How to Repost on Instagram: 13 Easy Ways to Reshare Content

How to Repost on Instagram: 13 Easy Ways to Reshare Content       

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram does not come with the inbuilt functionality of resharing. Considering the high-quality nature of much of the content shared on Instagram, it is a bit of wonder – but what is most important is that industrious persons have developed nifty ways of “regramming.” Below are some of the easy ways of reposting great content on Instagram.

Direct download

Almost everything on the internet is downloadable provided you have the right tools. To regram, log into your Instagram account and navigate to the post of interest. On the top right, click on the icon with three dots in it and on the ensuing menu, tap “copy share URL.”

Open your browser, and in the search text box, paste the URL. Navigate to the post in your browser and long press it. Depending on your browser, the download option will appear, and you can then download the content and repost it as you wish.

The copy-paste method

The copy-paste method is native in the Instagram app, and it lets you reshare content on other media sites other than Instagram such as Facebook and Twitter. Locate the content you desire to reshare and tap on the dots at the top right. Choose “copy share URL” and log into the preferred social site and paste the URL. Edit it to your liking and then repost.

Download from other social platforms

If you want to both repost on Instagram and share on other social sites, leverage the copy-paste method described above. Once you have shared content on Facebook, or Twitter, you can then easily download the content from your timeline which will enable you to reshare on Instagram. Advisably, use your browser rather than the apps when downloading from other social sites.

Repost for Instagram

Download Repost for Android or iOS from the relevant app store and then, log into your Instagram and copy the share URL. Once done, leave the Instagram app, and open repost, the content whose URL you just copied will appear on Repost’s home page. Click on the icon on the right to edit the content to your liking and then reshare it.


Rather than use the long method stipulated in the direct download method, DownloadGram shortens the process by enabling direct download from the Instagram app. Copy the content URL as described earlier and then open DownloadGram.

Paste the URL, and the app will provide a download button in a generated web page. Tap on the button to save the content to your gallery to enable resharing.

The snapshot method

This reposting manner, obviously, only works for photos. Log into your Instagram and when you see a post you like, snapshot it using your smartphone’s native way of taking snapshots. For most phones, you can do this by pressing the power button in combination with either of the volume buttons. Edit the snapshot and then post it.


Download InstaRepost and authorize it to access handset resources such as the gallery and account information. Then, navigate to content of interest and tap on it. At the bottom of the app, you will see an arrow icon. Select it and tap on “Repost” twice. The content will be saved to your camera roll enabling you to edit and post normally.

Use Buffer

A renowned social media solutions company, Buffer has not been left behind in offering its Instagram reposting method. It mirrors the above-described processes in that you have to download the app and copy the share URL.

Buffer will automatically detect the URL on your clipboard, and it will then serve up the content complete with the caption. All you will have to do is edit (if you need to) and repost.

The Embed code method

The embed code method is not so much a regramming method as it is a resharing method that will let you share content on your blog, site, etc. Use your browser to log into Instagram and once you locate an interesting post, tap the 3-dot icon at the bottom right and then select embed. Then, select “copy embed code” and integrate the code into your blog or site to reshare.


Download the app and log into your account via the app. The app will serve the Instagram feed the usual way. If you get a posting you fancy, tap on it get the repost option. The reshared content, however, will have the apps watermark.


Hootsuite offers a convenient Instagram reposting alternative. It is straightforward and easy to use with utmost similarity to the buffer method. Hootsuite makes it a little simpler in that if you are on Instagram through their app, the reshare button surfaces when you click on any post.


With Iconosquare, you will have to pay a monthly rate, but the package has additional functionalities besides reposting with the primary focus being Instagram analytics for business. The actual reposting method is not unlike the methods described above for other apps provided you follow the prompts.


Websta is a little different in that it sends the content URL to your mail from where you can then download it. Just download and open the Websta app, log into your account through the app and locate the post of interest. Tap on the three-button icon at the bottom right and choose “send to mail.”

The methods above are more than enough as far as reposting on Instagram, and resharing is concerned. More important is locating good content to reshare to keep your audience engaged. For this, just copy what other big brands do: leverage user generated content, share community content, find things to celebrate, cover events, etc.

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