10 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Car Dealerships


10 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Car Dealerships

For a car dealership site to survive, the website owners should focus on effective digital efforts. In this era of digital marketing, here are few tips that might assist.

The website matters

You only have one chance to make an impression. Buyers will learn a lot from your website, so it is important to invest in a quality website. With a lot of websites available on car dealerships, it is important that your website is highly ranked. Additionally, the website should be purposely designed and well maintained for it to receive a high ranking on Google.

Offer useful content

Search engines thirst for interesting, fresh and relevant content. Digital marketing should aim at creating unique and relevant content that will be valuable to the customers.

Most of the dealership websites do not update their inventory or promote their monthly specials. Without working on your website, it will be difficult to outrank your competitors. Create content that clients can relate to easily.

Google My Business Page-Claim it

In case you have not, claim a business listing on Google My Business. It is an efficient way of creating an online presence for your brand.

The Google My Business page should contain the right information about your business. It will make easy for individuals to search while creating traffic.

Implementation of the Schema Mark-up

This is a feature that has been around for a long time, but only a few websites utilize it. Integrating the feature to your site will give you a competitive edge. It is an addition of codes to the site. It instructs the search engine on the meaning of the data shared.


Whenever your address and business name is mentioned on other sites, it creates credibility and trust is established. Citations and mentions rank the site to the top searches on Google and Bing. To get more citations, use the aggregator tools.

Linking local organizations to your site

If you want to optimize your website, it is important to link the local organizations to your website. It makes the site ranking high especially for searches that are local-based.

One way of obtaining the links is by considering all the community events and sponsorship throughout the year. Being a sponsor of such events has numerous advantages.

Mine the analytics

Do not underestimate the power of website analytics. Web analytics help business owners to identify the most popular contents on your site. If possible, conduct a weekly website analytics. It will show what efforts are working and what needs to be dumped.

Earn positive reviews to protect your reputation

The truth of the matter is that clients will not pay attention to any website that has less than three-star rating. It is important to ensure that your site maintains high ranking at all times. Get in touch with the existing clients and ask for their feedback.

Mobile friendly website

The majority of the people own mobile phones. They use their phones to search the Internet. It is, therefore, crucial to have a mobile-friendly website that will serve the mobile users.

Get rid of the homepage sliders

For those using sliders or carousels on their websites, it is time to stop. As a matter of fact, very few people click beyond the second slide.


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