10 New LinkedIn Changes to Help You Get a Job


 10 New LinkedIn Changes to Help You Get a Job       

LinkedIn has an average of 10 million job listings, and as the site becomes more popular, the number of listings continues to increase. On the other hand, the average number of contractors hovers around the 4 million mark; and thus, it is becoming ever more important to stand out and capitalize on all available hacks for recruiters to notice you. Bearing this in mind, here are 10 new LinkedIn changes that can help you get a job.

Video uploads

Video support is perhaps LinkedIn’s biggest feature in 2017. It has brought the site up to par with its contemporaries and opened up an avenue of opportunities for the platform’s over half a billion users to uniquely portray themselves.

You can take advantage of videos in many different ways to increase your chances of landing a job. Upload a video of yourself in action, for example, to play up and validate your core skills.

Content alternatives

Video support was launched in tandem with a variety of supported visual content formats. If you publish, of which you should to increase visibility and authority within your networks, take advantage of these formats to make your pieces more compelling and increase the probability of them going viral.

You can include slides, infographics, webinars among a host of other visual content. Content with a higher appeal will increase your chances getting noticed by recruiters.

A new user interface

LinkedIn revamped its entire user interface making it congruent across both desktop and mobile. The new interface is crisp, charming, and easier to use even though things have been moved around a bit. This improvement eases recruiters’ workloads which is a plus you as a job seeker.

Comment and connect

The new interface has made it easier to comment and connect with those who enjoy your content. In the ‘views of your article’ section, you can see all your posts and articles plus the comments. Endeavor to link-up with those who can seemingly help you land a job.

LinkedIn has also reduced the requisites needed to connect. Now, you neither have to specify whether the one you want to connect to is a present colleague, former colleague, a friend nor provide an email address. Providing a location is also no longer a must. All you have to do is select the connect button after which you will be prompted to compose a message.

Banner size

LinkedIn has changed banner specifications allowing you to have a higher quality banner in terms of pixels. This empowers you a bit more to develop a killer profile. The recommended pixels for banners is 1536 x 768. Choose banner content wisely keeping in mind that the size will differ on different devices, i.e., phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops

Your summary

Summary used to be at the top of the profile, but this is no longer the case. It now appears under your heading and rather than being displayed in its entirety, only 3 lines show. This means that you have to deeply consider how you write up the first three lines. Ensure that they capture pertinent details such as your expertise and identity.

Easy profile updating and editing

Recruiters are more interested in updated profiles and LinkedIn’s reimagined user interface makes it easy to update and edit your profile. On the right-hand side, you will see an ‘add new profile section’ button with a drop down arrow. An ‘edit your public profile’ button appears right below followed by the change language feature.

Only the 3 top skills show

Skill & Endorsements has undergone a complete transformation. Now, only 3 top skills show meaning that your most marketable skills have to be at the top. Ideally, research the skills that recruiters in your region most desire, and place them at the top.

Since the market and what recruiters seek changes quickly, you have to research frequently so that your skills section remains congruent with market dynamics.

Improved profile visibility

LinkedIn has increased the profile visibility of job searchers by making it possible for third parties to display profiles to their users. This increases exposure as well as your chances of landing good opportunities by expanding reach to non-LinkedIn owned properties. This underscores the importance of ensuring your profile is perpetually in top shape both aesthetically and content wise.

Premium options

Premium options equip you with handy information that empowers you to make better decisions. The career package will allow you to view a firm’s salary details while keeping yours private. You will also get access to LinkedIn Learning.

The business package will furnish you with deeper company details such as growth trends. The sales and hiring packages, as the names suggest, are more suited to sales persons and recruiters.

In closing, these are just the highlight changes that are closely tied to finding a job, but many more exist. For some, you have to play a part to take full advantage of, but for others, it is all down to LinkedIn. You, therefore, have to take up a proactive stance so that you can always be beneficially aligned by adhering to a prudent action plan.

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