Where will Photography be in the Future – 13 Places

Where will Photography be in the Future – 13 Places      

Photography as we know it is in the process of a radical shift given the growth trajectory of image capturing devices and emerging consumption preferences. The formerly one-dimensional relationship between a photographer and his camera is becoming more multifaceted as research continues to make forays into unchartered waters. Judging by ever more evident signs, here are 13 places photography is likely to be in the future.

Computational photography

The age of photographs generated from conventional two-dimensional capture of scenes is coming to an end. In its place, computational photography is thriving and taking the industry to the next level by enabling photographers to produce amalgamated images that capture more depth, detail and scene dynamics.

Photography as a craft

With computational photography taking center stage in conjunction with other software driven aids, a photographer’s job will be sufficiently simplified. The abundance of technological props will redefine the trade making it possible to concentrate on other craft nuances. The end result will be more artistic productions that will add splendor and substance to the sector.

Everyone becomes a photographer

With people’s attachment to their smartphones becoming increasingly ingrained and the appetite for fresh images blossoming, everyone will be a photographer of sorts. Of course, the skill level and gadget of use will differ but the fact that digital props are advancing rapidly will ensure that majority of the produced images are high quality.

Photography as a standalone skill

Though the demand for top-notch photography will increase courtesy of the people’s insatiable appetite for quality pictures, the marketability of photography as a standalone skill will probably reduce. More will be demanded from the average photographer and super-focused opportunities in the industry will be harder to land due to a talent flood.

Conventional photographers of the future

The futuristic professional photographer will have a wide skill set involving artistic and media oriented expertise. In a field likely to be flooded – with photography as an added craft rather than a primary one, getting established will be a steeper climb with a longer time-frame.

Joining the industry

Joining the industry will be easier compared to today. Everyone will boast photography experience in some capacity and ease of accessing quality equipment at better prices will aid the cause. Creativity will then be the main determining factor in categorizing photographers as the industry will continue down the artistic path.

3D images

The prevalence of still images is short-lived as pictures of the future will incorporate depth and motion. The current popularity of gifs on social media is a clear telltale and with camera technology gaining ground on the 3D front, it is only a matter of time before dynamic pictures jostle for space with conventional pictures.

Multiple sensor photography

Cameras of the future will feature multiple lenses specialized for capturing different scene dynamics to produce rich pictures. In high-end smartphones, this is already the case. The typical professional camera will have an accelerometer, microphone, gyroscope, and even a thermometer according to one expert. All these sensors will chip in to create the perfect coalesced image.

A constantly plugged-in photography landscape

Photography will be a core aspect of the always plugged-in life of the future individual. Sharing one’s handiwork will be infinitely easier and pictures will be as much fine art as they will be a way of capturing exceptional moments. Image saturation will undoubtedly be more prevalent.

Virtual and augmented reality

These two currently headlining technologies under improvement will have been perfected by then. They will infiltrate photography increasing the dynamism of images in many ways. Image enhancing alternatives will abound and photographers will have more room to showcase their creativity.

Smart photos

Smart photos with capabilities of self-sorting as per set parameters, merging and stitching with other images and self-editing will be a common thing giving photographers a better image processing starting point. Sharing suggestions will be more refined based on picture categories and various other stipulations.

Image manipulation

The Photoshop-like applications of the future will have astounding capabilities of altering image specifics. Due to the dominance of algorithmically amalgamated images, it will be harder to differentiate expertly doctored pictures from the genuine article. From another angle, this will also mean increased image quality in scenarios when such tools will be used to enhance rather than doctor images.

Best cameras of the future

Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are likely to hold their ground going into the future as the top cream image capturing instruments. They will, of course, have more features and variations to cater for different persons. However, smartphone cameras will be in hot pursuit only hindered by financial considerations.

The coming changes in photography foretell of exciting times ahead as the industry makes headway. All stakeholders should definitely be excited as the future holds better tidings albeit with a few deducible negative impacts. The one sure takeaway is that photography will be in a better and brighter place.

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