.  It’s nice catching up.  I considered heading to D.C. for Otakon, but things got hectic.  I prefer busy, it keeps my skill set sharper.  We played Settlers of Catan (like in law school).  Good times then… good times now.

This week was productive.

Guidelines of youtube video

YouTube Removes Video for Metadata


“This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on repetitive, misleading or inappropriate metadata.”  -YouTube

Some background, I’ve been on YouTube for 1.5 years and this is the first time I’ve received an email concerning a violation.  The channel has 15, 000 subscribers and 5.4 Million views.

The cited problem is with metadata or the meta tag. READ MORE



Dear [INSERT],

Right of First Refusal

This Right of First Refusal to Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on [INSERT], by and between [INSERT], Grantor of the Right of First Refusal (“Owner”) and [INSERT], Receiver of Right of First Refusal (“Grantee”).

In consideration of the payment by the Grantee to the Owner of the sum $ 1 and for other good and valuable


So Much To Do… So Little Time

I’ll confess, yesterday was as unproductive as it gets.  In the morning I went to Wells Fargo to deposit a check.  The idea was to deposit the check and go straight to work.   Well… after being told no, yes, no, yes, no… until 12:30pm… I was unable to deposit the check.  I talked with 5 different people…  2 of them said yes… 3 of them said no.  In addition they were fixated on who made a past mistake than helping me.  And of course they stalled me until they figured it out. READ MORE


Brownies, Red Bull, and Parking Tickets

I meant to blog more often.  The idea was to blog every day.  Well… that doesn’t seem to be working.  Due to a weird malfunction of my website articles are published as posts and dilute my blogs.  However, this irregularity provides me the freedom to not .  Honestly, you probably won’t find this blog until much later.

At my current employment we have unlimited Sprinkles Brownies and Red Bull.  Sugar and energy drinks.  The surprising part is I’ve been sleeping extremely well.  I guess it much be the daily exercise.  I wanted to know how high I could fly and here’s my chance.READ MORE

Google Certificates

How Useful Are Google Certificates?

Part of running an agency is knowing what you are good at… and how to sell. Google certificates help.

My top 5 Sectors:

Political Candidates
Oil and Gas
Auto Dealerships


I graduated a top 20 law school; we were taught our first day in legal bootcamp to gather as many prestigiousREAD MORE

Businesspeople in a Meeting

How Much I Charge Clients?

I figured this article would be interesting to write. I’ll address three questions:

How much I charge clients for PPC management.

What Is included in said charge.

And why I charge them this amount.

I charge 20% straight across for PPC management: AdWords, Bing Ads, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc. Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon are similar to AdWords and Bing in terms of the necessary level of attention.

20% is high for Texas/Oklahoma/Portland. Clients have told me in the past market rate is 15%. If you are worth it… you shouldnot settle for less.READ MORE