10 BEST Reasons Why Patent Law Firms Should Learn Social Media


10 BEST Reasons Why Patent Law Firms Should Learn Social Media

It is not a secret when it comes to embracing new advancements in technology; Patent Law Firms tend to be late to the party. Research that was conducted by Good2BSocial, according to PR Newswire http://goo.gl/fILZRW, a majority of law firms properly understands the importance of learning social media. However, they are reluctant to engage with their clients on this platform. The following ten benefits will properly highlight why patent law firms should learn social media.

1.    It is a credibility tool

It is good to note that people hire lawyers, not law firms, in this regard; social media is increasingly becoming important criteria that potential clients use when they are choosing a suitable company to do business with. In addition, the social intelligence tools can help firms monitor the topics of interest or even business pain points that can lead to important clients and prospects.

2.    It will bring in client referrals

Word of mouth is an adamant marketing tool most law firms use, as it is the most valuable asset. When an individual is facing a negative experience of being in a legal turmoil, they first look to those they trust. Thus, when family, friends, and clients like your social media platform they are quickly telling other individuals that you offer quality service.

3.    Able to engage with client’s real-time

In this growing technology era, anything that happened three hours ago is quickly considered as old news. Therefore, social media offers your firm the opportunity as a law firm to address the virtual community in real time.

4.    Retain relationships with the past and current clients

Once a client walks out of the office, it can be very easy for the lawyers to lose touch. Additionally, snail mails and email tend to get lost in the clutter. However, social media has made it possible for firms to connect with current and past clients.

5.    It is an excellent analytics tool

Your social media platform can give you access to social insights. Take for example the firm’s Facebook page; it uses simple percentages and graphs to show how interactive your page has been. You are also able to see the number of people you interact with in a given day.

6.    Able to use content to share expertise

As a patent law firm, one of the main goals is to show the market you are truly an expert in the services you offer. Thus, with social media platforms, you can share content to brand the firm appropriately as the leading expert.

7.    Your market expects you to be on social media

The millennial consumers, who are a major target for patent law firms, are 33 percent likely to engage with your business if it has a well-established Facebook page, according to enchanting lawyer http://goo.gl/GVcEDi. Consequently, the company’s potential clients expect you to be on social media platforms, making it an important concept to learn.

8.    It is a less expensive marketing tool to have in the firm

It will cost the firm nothing to set up a social media platform, be it a page on Facebook or a Twitter account. If the firm chooses to advertise through the Facebook ads, which will help in growing the firm’s client base immensely, you will find it to be one of the most affordable marketing tools available.

9.    The platform will increase exposure of the firm’s brand

Social media platforms have billions of users online at every given hour of the day. According to the statistics portal http://goo.gl/T7Ddf0. Facebook is the market leader having 1.59 billion active users, WhattsApp at 1 billion, Tumbler at 555 million, Instagram at 400 million, and Twitter at 320 million just to name a few. Apparently, when your firm learns about social media and gets on with the trend, it will drastically increase the firm’s brand exposure.

10.    The social media platform is evolving rapidly

The rapid growth of new social media platforms is only part of the big picture; Facebook has been in the industry for a while now, but what happened to MySpace? Everyone is well aware of LinkedIn and Twitter but what about Instagram or Pinterest. Accordingly, it is time to learn about the social media before you are quickly left behind.

Learning about Social Media is inevitable if you are looking for your firm to be the leading expert. Furthermore, the points above have given good reasons why Patent Law Firms should Learn Social Media.