10 Exciting New WhatsApp Features Revealed in iOS Beta


10 Exciting New WhatsApp Features Revealed in iOS Beta   

WhatsApp is one of the popular apps in the world, used for communication and other activities. The application is compatible with iOS, desktops, and Android phones. It enables end-to-end encrypted messaging. For WhatsApp to operate in the mobile phone or a desktop, there must be effective internet connectivity. Millions of people in the world use the application to share videos, to send messages, share audios, make calls, sharing contacts, PDFs, images, and to perform other activities.

Since its first release in 2009, WhasApp has been the most used communication application because of its fantastic features. The current developers of WhatsApp, Facebook keep on releasing new updates with added features, making it enjoyable to use the app. Currently, WhatsApp is performing tests on new features that will be more exciting than the current ones.

The developers of the new app are taking the communication technology into another spectacular level. There are strings of new amazing features revealed in iOS Beta to be incorporated in the new update for the popular mobile communication app in the world. WABetaInfo, a popular Twitter account, leaked some of the features that WhatsApp is planning to release. WABetaInfo account always leaks important information about the WhatsApp updates to the Twitter users globally. Although WhatsApp Inc. has not yet confirmed about the new features, below is a list of 10 exciting new Whatsapp features that are likely to be in the new update of the application.

10. Edit Feature

It is the feature millions of users have been waiting since the release of WhatsApp. The edit feature is great because it will enable people to edit a sent text message. However, the feature will only be applicable if the message sent is not read by the recipient. Other popular messaging service providers like Telegram and BBM use the same feature. The users will embrace it because people find themselves in tough situations after sending inappropriate messages due to the auto-correct feature in many phones.

9. Live Location Tracking

The feature will enable the users to track each other’s movement. However, the users will have to enable the feature in the settings to enable their friends to view their location in the group conversations or private chats. During meet-ups, people will be able to use this application to look for their partners.

8. Recall

The recall feature will come to rescue many WhatsApp users. People send offensive messages and regret their actions. The feature will enable them to cancel a sent message. However, just like the editing feature, the recall one will only function if the recipient has not read the text message.

7. Reply to Status Messages Feature

It is another long-awaited feature for the WhatsApp messenger. With the current WhatsApp version, people can only see the status of their friends, but they cannot reply to them. The new update will enable individuals to respond directly to the statuses of their friends in WhatsApp.

6. Revoke Feature

After long-pressing the message, two options will appear. The edit and revoke options will show up on the screen. The edit feature will enable you to correct the typos. On the other hand, the revoke option will enable you to erase the message. It will save people from sending embarrassing messages.

5. Contact Option

The developers will also release a contact option feature. The new feature will enable users to shake the device when chatting when with their friends and a Contact Us option will pop up. Therefore, people will be able to report spam activities directly to WhatsApp. The feature will be helpful because it will minimize the behaviors of people who send spam messages to chat groups or their friends.

4. Preview Archived Files Option

The new WhatsApp version will enable millions of users to preview the archived files in the devices. At the archives, people will be storing essential documents which they can use in future. The new WhatsApp feature will make the process easier for them.

3. Classic Emojis

In the new WhatsApp version, chatting will be more enjoyable because of the new emojis that they are planning to integrate into the app. These Emojis will be lively which will make chatting exciting than in the current app.

2. Fast Video Calling Feature

Talking to a friend who is miles away or in a different country using videos is always exciting. The new WhatsApp version will have a video calling feature that will enable users to video chat. It will allow people to see the facial expression of their friends in the middle of the conversation. Users will also be able to share valuable ideas and jokes on a one on one platform.

  1. New Themes

The current WhatsApp version has dull themes. The new one will be incredible because users will be able to use awesome themes with different colors that will make the application attractive and enjoyable to use.

Therefore, when WhatsAPP Inc. releases this new update, millions of people globally will download it into their phones to enjoy the features above. WABetaInfo has been releasing these leaks about the updates which give people information about what to expect from WhatsApp.