What photography equipment do you need for a wedding – 13 tips

What photography equipment do you need for a wedding – 13 tips      

Wedding are among the challenging events for photographers to cover since there are many moving elements and this elevates the need for shifting focus from one setting to the other. Without the right equipment and accessories, it becomes challenging for a photographer to capture the best scenes and have quality images in the end. Here are 13 tips that take into account the equipment needed for successful covering of a wedding event.

Rocket blower

A rocket blower manifests as a core piece of equipment in a wedding as it makes blowing dust and dirt off the sensor a lot easier. All professional photographers carry a rocket blower to a wedding event especially one being held in the open as it ensures the photos taken resonate with a high level of clarity.

Umbrellas and Studio strobes

The speed and power of strobes is efficient and workable for the photos that are to be taken inside darker areas like a dark church. This is evident when weather changes affect a photo-shoot. The umbrellas and studio strobes ensure that a room is evenly lit and also play a role when it gets to capturing a large group of individuals.

Camera strap

Since a wedding has many scenes and you require different settings, a camera strap not only offers comfort for the photographer but also ensures quick access to the camera for immediate shoots and on-the-go still photos.

Medium zoom lens

A piece of equipment that should be considered for a wedding photography is medium zoom lens. A medium zoom lens is important for taking the wedding portraits since the lens has the capability of offering both wide and tight orientations. An appropriate medium zoom lens of 24-70mm with a 2.8 aperture works fine.


Most photographers don’t identify with the importance of a Monopod to an event like a wedding. A Monopod aids a photographer to keep the camera steady when capturing and following moving subjects. With weddings having many activities and moving targets, a Monopod manifests as the best equipment to be used when capturing the same.

Lens hoods and cleaning kit

Weddings are quick-moving events which translates to the fact that the lenses are bound to get dirty or wet at some point. Lens hoods ensure that it is possible to shield the lens which in turn eliminates the possibility of a shot being ruined owing to dirt or wetness.


UV, ND and Polarizing filters are a must have for a wedding since they bring out the real essence of an image. This is most especially workable with garden weddings where the photos are taken within nature and in the raw environment where varied elements are bound to come into play within an image.

Flash diffuser

A Lightsphere that effectively diffuses the light from the flash is exactly what is needed for better shots on the fly. This is crucial for weddings since a photographer at a wedding is rarely given the chance to set up lights and lighting orientations to suit a specific scene.

Balance grey card set

At a wedding, a balance grey card set is an ultimate resource for any professional photographer. This is because it facilitates a photographer with the chance to check the white balance which facilitates the shooting of images that are crisp and perfect.

Tripods and stands

When you need stability that contributes to you getting the best shots especially in the low lighting conditions, tripods and stands are the equipment to target. This is because they allow you to adjust placements with ease and also have the capacity to capture the best moments effortlessly.

Memory cards and batteries

Some photographers have documented the fact that they can easily shoot in excess of 50GB of images and also utilize two sets of batteries per camera not to mention the Speedlights. With this consideration in mind, having fully charged sets of batteries and extra storage platforms is mandatory for a wedding shoot since it means you will get to have some flexibility in terms of the shooting period and quality.

Wide angle lens

A wide angle lens to a wedding shoot is like social media to the millennial generation. A Wide Angle lens captures the essence of a scene and aids a photographer in shooting architectural details and designs. A Wide Angle Lens is also workable for large groups of individuals.

Telephoto lens

A lens with an adequate focal point that facilitates the capturing of scenes from a distance is what is needed in a wedding event. This is most notable especially if shooting from the back where most photographers are normally positioned so as not to block the view of the invited guests. A 70-200mm lens is the best telephoto lens to have since it also ensures a photographer can capture close-ups with ease.

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