10 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in Content


10 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in Content

In today’s marketplace, content marketing is the online social norm. In fact, to remain competitive within all disciplines, content marketing is a must. You may be asking yourself “What is Content Marketing?” Well, according to The Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is defined as being;”A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

With well thought out marketing research and strategic planning, law firms will be able to create content that addresses issues that are of concern to their potential customers. Particularly by addressing questions that they need answers to to assist them make the best decision when selecting a law firm.  And their decisions could easily be shifted to your firm with the correct marketing messages and overall marketing content.  Below is information about the value of content mark marketing and 10 reasons why law firms should invest in it.
1. Competitiveness – Content marketing within the legal industry will help companies appear more reputable and competitive within the marketplace. Since most potential customers seek out law firms by doing an initial online search for information, it behooves them to have competitive marketing material available online, making it readily available to information seekers.

2. Branding – Content marketing can assist law firms shape their brand, whereby they can get potential customers to view them based on their experience, expertise, and position in the marketplace.

3. Increase Exposure – Having online content also increases the visibility of law firms, thus increasing sales potential.

4. Appear Up to Date and in the Know – by providing on-going and updated content, law firms appear knowledgeable about the latest industry trends and could ultimately become the go-to company for all legal-related service needs.

5. Obsolete – Law firms that don’t have an online presence and updated content marketing, appear obsolete, outdated and ultimately overlooked.

6. Increase Customer Interaction – Content marketing can also be used to interact with potential customers, which builds brand awareness and builds customer loyalty.

7. Placed emphasis on specific services – when law firms have targeted content, they can place emphasis on pecific services that are a specialty or that differentiates their firm from all the others.

8. Build trust – By developing marketing content that’s specific to the core needs of your potential customers, law firms have the opportunity to build trust, showing that they care and understand the customer’s needs and are prepared to address them.

9. Marketing Segmentation and Discouraging Tire Kickers – Creating a well thought out content marketing plan can also allow you to clearly spell out exactly who your market segment is – specifically identifying your ideal customer and eliminating tire kickers who typically take more of your valuable time and never convert into sales.

10. Call to Action – One of the best things about crafting strategic content marketing is that you have the opportunity to develop a call to action, opening the door for your customers to take the next step towards hiring your firm to assist with for their legal service needs.

Well developed and highly targeted content can assist you with connecting with your specific targeted audience pretty much better than all other means of communication.  It also allows your firm to clearly identify who specifically you want to engage with. Otherwise, you will be approached by customers who are outside of your core market segment – wasting valuable time with customers who don’t fit your ideal customer profile.