Tony Guo, Expert Graphic Designer

Tony Guo, Expert Graphic Designer   


With the number of websites mushrooming everywhere, standing out in digital spaces has become a staple. Unique creations that communicate concisely and make a good impression offer the only way to fast track the cultivation of a resounding online presence; and it is for precisely this reason that a top-notch graphic designer becomes so important. Tony Guo is one such expert, with the ability to generate spectacular graphic design feats. Below are his qualifications, and character traits that paint him in better light as a capable designer.


Web design experience

Tony has over 9 years of experience in web design. This essentially means that he has seen it all and tried it all – he knows what works and what does not and that makes him a sure bet for persons looking for ironclad design jobs that meet all specifications.

A good communicator

The truth is that many people do not know how to express themselves in artistic terms that illustrate the needs that are to be met succinctly. This poses a serious problem since a less experienced designer can easily misunderstand a customer’s desire. Tony’s significant experience with web design illuminates his ability to decipher precisely what clients need – often, from terms that are hardly artistic.

Website marketer

Besides design, Mr. Guo also markets websites and mobile apps. This marketing background is critical since it customizes his design work to precisely what will sell and not only to what looks good. It is not uncommon for him to be trusted with birthing a website, all the way to marketing it and making it a force to be reckoned with. Thus, it becomes even more apparent that he is a well-rounded graphics man, with sound expertise in other design-related disciplines that give him an edge over specialized experts in the field.

Expert photographer

Photography and graphic design tie very closely these days. Photos ground a website in the now, providing a handy way to spruce up and change a sites outlook to mirror its mandate and current environment. As such, Tony’s photography skills are another plus in his graphic design arsenal. Moreover, photography concretizes his interest in different forms of art hence substantiating his prowess as a graphic designer capable of drawing inspiration from various sources to deliver works of outstanding quality.

Manages a team of 25

Undoubtedly, a team is intrinsic to long term success. It ensures that all perspectives and facets of a project are met adequately to come up with a big picture of larger value than the sum of its parts. Tony understands this and he has put together a team of 25 developers well versed with all things websites including graphic design. Consequently, this ensures that there are always plenty of ideas to go around meaning Mr. Guo’s work is ever fresh and well-rounded.

A problem solver

As a CEO, digital manager, and licensed attorney, Tony has a mind adapted to problem-solving which comes in handy in graphic design. By its nature, design entails bringing together different ideas to come up with a final product that works; therefore, issues are bound to arise during the process. It is with this view in mind that acute problem-solving skills float to the surface as ideal for a distinguished designer.


Expertise and prowess do not mean much if reliability is missing. Projects adhere to deadlines, and missing given timelines comes with negative monetary and resource consequences. Since Tony understands this, he has a strict personal policy of respecting time limits and being open about the challenges of a project from the onset.

This reliability extends to other ventures; otherwise, he would not have achieved the feat of successfully managing $12.8 million in digital media spend. Additionally, such triumphs in varied ventures reveal Tony’s innate desire and penchant for succeeding at whatever he does.

Confident and willing to experiment

Inspiration sometimes takes time. Finding that one idea that feels and fits just right often demands large scale experimentation and trial and error – virtues that Tony both possesses and encourages in his team members. His software development skills further solidify his inclination as a creative who is always willing to try out new ideas.

Highly analytical

Reverting to the fact that he is a patent and trademarks attorney with a practicing license, it becomes apparent that Mr. Guo has a highly analytical mind that can break down given scenarios to the bare bones. This intentional deliberation and analysis in addition to self-criticism is what ascertains that his final project versions are free of errors and flaws.

When it comes to finding an expert who lives and breathes design, Tony is definitely the man. His added skills in related as well as non-related disciplines add more shine to his prowess and act as insurance that he will consider all relevant perspectives is any undertaken project. For sure, anyone looking for outstanding graphic design services needs to look no further.

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