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Reddit Marketing 101: 13 Ways To Drive INSANE Traffic With Reddit

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Do unto others what you want done unto you! If you want to get up-votes on Reddit, you need to interact with other available content and vote for it. You level of interaction will determine your final credibility score and the general number of followers on Reddit.

11. Target the subreddits with many subscribers

Considering that only 40% of all subscribers in a subreddit are likely to open a new post daily, it is advisable to target a subreddit with many subscribers to increase your chances of getting more traffic to your site. Make sure the subject of the post is relevant to the subreddit theme and you will be good to go.

12. Consider Leaving Links to your site in the comments sections

Although they are no follow, they can significantly add to the traffic of your page. You can leave the links but don’t overdo it because if you do, people might deem it as spam and avoid the links in the end.

13. Always be sensitive in your posts

If you truly want traffic to your site, then avoid writing about contentious issues in the society. Always be ‘sober’ in your posts and be as nonpartisan as possible. This means that the larger demographic will find your work great and they will be visiting your site regularly.