10 Psychology-Backed Exercise That Will make you Feel More Confident


10 Psychology-Backed Exercise That Will make you Feel More Confident    

Confidence is an essential component of many people’s careers as it makes them seem professional and brings out their leadership qualities. Lacking confidence can see you passed up for different opportunities for which you are qualified. Therefore, to ensure that your confidence is not a hindrance, here are some exercises you can practice to boost your confidence levels.

Upright posture

It might seem odd but having the right posture can increase your confidence level. The way we position our bodies affects our mood and behavior. Attaining an upright posture also affects our psychology, making us act authoritatively. Further, an upright posture has also been found to increase testosterone levels, a hormone that significantly affects our moods adding more confidence.

Channel your alter ego

Often at times the people we adore who are successful and in the limelight can help us overcome a bad day and restore that happy mood. Research has found that looking for the common traits that you share with your idol can be a significant boost your self-esteem.

Smell good

Having a fresh and crisp scent can be a great boost to your confidence. Multiple researchers have looked into this phenomenon, and all concluded the same point. One study measured men’s confidence levels based on how they liked their scent and those who thought they smelled good were found to have higher confidence. Also, a large percentage of women feel more confident when they adorn a fragrance compared to when they are scent-free. Therefore, it is good to shop around for a good fragrance to help you stand tall.

Listen to powerful songs

Music has the power to evoke different kinds of emotions from its audience, and just like a slow emotional song makes us feel sad, a powerful song with strong beats can also serve as a confidence booster. Athletes mainly practice this exercise and are seen wearing headphones as they warm up to face their opponents. The trick is also used in gyms to make people feel powerful and make those extra reps. Songs with great punchlines and beats are the best for a confidence playlist.

Dress for the occasion

Sometimes you can tell a person’s mood by their dressing. Greatly thought-out outfits are seen to portray success and self-confidence. This phenomenon also works in reverse as choosing a great outfit when you are feeling down can boost your confidence. Adorning outfits associated with power such as wearing a suit or a doctor’s coat can also enhance your confidence.

Get a pre-performance routine

A pre-performance routine is another exercise borrowed from the sporting world. Many athletes, especially golf players, always have a recurrent routine before they take their shot. Having a performance ritual helps you get into your comfort zone and makes you feel as if you are doing a task you’ve already mastered. Studies also show that these rituals can also enhance your performance through boosting your confidence. Therefore, before making that presentation, engage in a ritual and make it a habit.

Recall your proud moments

Whenever you need a confidence boost, try and remember a time when you had your confidence high, and it got the job done. It might be the day you nailed an interview or when you walked over to a person and asked them out. Reliving such times can help boost your confidence since it reminds you of what you can do. You can do this exercise by reviewing your accomplishments as detailed on your resume.


Working out seems to work in boosting your health and confidence. Taking the time to go to the gym or just go for a walk can work well for your self-confidence. Research shows that the type of exercise does not matter as long as you feel that you have given it your best. Taking a walk or stretching also makes you calm and happy.

Play an instrument

Learning to play the piano, a guitar or any other musical instrument can boost your confidence. Research conducted on children learning to play instruments showed that they gained increased self-esteem. Learning a new trait has a positive impact on our brains and raises our confidence levels. Learning a new language can also achieve this effect. The new skills might also come in handy in the future.

Have an accomplishments list

Just as we have to-do lists, we should also take note of our achievements. Recording the good deeds you have done, or the tasks you have completed can help give you the confidence to do more. The accomplishments do not have to be extraordinary as they can be regular daily tasks that you perform to make your life better.

Some people rely on the assurance of others to help them regain their confidence. However, with these exercises, it is easy to take control of your self-esteem and make it better.