The super Nintendo’s most valuable games – top 10 most valuable games

The super Nintendo’s most valuable games – top 10 most valuable games     

The Super Nintendo has brought plenty of games for gamers to enjoy and have fun with and the list is endless when considering the games that have brought real thrill and adventure. Within the games that the Super Nintendo brought us, there is a list of the most valuable games that were able to effectively bring the thrill and maintain their invaluable nature over time. The top 10 most valuable games include:

Nintendo World Champion Gold

The Nintendo World Championship was a competition held in 1990, the game saw individuals play short and customized versions of games including Tetris, Super Mario and Rad Racer. With limited time, the player that advanced furthest won. The Super Nintendo released two variations of the cartridge including the 90 Nintendo World Championship which was grey in color and the 26 Nintendo World Championship which was gold in color. The gold version of this game costs about $100,000 and since they were never meant to be sold, they don’t come sealed.

Nintendo PowerFest ’94

It is stocked with 3 competition platforms with varied scoring options and parameters. The special PowerFest ’94 cartridges were designed for competition where Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Kart and Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball could be enjoyed seamlessly. This game is currently valued at an estimated $10,000 and is among the most expensive games of the Super Nintendo.

Family Fun Fitness Stadium Events

A fitness game that was meant to inspire family fun, Family Fun Fitness Stadium Events has 4 events 100m,110m hurdles, triple jump and long jump. Players are judged on the performance of their in-game athlete which was controlled by the gaming mat that individuals would utilize when playing the game. The estimated value of the game is $35,000.

Nintendo Campus Challenge ‘92

Ranks as the first competition cartridge and launched 3 titles including Pilot World, Super Mario World and F-Zero. Players would score based on their performances in the respective events be it collecting coins, landing on select targets or completing laps. The Nintendo Campus Challenge ’92 is one of the premier cartridges and even though it didn’t get massive publicity still commands a significant valuation tag. The estimated value of the cartridge stands at $4,000.

Red Sea Crossing

It is an Atari 2600 game which the designer created to fuse religion with video gaming technology. It is one of the games that have blended the gaming world with religion where it is based on the biblical story of Moses crossing the Red Sea. It can be accessed as a loose cartridge and its value at last auction, which was in 2012, recorded as $10,400. Currently, Red Sea Crossing is estimated to be valued at $13,800.

ClayFighter: Sculptor’s Cut

A distinct fighting game that sought to bring a fun element to the fighters of that era including Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Playing with the animated clay figures ranked as fun elements of the game and brought the adventure and thrill to the game. Only 20,000 copies of the game were released and getting sealed copies of the game can set an individual back in the region of $3,000.

Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally/ Speed Racer

Valued between $2000 and $2680, this game introduced an exercise bike specially made with a controller set up where players could play Mountain Bike Rally or Speed Racer. With the game having varying racing difficulties, Entertainment Mountain Bike Rally/ Speed Racer proved to be the ultimate game for individuals looking to exercise while having fun in the same wavelength.

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X3 was designed with a limited production run and stands as one of the best games of the 16-bit era. The game has a large fan base since it was mainly released towards the finality of the SNES’s lifetime. People can access the cartridges from a variety of settings firstly on eBay where one goes for around $300 but they are normally the used kind. The new ones command a hefty $6,999 price since the game still has a huge command among the collectors targeting the Super Nintendo games.

Donkey Kong Country Competition

One of the standout games that Nintendo ever produced, Donkey Kong Country was created complete with pseudo 3D graphics and players were required to collect bananas while challenging through different phases of the game. The adventure and overall fun that the game brought cemented it in the memories of every Super Nintendo lover. It is currently valued at over $2,800 within the gaming world.

Aero Fighters

A game that has its theme down to the military setting, Aero Fighters was set with a limited production run and 2016 saw a rise in its popularity as many looked to shake up their SNES library of games. A sealed version of Aero Fighters is valued at about $6,999.


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