Photography Where Do I Start – 13 Tips

Photography Where Do I Start – 13 Tips      

If you have been wondering how to join photography professionally or as an enthusiast, you are in the right place. It is a fast-growing industry and even better, the demand for high quality images is increasing by the day fanned by the growing popularity of social media. Here are 13 tips on how you can join the bandwagon and quickly become established.

Get a quality camera

First things first, you must begin with the right tools of trade. You will need an advanced camera to produce superb images. A high-quality camera will also give you the flexibility to learn advanced tweaks that will activate a wider spectrum for showcasing your creativity. A DSLR or a high-end compact camera can start you off depending on your budget.

Note down your interests

Look inwards and question yourself to determine the real reason why you want to get into photography. Do you want to take it up as a career, a hobby or an interesting past time? Getting answers to these questions will guide you on the best course of action since you will have an overarching goal.

Identify a niche

Find the kind of photography you are most comfortable with. It will give you a solid platform on which to build on as you increase your scope and hone your skills. It could be indoor, landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes photography, etc. It should be an area you are passionate about.

Get relevant gear

After identifying a niche, you can now go out and get relevant gear to ease your photography ventures. If outdoors, you will need filters, a stand, a sturdy bag that can protect your equipment, etc. If indoors, such as at events, or photographing products, you will need flashes, and studio lights, for instance. Do not go all out at this point unless you find a deal that will give you good value for money. Otherwise, you may end up blowing your budget.

Subscribe to blogs

There are many excellent blogs that can help in your quest to becoming a top-notch photographer. Take time to browse the internet and you will find several of them. Chances are that you will locate a few potentials as you research more on the particular camera to purchase.

Attend classes

A good course can turbo boost the speed at which you surmount the photography learning curve. If you can, attend a short course. There are online alternatives that will not significantly compromise your flexibility or blow a hole through your wallet.

Identify a mentor

Locate a mentor and you will align yourself best to quickly advance through the ranks and establish your name in the industry. Nothing replaces having an able and accomplished mentor in any craft. More so, you will have better access to opportunities.

Always be on the lookout

Photography is about capturing the special moments and such moments are often fleeting. From the outset, train yourself to notice magical moments that can produce excellent pictures. If you do not have your professional camera, you can simply use your smartphone camera. The goal is to polish your ability to identify moments worthy of capture.

Leverage out-of-the-box thinking

An out-of-the-box mentality is vital in photography. Great photos usually center on common scenarios that no one has taken enough time to analyze from different angles and that is where the magic of photography lies. Train your mind to look at things from varying perspectives and you will hardly ever run out of inspiration.

Subscribe to YouTube channels

It is not an exaggeration to say that you can perfect your photography skills sorely by watching and learning from YouTube videos. Use this resource to your advantage by subscribing to the leading photography channels in your niche of interest.


Seminars are another great way to always keep your ear on the ground and know how the industry is developing and the current techniques making headway. With most experts forecasting that the industry is due for a paradigm shift, it is more important than ever to always stay connected.

Check out the work of other professionals

Looking at the productions of renowned photographers will give you additional perspectives. You will have a worthy yardstick with which to measure the quality of your output and more so, have an idea of what perfection in photography is all about. You will effectively gain relevant professional goals and boost morale while at it.

Commitment and diligence

Photography is a skill and perfecting any skill demands commitment and diligence. You will have to keep an open mind, keep on learning and continually practice until you perfect the details. You may have to take some shots countless times before you get the perfect one, but you should by no means ever give up.

The most important thing in accomplishing anything is taking the first step. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With the above information at your disposal, you now have what it takes to commence you adventure through photography.

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