10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Learn Search Engine Optimization


10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Learn Search Engine Optimization

Widely referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an exceptional way of online marketing that allows businesses to promote their operations to the customers at the same time they look for similar types of establishments. For example, if Nike has SEO then it will appear anyone use a search engine to find companies that sell sports shoes. Search Engine Optimization uses search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo; as well as the business directories like TouchLocal, Qype, Superpages, and Yelp, among others. For any business that uses the internet to run any errand, SEO is a perfect tool for boosting its operations. The following are overviews of the ten reasons why businesses should learn Search Engine Optimization.

The Verdicts

Customers visit the Internet to look for businesses

Various studies reveal that 64 percent of customers use directories and search engines to find businesses. Only 28 percent of online users consider the old paper lists to access information about establishments.

The number of online search increase from time to time

The rate at which people sought for businesses on the internet between 2008 and 2009 grew by 58 percent. Since that value was higher than twice the growth rate of the overall search volumes, one can deduce that the numbers of online users who look for businesses are more than those who access information related to other areas.

Search marketing is timely and highly targeted

Using online directories and search engines promotes businesses to customers at the same point that they look for them. The best time to get in touch with potential clients is when they need it, and SEO makes such an arrangement possible.

Higher conversion levels than the other advertising channels

Marketing through a business directory boasts higher conversion levels than the other, ancient options for posting ads. Some lists give as high as 50 percent conversion. In that case, businesses can get one customer from every two leads.

Growth in the usage of mobile phones

The number of people who use mobile phones and their applications to access information about businesses increases from time to time. Since Search Engine Optimization also covers other devices that access the internet, businesses should consider learning it to serve their customers.

Getting significant returns on investments

One of the differences between SEO and other advertising methods such as leaflets and papers is that it does not waste exposure. SEO only directs the business to the customers in line with their needs, making it cost-effective and efficient.

Only a few businesses have claimed their listings for Google Places
With only 10 percent of establishments having their Google listings, online marketing is largely untapped. For that reason, businesses should seize the opportunity to get ahead of their competitors.

A significant percentage of the best opportunities for SEO are free

Businesses spend no money when claiming their listings in Google Places (also referred to Google Maps) and linking their operations to online directories. That is to say that, using SEO gives businesses free opportunity for promotion.’

Decline in reading the newspaper

The more people get information from the internet, the more they shift away from reading the papers. Studies show that people have reduced their readership- of published content by 80 percent in the past two decades. That finding is an indication of the fact that people migrate to the online platforms, meaning that more of them will access information about businesses posted on the internet than those published. If a business has SEO, the online users will find it faster than those that do not have this feature.

Trust of Online business reviews

Some people form opinions of business from what other people say about it. They are likely to like an enterprise with presented reviews and overlook one that people do not rate low. Since most users trust online remarks, businesses should link their websites with SEO to receive trusted reviews from customers.