Perfect PPC Account Structure & Patents


by Tony Guo

It’s 2:45am CST. I’m an owl. I’m writing this “piece” as a break from more urgent responsibilities. Having worked with several PPC managers, I’ve learned personality affects account structure. To make an overly broad generalization, unorganized managers create messy structures; meticulous managers create organized structures; lazy managers don’t log in (luckily there is “change history”); inexperienced managers create too many ad groups in the hopes that something works; overly confident managers create too few ad groups since they are mired in pass successes.


Video Marketing

White Papers

5 Case Studies in Using Google Video Ads and Video Marketing

I discuss five case studies on YouTube Video Marketing and how it was able to build strong brands for our clients  Topics include CPV vs. CPC bidding, TrueView, Video Ads vs. Traditional Display Ads, Cost, Targeting, and Best Practices


How to Make a Viral YouTube Video?

Very few videos organically become viral. Most viral videos are well planned marketing campaigns disguised as natural growth. Viral videos are shrouded in mystique because conspirators never discuss how much planning and marketing went into the campaign. Ego is the reason they don’t.

 Why You Should Use Video Ads?

Why should you use Video Ads?  1.5 Billion Video Users by 2016. 72 Hours of Video Uploaded On YouTube Every Minute. Video is 50X More Likely to appear on first page of a search.  Video Ads are a great way to promote a brand.

Learning New Thing Makes Me Happy

It’s been a while since I made a late night post.  I prefer blogging at night because it allows reflection on the day.  Today was productive.  I figured out a new business model and learned more about LSOs.  Most importantly, I found what I need to get better at…. it’s scripts…. in particular javascript.

I learned basic javascript from team treehouse… seems like forever ago.  Now I get to use some of the READ MORE


Cramming Sunday Nights… Always

This weekend didn’t start productive.  Friday/Saturday weren’t great.  But Sundays always seem to bail me out.  Here’s the list of things I was able to do.

  • 15 videos for my hobby channel (5 of them very difficult to record)
  • Created new Patreon for hobby channel
  • Finished Competitor Research
  • Shopping for Food

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.54.55 AM

Good Never Better than Great


I got into a discussion with a friend… enemy… mostly a friend …about choosing law over medical.  It haunts me somewhat I didn’t become a doctor. I had valorously achieved the requirements need to get into medical school.  I decided not to take the MCAT since it would mean I’d dedicate the next 7+ years of my life to something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do.

My goal was to get a paid job as soon as possible, since living the broke life style READ MORE

Piano Recitals

Piano Recitals are Fun


When I was little I had piano lessons every week.  Eventually when my sister was old enough, she would have them with me.  I never liked lessons.  To get me to practice, my piano teacher would create recitals.  Although I didn’t like practice, I loved playing at a piano recital.

Eventually I began playing at a retirement house… which had recitals once a month.  I prepared more for a recital than .  Mainly because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of other people.  That desire to READ MORE

Houston SEO

It’s Only in Your Head You Feel Left Out


Monday was a Monday.  Pretty uneventful.  I hope I get my car back soon.  I keep thinking I’m going to crash the loaner car.  The MDX is a lot bigger than my RDX…. it’s mini-van size.  When I do buy a new car it will be RDX size.  There really no reason I need a mini-van.

I’m practicing Search Engine Optimization… on this Guttulus Website.  SEO is….  tedious.  It’s the same things over and over again.  And there doesn’t seem to be as much creative freedom as in PPC.  I design my

lunchables image

Crashing Down :Coming Back Every Time


I’m going to post my blogs more consistently. I wrote a few blogs in my sketch book. My plan was to scan them since there were also fun doodles. But my WordPress template doesn’t seem to like that. Back to blogging using html. I need to a better WordPress template eventually to create better blogs.

Sunday night I had the best steak and crabs. Yum. Sometimes you need to spurge on life. My car is in the READ MORE

Why Should You Incorporate?

There are many benefits to becoming an entity.  An agency can select from a C Corporation, S Corporation, or Limited Liability Company.  Most incorporation takes place in Delaware, Nevada, or the company’s home state.  Corporations can offer stock options to its employees which serves as additional incentive.  This is especially important for startups since stock options offset lower wages (most of the time).  LLCs are better for smaller agencies who are more focused on the agency side and obtaining monthly invoices.

Before deciding what type of corporation to register you should understand whether you would want investors.  If you are interested in pursuing investors, a corporation makes senses.  Corporations generally have an easier time raising money because they can issue equity easier.  The main difference between a C and S Corporations are tax considerations.

Traditionally sophisticated investors prefer multiple rounds of funding.  The Delaware C Corporation is the best structure for that.

For a closely held company where there are a limited number of investors a LLC or S Corporation is probably the structure you want.

Incorporation pitfalls include: timing and sequencing, the wrong structure, no documentation, and partner issues.

The Google Panda Patent: Why and How Many?

*I have been a patent agent for 5 years and a patent attorney for 2 years.

I will begin by saying a patent is not a right of use; it is the right to prevent others from use. In theory you could obtain a patent you never intend to use for the sole purpose of stopping others from use (i.e. patent trolling).

After reading the Google Patent Panda I had two thoughts. Why? And where’s the missing parts? Why would Google decide to patent/reveal its secret algorithms now? Google has treated its algorithms as trade secrets. I assume Google has protected these trade secrets with a Non-Disclosure Agreements to potential partners and Non-Compete Clause to employees. The Search Engine Optimization Industry attempts daily to solve this algorithm. With such a high prize for the solution and an analytical industry priding itself in getting to the first page, there is still a clout of mystery around the algorithm.

1) I present two theories to why Google wanted the patent. A) Someone figured out the algorithm or has come close enough to warrant Google proactively obtaining a patent. Perhaps it was a reaction to the churn of Google employees to Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo. B) Perhaps the patent serves as a barrier to one specific search engine in one specific market: Baidu (China’s massive search engine) in Asia. Baidu which is nicknamed “China’s Google” started with a patent. Its US patent was for a RankDex site-scoring algorithm for search engines results page ranking. Baidu’s patent served as the basis for the original iteration of its engine. Baidu has already targeted Japan and South Korea as areas of potential growth. Google’s Panda patent filed with the World Intellectual Patent Organization (WIPO) gives it protection. Japan and South Korea’s enforcement of Intellectual Property is far stricter than China’s, especially in the technology fields. In these two countries, a patent goes a long way.

2) The second point is the Google Panda Patent seems unfinished. Many believe the patent has nothing to do with the Panda update. Some suggest Google obtained the patent for the sole purpose of not using it and cite owning a patent does not mean you used the invention. Maybe Google wanted a future shield or sword against competitors. I disagree. I believe there are more “Panda” patents to come. One strategy I was taught is to draft important patent applications in batches. By itself this patent seems incomplete. But what if Google sent in several patent applications and this is simply the first to be approved? Good things come in bunches.


Frozen Pad Thai

Making Pad Thai Late at Night


Wire Framing and Prototyping aren’t things I’m particular adept at.  However, in a startup you have to become good at things you aren’t… very fast.  The grind is real and extremely fun.  The only thing I’m missing is some pad thai.  Otherwise it would be law school again.  Gosh… I miss the pad thai… Wait… I can go to Walmart right now and buy some frozen pad thai.  Okay… I’ll be back.

Yup got some pad thai.  Yum.  Part of the appeal READ MORE

Lose a Lifetime Customer

How to Lose a Lifetime Customer?


To give some context I paid $124.38 on 04/13/2015 for the AC inspection.  I had the part replaced on 5/12/2015 for $1, 153.05.  Since late June the AC has not worked.  Lately it’s become an issue since Houston is 100 plus degrees.

I’ve used this X Acura for many years and my father purchased a new car from them 3-4 years ago.  They’ve lost my trust from the way they behaved. READ MORE

Certain Sacrifices

Every Dream Requires Certain Sacrifices


Here are the things that take time and my decision whether I decided to continue with it.

Tutoring: This was a rewarding experience.  I’m grateful that St. John’s allowed me to tutor their students.  And I’m grateful for the Houston tutoring company I worked with to schedule sessions.  The time requirement was heavy and sporadic.  I choose not to continue… for now.

Volunteering: I volunteered at an animal shelter.  I love READ MORE

PPC training for business owners

Business Owners Doing PPC


My dream is for clients to manage their own PPC.  I want to educate a new batch PPC managers… business owners.  The best person to run PPC is a business owner.  They understand the terminology and what their business is better than a PPC “expert.”  The simple reason… owners live their business each day.  PPC managers don’t live and breathe the business.  Many PPC managers are responsible for dozens if not hundreds of accounts; they don’t have the same fire

Guttulus Main Hobby

Guttulus is a Main Hobby Now


Guttulus started as a SEO joke.  In the past it was a hobby secondary to all my other hobbies: Lion YouTube Channel, volunteering, convention going, comics, and tutoring.  I now understand… Guttulus is the only hobby that can advance my professional skill sets.  I need to commit time and effort to develop an actual PPC Houston learning channel.  That’s the value I can add to the community and how I can show off my expertise.

Guttulus is a species of cat… I figured it would be funny READ MORE