10 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Law Firms


10 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Law Firms

Although attorneys have been known to bid the highest and spend in excess of $500 on cost per click ads, they still need to devise plans that will focus on obtaining local traffic. Below are 10 SEO tips to benefit attorneys.

1. Research and Keyword Planner

As an attorney, its important to know what specific keywords your potential clients are searching for. You want to be where they are searching. But, this is not possible if you are unaware of the keywords that they are using. You can find this information out by performing a research through Google’s Keyword Planner. It will essentially tell you how often the perspective keywords are being searched.

2. Update Web Content

After determining what specific keywords you will be using, it’s important to update your website with those new SEO rich keywords by integrating them into your online content, your meta tags and your title tag.

3. Mobile-Friendly Capabilities

More and more individuals are turning to their mobile devices to find nearby attorneys. Especially during emergency situations such as auto accidents or immigration related issues. Therefore, it’s important for law firm to make themselves reachable through mobile “near me” maps.

To check to see if your web site is mobile friendly, refer to the Google Mobile Friendly tool.

4. Internet Site Speed

Attorneys and law firms who don’t concern themselves with the speed of their web sites will likely lose traffic, as most users will lose interest in a company whose web site performs poorly. Normally, if the site doesn’t load in just a few seconds, the user will go elsewhere. Additionally, Google does not want its users (who rely on them to pull up the top performers) to become frustrated with slow loading sites. As a result, they remove them from showing up in the high search results.

5. Google Map Optimization Results

Google also offers location specific searches, which means that if a potential client is seeking an attorney, they would normally do so by using terms such as “wrongful termination attorney near me” or “accident attorney in Los Angeles.” This special map listing is capable of pointing visitors directly to the closest attorney or law firm that appears on the map.

6. Search Optimization in Local Directories

To improve your ranking in local directories, prepare a business listing and consider directories such as one or all of the following:

Google My Business

Bing My Business

Yelp for Business Owners

Yahoo! Local Listings

7. Meta Descriptions and Page Titles

Don’t make the mistake of using the same meta description that is being used on the page title. They often appear on multiple pages and is a very common mistake made by attorneys.

8. SEO Based Content

SEO Keyword rich content is a great asset for ranking high in Google’s free search engine results. It’s not only what viewers are searching for, but it also let’s search engines know what it will be basing its rankings on.

9. Inbound Links

Inbound links allows you to build your website’s authority by attracting links from other sources (or other websites.) However, when Google notices other website links being linked to your website, it’s considered a citation. Since most law firms don’t take the time to create inbound links, your firm will likely outrank others if this area is practiced.

10. Maintaining SEO Ranking

After spending an enormous amount of time developing SEO strategies, one would think your work is done. But on the contrary, it’s just beginning. Managing and overseeing your SEO campaign should be an on-going process, as it allows you to generate traffic, moving up in the search engine results and maintaining your SEO ranking.