“Wonder Woman” Just Destroyed Box Office Records $100.5 million Domestic Debut – 10 Marketing Tips

“Wonder Woman” Just Destroyed Box Office Records $100.5 million Domestic Debut – 10 Marketing Tips    

Wonder Woman is definitely a trailblazer and the first of a kind. Setting the record as the highest debuting female directed and female-led blockbuster, DC Comics and Warner Bros are smiling all the way to the bank courtesy of the superb returns of the well-calculated risks they took.

In truth, the movie’s success is no fluke. Its marketing budget, for instance, surpassed suicide squads, yet, in many online forums, many complained that they did not see any marketing. The inference here is simple – marketing Wonder Woman was all about strategy and tact. Here are 10 takeaway marketing tips that any marketer would be prudent to internalize.

Audience research

DC and Warner Bros left nothing to chance. They went in search of qualitative data concerning their target audience to get insights on how to best implement an effective campaign and their efforts have been well rewarded.

The target was to appeal to fans of female heroes, and they used data gleaned from Supergirl – a female superhero series – and many other sources to achieve this. Target market research is core to any marketing activity and DC/WB have proven this yet again. Any marketer going contrary to this wisdom will face avoidable failure sooner or later.

Challenge the status quo

Only those willing to challenge the status quo manage to set records and conquer waters uncharted. DC/WB took heed of this wisdom by betting on a female lead character as well as a female director. It was a calculated but nonetheless audacious risk, but one that has paid off handsomely.

The lesson/tip here is simple: in the pursuit of runaway success, sometimes, one has to ditch the safety net. The higher the risk, the higher the reward – but taking risks should not, obviously, negate due diligence geared towards hedging the venture.

Gender focus

Though a touchy subject, Wonder Woman’s marketing team was not afraid to leverage it to drive ticket sales. With a female oriented cast, marketing efforts were formulated to appeal more to women than to men. For instance, DC/WB liaised with Thinkthin, a company that offers products that help people (mostly women) lose weight.

In effect, women accounted for 52 percent of ticket sales that led to the impressive domestic debut, and it is, therefore, safe to say that the tactic worked. The takeaway here is that marketers need not worry about gender bias as long as the strategy in question is sound.

Perfectly timed product release

For a movie, a great release date matters a lot. If released when other studios are putting their creations out, attention is shared and sales suffer. Warner Bros got it right by choosing a release date that Wonder Woman monopolized. The film’s popularity, thus, was boosted. For markers, well thought out releases can work just as well.

Creative marketing

Wonder Woman’s marketing strategy was unique. Warner Bros focused on ROI in that they used a categorical approach aimed at reaching the individuals less likely to watch the movie, rather than a blanket approach that included all demographics. In other words, marketing was concentrated on people on whom it would have the biggest effect. Any marketer can copy this smart strategy to enjoy budget savings and a high ROI.

Widespread acclaim

Quality is the surest marketing trump card, and DC/WB played their hand to perfection. With a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman enjoys both fan and critical acclaim. Almost all reviews are positive, and this has resulted in the blockbuster’s popularity soaring through the roof.

This evidences the reality that the best marketing strategy should be primarily based on quality offerings that actualize unparalleled value in the marketplace.

Fan engagement

Engagement is a big part of marketing, but it is often surprising how many campaigns do not optimally leverage engagement. The marketing team behind Wonder Woman made no such mistake, and serious marketers should endeavor to mirror the same. They listened to fans, took into consideration criticisms, learned from past occurrences, and the result has been a hugely successful movie.

Nurturing connections

As a character, Wonder Woman came into being in 1941 as a way of neutralizing the male-dominated superhero comic world. She is a fantastic character with a long, amazing backstory and DC have managed to keep her relevant thus far to an audience that neither existed then, nor intimately knows Wonder Woman’s history.

This speaks loads about the firm’s ability to nurture audience-character connections, and it is a pivotal reason why Wonder Woman is such a big success. Likewise, marketers should aim to build a rapport with their customers to drive loyalty.

Fanning curiosity

Being the first of its kind, there was curiosity surrounding Wonder Woman, as the people wanted to see if a female-directed, female-based superhero movie could match up to the more cliché male-lead-character superhero movies. It did, and the curiosity surrounding the film contributed to that end. Likewise, marketers should aim to cultivate curiosity around their offerings.

The importance of a big budget

A significant chunk of money was used to market Wonder Woman in unique ways. While enjoying resounding business success on a meager marketing budget is possible, a big budget goes a long way in turbo boosting success. With a sharpened strategy, the marketer with more marketing dollars is certainly better poised to hit a marketing home run.

Wonder Woman is an awesome movie, and credit should be given where it is due. Not only can upcoming films learn a lot from its success, but also marketers who are looking for inspiration and proven cunning to achieve massive success.

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