10 Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners


10 Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way of earning lots of cash for most people online today. Mastering the art and finally starting to reap the benefits of the affiliate marketing proves to be quite the task for most beginners. To help novices and newbies start earning money in this lucrative online business, here is a list of 10 best affiliate marketing programs for beginners;

10. ClickBank

If you are looking for a hassle-free way of earning your first dollar online, then ClickBank is the best place to begin. This is a free to sign up marketing platform with millions of products both digital and physical consumer products which will earn you a good commission rate when you successfully market them. Great place to start this!

9. Commission Junction

This is one of the earliest marketing platforms which are still going strong in the market. See, to earn cash here, you have to act as a middleman and sell products. If you manage to sell the designated products, you will earn a handsome commission. If you are fresh and have the energy to move products, then sign up here and earn your first direct deposit.

8. ShareASale

Serving close to 3000 merchants, ShareASale is a great place for beginners to earn their first dollar online. There are millions of produsts that beginners can select and start marketing. Besides having an effective search engine that lets you find products, ShareASale has very attractive commission rates making it a good starting place

7. Amazon Associates

Whether you are in the US or in any other country and would love to try making money through affiliate marketing, then try this amazing platform. Easily sign up and start promoting the millions of products through a niche blog. Get attractive rates and slowly grow your earnings as you harness more skills in this field.

6. Rakuten

With one of the most trusted payment systems worldwide, Rakuten marketing has grown to become one of the best marketing platforms. They have a really user friendly interface that lets you skim quickly through the available products and they offer great commissions as well.

5. Payoneer

Easy money on offer here in Payoneer. Simply refer friends to Payoneer, let them transact a minimum of $100 dollars and you will earn a $25 deposit to your Payoneer account. Easily sign up, order a free Mastercard and start earning the free commission for each referral.

4. eBay Marketing Network

There are numerous merchants and millions of products to be marketed in this platform and as a beginner you should be keen to exploit this opportunity. Easily sign up, pick up the products you think you can effectively sell and start earning right away.

3. Google Affiliate Network

Integrate your blog or website into this platform and earn money off it. Monetize your site using Google AdSense and receive attractive commission rates. It is free to sign up and as long as your site has a good conversion rate, you are guaranteed to make good money.

2. Peerfly

Although it has been thoroughly criticized for its complicate approval system, peerfly is a very good platform for upcoming affiliate marketers to kick start their online careers. There are very many products to be sold and a variety of payment methods to choose from.

1. Omnistar

Once you have earned a little experience in the field and feel you need to step your game up as a marketer, then Omnistar is the best platform to do so. You not only have to sell products and services, you can get other affiliates and merchants to sign up to the platform and you will get commission for the same. Great place to make money