10 Pay Per Click Advertising Tips for Car Dealerships


10 Pay Per Click Advertising Tips for Car Dealerships

PPC for car dealerships is a strategy that increases exposure of the business and generates results in terms of web browsers that are converted to car buyers. When channeled properly, Pay Per Click can effectively scale a car dealership business and maximize the ROI when comparing revenue streams against investment in marketing. Top tips that can enhance the PPC strategies in a car dealership business include:

Make use of tight themed Ad groups

Tight themed Ad groups are effective in ensuring web browsers get the exact match of what they are searching for. The tight themed Ad groups should cover the individual car models like the “2013 Honda Civic LX” which will mean that a search performed provides a specific result.

Exploit Keyword matching

Keyword matching will encompass the use of broad description and exact phrases that people are tuned to search for. Match varied broad description keywords like “save money on a used 2013 Honda Civic DX today” if the dealership is for used cars or an alternative may be structured as “buy today and enjoy a 10% discount on the 2013 Honda Civic EX”. An exact keyword match may be set as “2013 Honda Civic LX”.

Structure site links

Site links are effective in improving the Click Through Rates and ensure that a person searching is enticed to actually make the connection. In excess of 70% of individuals searching for cars online using their mobile devices actually made the call directly from the Ad which shows the importance of site links.

Make use of the negative Keyword list

If the business is purely a car dealership without other accessories associated with cars, placing the accessories on the negative keyword list will eliminate the issue of irrelevant clicks on the Ads. Placing keywords like “2013 Honda Alloy Wheels” on the negative list will ensure searches for the alloy wheels is not associated with a car dealership that only deals with the vehicle and not its parts.

Create engaging landing pages

A car dealership business relies on making a connection with the potential customer and enhancing user experience which means creating a landing page that will speak to the desires of the target audience will increase conversions while maintaining interest.

Tap into in-market audiences

In-market audiences define the niche market that search for a product. Tapping into the data which is collected by search engines like Google will ensure that the PPC campaign is focused on what the target audience actually desires.

Place a call to action

A call to action allows for immediate response which is very effective in building conversions and improving the quality score of Ads.

Utilize geo-targeting

Geo-targeting ensures that the Cost Per Click is lowered as only the potential customers within the geographical location may click which is also an avenue that builds relevance of an Ad.

Make use of Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling ensures that an Ad runs when it can be capitalized upon and the resulting traffic allowed to move into the conversion stage. When a person searching the web clicks on an Ad but fails to find the support of a call to action or an engaging party from the car dealership, the potential customer may be lost which in turn escalates the Cost Per Acquisition.

Block competitors draining Ad budget

Car dealership businesses face stiff competition and competitors usually click on the Ads from a rival business which leads to high Cost Per Acquisition rates as the clicks do not lead to conversions. “IP address exclusion” can prevent competitors clicking on Ads.