10 Reasons You Should Hire a Millennial


10 Reasons You Should Hire a Millennial

If you are not a Millennial yourself, you may have several preconceived ideas about how the individuals in this generation conduct themselves as employees. This could be due to previous experiences working with such people, and it might also be based on information you’ve gathered from news articles, magazine features, and blog posts. If the notions you’ve developed regarding Millennials are negative, you may want to take a moment to rethink those opinions. Even if you’ve had a few less-than-satisfactory experiences with those born in the early-to-mid 1980s through the early 2000s, people in that generational group as a whole have quite a lot to offer as members of the workforce. Consider the following points about Millennials before you make your hiring decisions.

1. They Are the Future

The individuals who comprise the Millennial generation are our future. They possess a unique understanding of our present culture, and they are the driving force behind where we are going as a society. Including such people in your team makes sense for you and your business. 

2. Millennials Fit Your Budget

While many people in the Baby Boomer generation may have been primarily motivated by income level, countless Millennials are far more concerned with finding work that gratifies them instead. A typical Millennial would not likely be unhappy with a position that pays well – but given the choice between personally fulfilling work and flexible hours or a steep paycheck and 60-hour weeks, such a person may be inclined to opt for the first choice as opposed to the latter. 

3. They’re Creative

As members of the workforce and as entrepreneurs, Millennials are one of the most creative generations to date. Hiring someone from this generation could be one of the best decisions you make in terms of creating new paradigms for your company. 

4. Millennials Are Communication-Focused

We are now living in an age in which social media is now one of the top components of the cultural landscape. Millennials understand the current modes of communication better than any of the generations that came before them – making them assets to employers.

5. Ability to Collaborate 

Millennials also know how to collaborate in ways that previous generations could not. This is largely due to the cultural focus on social media. A collaborative spirit could serve your business well. 

6. They’re Willing to Telecommute

Past generations may not have understood the merits of working remotely, but innumerable Millennials do. In fact, the Millennial you’re considering for a job might actually prefer to telecommute. Enabling remote work might help your company to cut costs by saving on overhead. 

7. Millennials Are Genuine

You may find that the people in this generation are far more open and genuine than those of generations past. Transparency is valued now more than ever; that honesty can spare you from wasting time with employees who tell you only what they think you want to hear – instead of what you need to know. 

8. Technical Knowledge

In the same way that Millennials grew into a time of social media, they also learned to use technology at an early age. Technology is going to continue to advance, and individuals who belong to the current generation have already reached the technological learning curve required to help your company soar. 

9. They Think Globally

Modern technology has led to a global culture and economy. Millennials grew up viewing the world as a unified environment. This means that they are uniquely equipped to assist you in growing your business. 

10. Their Passion Drives Them

The young workers of today are passionate – and passion drives them to work hard. That kind of motivation can only serve as an advantage to your company. 

Hiring Millennials simply makes sense for most of the employers of today. These people are the lifeblood of today’s workforce. If they aren’t working to support and improve your company, other businesses will certainly benefit from their talents.