Studio Ghibli Getting Its Own Theme Park In Japan – 10 Reasons to Get Excited

Studio Ghibli Getting Its Own Theme Park In Japan – 10 Reasons to Get Excited      

Studio Ghibli’s cult classic animation, My Neighbor Totoro, is finally getting a full-fledged theme park to be opened in early 2020. Fans worldwide have reacted blissfully to the news with even one fan on Twitter confessing that she was brought to tears.

The park will be set in 2005’s world fair location in the outskirts of Nagoya. In a space spanning 200 hectares, nothing will be left to chance, and fans can expect to comprehensively experience Totoro’s nostalgic, feature rich world. Here are 10 reasons to get excited and look forward to the theme park’s actualization.

A trip down memory lane

There is no better way to take a pleasurable trip down memory lane than by making use of memory anchors, and that is exactly what the theme park seeks to achieve. It will activate a direct portal to the beautiful, uncomplicated, and unadulterated world of Satsuki, Mei, their parents; and of course, the cuddly and ever-cute Totoro. Just like the fan that got emotional over the mere thought, fans worldwide can expect a rewarding, emotional experience of times past.

A haven for nature lovers

My Neighbor Totoro is exceedingly likable because it upholds environmental purity and the sanctity of nature. The theme park’s developers do not intend to deviate from the nature-based ideals of the popular anime.

Park visitors, both fans and non-fans alike, can anticipate intimate and fulfilling interaction with nature in a charming environment that mirrors the real thing. In fact, curious persons may be able to learn a thing or two more about nature. Studio Ghibli is taking the project so seriously that the park’s foliage will evolve seasonally through the four seasons.


Theme parks are all about fun and fans can expect to have a revitalizing dose of enjoyment at the park. The parks tours will be designed to deliver the maximum amount of delight and satisfaction for visitors, not unlike the anime on which the park is based. Albeit with a few rules to safeguard park virtue; overall, guests can expect recreative merriment at the very least.

Satisfy the desire to belong

The desire to belong is inherent, and Studio Ghibli intends to encapsulate it into the overarching park experience by encouraging interaction. It is one place where fans will immediately feel relaxed and at home. Moreover, the fact that the park will foster nostalgic emotions of a fairy tale setting that many hardcore fans wanted to be a part of for so long will only enhance the notion of belonging.

Socialize with like-minded people

As can be expected, the majority of park visitors will be enthusiasts looking to relive past joyful experiences courtesy of My Neighbor Totoro. The park will bring together fans from different walks of life and diverse locations around the world. A guest can, therefore, look forward to a vivid experience punctuated by splendid displays and inviting persons willing to share and talk about common interests.

Immersion in a fantasy world

It is not often that the opportunity to physically experience a fantasy world materializes. Crafted to mirror Satsuki, Mei and Totoro’s world to the highest degree possible, guests will be pleasantly surprised to experience a painstakingly detailed replica of a fantasy world that existed only in tapes and their minds before.

Get up close and personal with theme park artifacts

Perhaps the best news is that visitors will be allowed to touch all objects in Satsuki and Mei’s picturesque, dreamy house. From clothes, shoes, and utensils, to Satsuki and Mei’s father many books in his study, guests will be able to open drawers, hidden doors, boxes, lids, etc. All curiosities will certainly be satisfied for the inquisitive at heart.

Take pictures and buy reminders

Not only will visitors get the fairy tale experience, but they will also have the chance to immortalize their visit by taking pictures and buying trip reminders. An opportunity to own a slice of Satsuki, Mei and Totoro’s world is something that no fan can certainly reject. However, they will be rules governing photo taking.

A perfect holiday plan

What makes Studio Ghibli’s theme park such an alluring holiday plan for 2020 is the fact that summer Olympics will commence later in the year after the studio has already been opened to the public. International fans can expect to enjoy sport, visit the park, among the many other attractions that Japan offers.


Studio Ghibli intends to make the park accessible to all fans by ensuring that a visit to the park is affordable. Fans can thus rest assured that the opportunity of a lifetime to relive a hitherto inaccessible fantasy world will not be priced out of their reach.

What paints the park as more excitement inducing is the reality that loyal fans, if they wish, can also visit the My Neighbor Totoro museum in Tokyo, and the similarly themed bathhouse located in Kyoto city. With so much on offer, it is not a surprise that fans the world over are expectant and cheerful over the upcoming theme park.

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