The Top 25 Most Expensive Keywords in The United States

The Top 25 Most Expensive Keywords in The United States    

Keyword based online advertising rendered yellow pages obsolete and it is encroaching steadily on other brick and mortar advertising industries particularly print media. In consequence, keyword costs have been progressing steadily with some costing as much as $600. Below are 25 of the most expensive keywords.


Mesothelioma keywords such as ‘mesothelioma attorneys TX’ and ‘Alabama mesothelioma attorney’ take the cake as the most expensive going for over $550 on average. This high cost is largely attributable to the high win percentage of mesothelioma suits which result in large compensations and settlements.

Structured settlements

Americans are interested in knowing more about structured settlements which tie down neatly with mesothelioma and injury compensations. The keyword costs $539 on average.

Buying and selling structured settlements

This category includes phrases such as ‘buying structured settlement annuities,’ ‘structured settlement cash,’ ‘buy structured settlements,’ etc. The keywords cost north of $400 with ‘sell settlement’ costing $424 for instance.

Car wreck

‘San Antonio car wreck attorney’ particularly stands out costing as much as $670. Similar location based car accident keywords are also expensive such as ‘accident attorney Riverside VA’ which costs $626.

Personal injury

‘Top personal injury attorneys’ ($551) and ‘personal injury attorney Colorado’ ($553) portray the high cost of personal injury keywords probably driven by many suits being successful with tidy sums awarded.

Motorcycle accident keywords

The standout keyword in this category is ‘motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles’ which costs a whopping $551.

Truck accident

Popular search phrases include ‘truck injury lawyer’ ($358), ‘18-wheeler accident lawyer’ ($419), and ‘semi-truck accident lawyer’ ($282).

Criminal law

‘West Palm Beach criminal lawyer,’ for example, costs $435. Keywords in this category are location based such as ‘best criminal lawyer TX,’ ‘criminal attorney Austin,’ etc.

Locational lawyers

Stand-out search phrases comprise ‘Honolulu lawyer’ ($340), ‘offshore lawyers’ ($295), ‘Dallas lawyer’ and other similar keywords.


Next to law, insurance keywords abound in the costly keywords list. ‘Austin TX auto insurance’ costs $388 while ‘Dallas TX car insurance’ costs $329.

Insurance quotes

Americans are fond of looking for insurance quotes online probably due to the convenience. The keyword ‘insurance quotes online’ with locational tags such as Austin, Denver and the like cost on average $256.

How to get cheap insurance

Keyword phrases include ‘how to get the best car insurance rates’ ($277) and ‘how to get cheaper auto insurance’ ($309).

Online education

‘Mini MBA programs online’ and ‘Babson College online MBA’ tie at a cost of $269. The popularity of Babson College keywords is mostly down to other people trying to take advantage of the institution’s popularity according to experts.

Product keyword phrases

The keyword ‘best business smartphones’ comes in at $336. It is the only significantly expensive product keyword in a multitude of law and insurance oriented search terms.

Web hosting

The number of websites and blogs are increasing at an increasing rate, and the demand for hosting is similarly increasing. Hosting keywords such as ‘quality web hosting,’ ‘managed web hosting solutions’ and ‘hosting ms exchange’ thereby cost more than they used to.

Software solutions

With software solutions progressively taking the spotlight, keywords in the category such as ‘help desk software’ and ‘CRM software programs’ are mirroring the same via higher search volumes and higher prices.

Help with alcohol

This keyword costs a significant $273 which shows that many Americans are actively looking for help to deal with alcohol dependence.

Trade keywords

‘Stock trade online’ and ‘cheap online trading’ are the gem search phrases attracting between $150-$200. A substantial percentage of people seem interested in finding out more about stock trading.

Mortgage keywords

With mortgage being the most popular method for home financing, keywords like ‘refinanced second mortgages,’ ‘cheap mortgage’ and ‘remortgage with bad credit’ often range above $150.

Rehab keywords

‘Drug rehab NYC’ ($268), and ‘Orange County drug rehab’ ($293) take the largest share cost wise when it comes to rehab search phrases. They hint at drug use prevalence and the search for help in the said regions.

Water damage

Water damage keywords are pricey with locational keywords dominating the category. ‘Water damage repair service’ costs $299 with ‘water damage service’ costing $310.

Locational water damage keywords

Expensive locational water damage keywords include ‘flood restoration Chicago’ ($346), ‘water damage Clearwater FL’ ($318), ‘water damage restoration San Antonio’ ($305), ‘water damage restoration Dallas’ ($289) and ‘water damage Tampa’ ($295).

Loan keywords

High volume search terms in this category with equally high rates include ‘graduate student loans,’ ‘homeowner loans,’ ‘bad credit homeowner loans’ and other similar phrases.


Notable expensive keywords include ‘bad credit home buyer,’ ‘free credit reports,’ and ‘home equity line of credit.’


Donation keywords are also quite popular with some fetching up to $150. Examples include ‘donate used car,’ ‘donating a used car,’ ‘car donation centers,’ etc.

As industries grow and public interests bulge, this list will only get bigger. Experts are forecasting that the trend witnessed over the past few years, whereby the CPC price point has been increasing steadily, will hold steady.

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