10 best affiliate programs to make money


10 best affiliate programs to make money

Affiliate programs are effective ways to earn money while doing what you love. It is an avenue to promote products and services while getting paid for the same. Affiliate programs work by letting affiliates utilize their platforms to increase awareness. The 10 best affiliate programs that can ensure you get to make money include:

Hostgator affiliate

This is one of the dominant affiliate programs and allows affiliates to earn in excess of $50 for every referred customer. It is an effective way to make money whereby you refer prospective clients and get paid when the customer makes a purchase.

Udemy affiliate program

Udemy is among the pioneers of online education and offers courses that enrich the knowledge base of learners. Its affiliate program is designed in such a way where affiliates promote the educational courses that Udemy provides and in return make money from each sale.

Indeed Job ads affiliate

Indeed stands as a significant company that hosts millions of job advertisements across the globe. The Indeed Affiliate program works by allowing an affiliate to advertise the high paying offers and promote the same which consequently will lead to them earning a commission.

Codecanyon affiliate program

Codecanyon has made its name as a hub of technology where people sell themes, scripts and other web page essentials. Its affiliate program is structured whereby affiliates can earn 30% of the first purchase that is made by a customer whom they referred.

Amazon associates

Amazon is one of the largest and dominant online shopping platforms that has a reach across the globe. With over 1 million products on sale, affiliates can structure a commission based earning scheme with the company where promoting the products earns them money.

CJ affiliate

This is another giant in the online shopping niche and with its dominant presence, its affiliate program also proves to be an attractive venture for prospective affiliates where promoting the products can earn you a commission.

iPage Affiliate

Arguably among the best affiliate programs that offers a chance to earn significant amounts of money, the iPage program offers $105 to every affiliate for each active customer they have brought in. as a high paying hosting partner, iPage offers a real way to earn money as an affiliate.

eBay affiliate program

the eBay affiliate program is an attractive prospect for every marketer. Being an e-commerce company that has a wide reach with an operational record of over 20 years, affiliates are offered the chance to utilize their own pages and sites to advertise products and get a commission for it.

iTunes store affiliate

being an iTunes affiliate requires one to promote iTunes products on their blogs while also selling media like songs and videos. An affiliate is paid 7% commission on each sale made through the link they provide.


The Viglink affiliate program allows marketers to promote the fashion accessories including clothes and other beauty products which is a process that will, in turn, earn them a commission for each sale that is made owing to the referral provided by the affiliate.