The Top 25 Costliest Keywords in Texas

The Top 25 Costliest Keywords in Texas      

From agriculture to IT and financial services, Texas is home to many thriving industries which make its economy the second biggest in the country bettered only by California. As such, the keyword competition is high with higher sums involved due to the financial muscle of firms in the state. Here are 25 of the costliest keywords.

Mesothelioma attorneys TX

The sums of money involved in mesothelioma lawsuits have made the keyword a gem for law firms. Coupled with the fact that there are still many people who have never taken legal action, it becomes understandable why this keyword is expensive.

Insured structured settlements

Capable of having substantial payouts, insured structured settlements is popular, and the keyword cost clearly portrays this. Regardless of quality score, it hardly ever strays below $500.

Settlement annuity payments

Settlement annuity payments is a variant keyword of insured structured settlements, and by this point, the direct relationship between keyword cost and keyword payout potential starts to become obvious.

How to sell structured settlement

Those seeking more information on how to sell structured settlements opt for the internet; CPC is generally around the $430 mark.

Structured settlement cash

Those after settlements tend to want or at least consider converting them into cash if the cost of related keywords is anything to go by. The average cost of structured settlement cash hovers around the $420 mark.

Auto insurance quote TX

This keyword is a mainstay in almost all costly keyword lists. Its cost per click usually ranges between $350-$400.

Injury lawyer TX

With an average CPC of $400, injury lawyer Texas is expensive but reasonably so since injury settlements can easily cross the million-dollar mark.

San Antonio car wreck attorney

Costing north of $650, San Antonio car wreck attorney is one of the most expensive keywords not only in Texas but in the country as well.

Justice degree online

The law based trend in expensive keywords holds steady but this time, it shifts from payout-oriented search terms, to people looking to get into the industry through an online degree.

TX real estate

It is expected and logical for real estate to be in this list given the economic vibrancy of Texas. It shows that the state’s real estate sector is booming in a similar manner to other highlight industries.

Personal injury claims

Another law keyword, the cost of personal injury claims ranges between $320-$350, but it sometimes goes beyond the $350 limit.

Criminal attorney Austin TX

The demand for law services never lets up and it is evident that the first stop for many people seeking legal services is the internet.

Bad credit home buyer

The popularity of this keyword and its priciness intimates the desire of many people in the state to own a home regardless of a poor credit score.

Stock trades online

Continually priced around $330, as the first investment oriented keyword, it points at people’s interest in playing the stock market conveniently.

Austin TX auto insurance

With many sun-hours favoring driving and outdoor activities, Austin TX auto insurance is a costly year-round keyword usually going for $380 and above.

Dallas TX car insurance

Dallas TX car insurance comes a close second at $329 in the expensive locational insurance keywords category in the state. It shows that location-based keywords are slowly taking center stage.

Engagement ring

More people are looking for befitting engagement rings and the high cost of such rings, especially those fashioned from precious elements, is probably the reason why dealers are willing to fork out more.

How to get cheaper auto insurance

Conveniently getting more information on the best car insurance reigns supreme as insurance keywords closely tail law based keywords cost wise.

Free credit report

At around $250, free credit report as a keyword is quite expensive considering it deviates somewhat from the above trend of high potential law and insurance keywords.

Web hosting TX

The blogging craze and the desire to own websites has caught on with a significant percentage looking for reliable web hosting.

Austin drug rehab

Coming in at around $450 per click, Austin drug rehab is pricey while also pointing out the drug use issue in the city. The silver lining is that people are at least looking for help.

Alcohol rehab

Keyword popularity drives demand, which in turn impels expensiveness. The high cost of alcohol rehab, therefore, shows that alcohol dependence is rampant with many seeking permanent respite.

Drug treatment options

In the same vein, many are those who seek knowledge on the various treatment alternatives for drug use which serves to make this keyword costly.

Water damage restoration Dallas

Water damage rectification costs can be high and the demand for such services means that contractors are equally willing to pay more for clicks.

Houston truck accident attorney

Thriving industries necessitate transport and the many trucks in Texas mean that truck accidents are more probable. The keyword costs around $285.

Final thoughts

Law, insurance, drug rehabilitation and restoration take the lion’s share when it comes to costly keywords. Other pricey keywords of note are to be found in business services, weight loss, and data recovery sectors.

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