What Photography Camera Should I Buy – 13 Tips

What Photography Camera Should I Buy – 13 Tips     

Pictures are the perfect memorabilia to immortalize magical moments of beauty; but to what extent a picture represents a particular moment is largely attributable to the camera used and of course, the skill of the photographer. This brings into sharp focus the importance of buying a good camera that is suited to your needs. Here are 13 tips that will lead you to the right camera.

If you intend to pursue photography seriously

If you are looking for a camera that will usher you into the world of photography, with an inclination to make a name in the industry, an entry level Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR) is the way to go. Mainstream brands such as Nikon, Sony and Canon have various alternatives you can choose from such as the Nikon D3300, Canon Rebel series, and the Sony A58. Cost ranges from $300-$700.

Upgrading from an entry level DSLR

Once you have grasped the basics of manipulating a basic DSLR, you can invest in top level DSLR. The aforementioned brands have several relevant offerings and you should generally expect a price tag north of $1,000. These cameras are the preserve of professional photographers. Examples include the Nikon D810, Canon EOS 5DS, Pentax K-1 among others.

If budget is a non-issue

If you have deep pockets and an equally deep interest in photography, get a high-end DSLR. The learning curve will be steep but you place yourself in pole position to learn quickly given the options range and quality of your camera.

Evaluate portability

The primary downside of DSLRs is their bulkiness and unwieldiness. Carrying one the whole day will not be a walk in the park. Keep this in mind as you shop around and ask yourself whether the picture quality difference between a compact camera and a high-end bulkier camera is worth the hassle of hauling a significant load of photography equipment.

What kind of photographer do you want to be?

If you want to be a paparazzi, you simply have to go high-end and choose a camera with loads of optical zoom and a high megapixel count for those long shots. The same applies if you are into detective work. If you want it to be a leisure activity, an entry level DSLR is advisable.

Smartphone cameras

For common use, you might not even have to buy a specialized camera. High-end phones now offer advanced photography that can satisfy many people’s needs. In fact, many flagship smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 7 Plus have cameras several levels above typical compacts. If your photography needs are not demanding, just get a good smartphone.

Photography props

If your needs are above average and your budget does not allow you to get a befitting camera, you can make do with a high-end smartphone camera and gear. You can get a tripod stand to stabilize shots and a portable drone for air shots. You must do further research and ensure that the cost of getting gear does not end up justifying getting a camera.

The Light L-16

The light L-16 is a groundbreaking new type of camera that packs the power of a DSLR in a smartphone-like package. It has over 10 sensors that cover multiple focal lengths and final images are an amalgamation of the different lenses to produce stunning photos. However, its price is unforgiving at $1,699 and it is not easily available. However, it offers a near future option if you want an excellent and more portable camera.

Conditions of photography

Your photography environment will determine a great deal the kind of camera to buy. If indoors, you can provide artificial lighting and tweak the environment accordingly and thereby get away with using a lower end camera. If outdoors, the only thing you will be able to control is your camera and thus, getting a high-end camera will be inescapable.

Your passion for photography

If your passion for photography is not that strong, do not bother getting a high-end DSLR. All the manual alternatives will overwhelm you and probably even quench your desire for photography. A quality compact camera or entry level DSLR will do just fine.


Gear brings an additional dynamic to the shopping process. Some sellers offer gear packages along with the camera at discounted prices and you should deeply consider these deals. You can get a few extra lenses and filters, a tripod stand, camera bag, and flashes.

Wi-Fi enabled camera

If spreading your handiwork quickly is a factor, get a camera with wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Nikon D3400 and many other compact cameras from popular brands have these options. Also, shop for older cameras – especially when a replacement has just been launched and you will easily land good offers from sellers who want to clear stock.


Consider online reviews before making a purchase; particularly those that are not fueled by the goal of driving sales to get commissions. You will widen your range of possibilities and in the process, increase your knowledge on photography.

All things considered, you can hardly go wrong with a good entry level DSLR. It can cover travel photography, indoor photography and even professional photography albeit with the implementation of hacks and strategies to keep the quality top-notch.

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