Summer of reading top 10 new Sci-Fi and fantasy books in 2017

Summer of reading top 10 new Sci-Fi and fantasy books in 2017    

Summer is upon us and the best way to spend it is relaxing and enjoying the best experience the warm weather brings. When targeting a summer of reading and relaxing, the best approach is to find the best books that will complement the season and bring an element of fun filled adventure. The key is to therefore target the Sci-Fi and fantasy books that will create the best atmosphere. The top 10 new Sci-Fi and fantasy books to target in 2017 include:

Gilded Cage

This book is written by Vic James and set in an alternate setting of modern England that is controlled and ruled by wealthy aristocrats with magical powers. Faced with the oppressing rule, mere siblings who are commoners destined to toil separately opt to disturb the waters and overturn the status quo. A book inspired by advanced creativity, Gilded Cage is exactly what summer reading should be made of.

American War

Written by Omar El Akkad and Based in the future in the year 2074, American War presents a storyline of a civil war in the U.S with the country in a mess and the state of Louisiana, which is the home of main character Sarat Chestnut, covered by water owing to the rise of the oceans. Sarat’s father is murdered and as she struggles to find her footing in the world, she meets someone who trains her to become a deadly weapon and is then forced to make difficult choices that will impact her life and that of the country.

The Fortress and the End of time

Written by Joe M. McDermott, this book follows the intrigues of human civilization where humans have taken the step to colonize the whole galaxy with their advanced communication devices and technologically outstanding clones, it follows the story of one clone given the duty to man an outpost but is rocked with a past that includes a terrible incident that impacted existence.

The Stars are Legion

Another Kameron Hurley masterpiece who is the brains behind: The Mirror Empire and God’s War, The Stars are Legion follows the story of a woman who wakes up with no memory and faces a reality where she finds herself in the middle of a war between ships that are traversing the universe. She is therefore tasked with finding the balance that will bring salvation. Definitely a worthy read for the summer period.

Crossroads of Canopy

A fantasy book written in meticulous fashion by Thoraiya Dyer, Crossroads of Canopy is set in a fantasy world that has gods brought to being and it focuses on the existence and overall relationship between the rulers of the kingdoms and the underclass common individuals of the lower levels.

The House of Binding Thorns

Written by Aliette de Bodard, this Sci-Fi book is set in Paris in the post-apocalyptic world where people are trying to recover from the devastation that was brought about. Phillippe, who is the protagonist targets the resurrection of his friend. In the course of the quest, the underwater dragon kingdom proves to be a source of intrigue with wars among its inhabitants brewing which means everyone must try to find their path and survive.

Six Wakes

Intrigue, thrill and mystery are all elements that this book captures seamlessly. Written by Mur Lafferty, Six Wakes revolves around murder on a spaceship in the depths of space where suspects are limited and when everyone is murdered and all of them wake up in clone bodies, questions abound. It is Sci-Fi on a whole new level which makes it a must read in the summer.

In Calabria

Peter S. Beagle has outdone himself again when his previous work The Last Unicorn is considered. This fantasy book is set to follow the story of a farmer in native Italy who leads an average lazy life but is suddenly triggered to get in with the thrill when a magical creature appears on his farmland.

New York 2140

Written by Kim Stanley Robinson, New York 2140 revolves around the lives of individuals who are inhabitants of a skyscraper in New York city in the year 2140. With the ocean and the effect of the huge unrecognizable tides, the city has been transformed into a water-filled setting and the metropolis is now left to exist as a water-land with each building standing as an island.

The Wanderers

Written by Meg Howrey, this is a Sci-Fi book that follows the path of a space company that is exploring the chance to place astronauts on the planet Mars for the very first time. With the astronauts given the responsibility of testing their own training to ascertain whether they are ready to travel, the intermediate months prove to be tasking as all are faced with varied perceptions of what their own reality is and how they relate to each other.

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