10 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in Social Media


10 Reasons Law Firms Should Invest in Social Media

How can law firms utilize social media to stay ahead of their competitors? Why should law firms adopt social media usage in their practices? Read on!

1. Retaining and growing their client base
Law firms can use social media to retain their existing clients and find prospective and new clients at the same time. The lawyers can offer consultation services, train and speak on legal matters via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Blogging on frequently asked questions is one way of keeping the clients engaged regardless of their geographical location.

2. Increase visibility and promote business relationships
Social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all nature. Thanks to the technological advancement and the high number of subscribers, law firms can increase their online visibility. Clients and lawyers can interact on the online platform especially on matters of the agency. It is a great way to meeting new people.

3. Social media as a marketing tool
It is a cheap and efficient manner of making your firm known. Most lawyers are now using social media platform to gain exposure for their firms. It has benefits such as reaching a large number of people and is relatively inexpensive.

4. It is a discovery tool
We are living in a digital environment where a strong web presence measures credibility. Searching for content on the Internet requires the information source to be credible and highly ranked. Law firms that post and share credible and high authority content on the social media pages will attract many people including continuing law students. It is a minefield of valuable information.

5. As a credibility tool
The importance of posting useful content related to the law firm on social media will help attract clients and build a lasting and impressive reputation.

6. As a business acquisition tool
The connection between the business development strategy and the social media strategy for any law firm is crucial. The proficient use of social media will increase the profitability and lead generation of the organization. Conversions depend on good and formatted content suitable for consumption on social media. The content should be shareable so as to drive traffic to the website of the company.

7. Social media is the present and the future
As much we hate to admit it, social media is the in-thing at the moment. Not embracing the use of social media (in the right way of course), is like not buying a CD since there is nothing wrong with using a cassette player. In the next ten years or so, the use of social media will be widespread and a necessary evil.

8. Creation of opportunities
Some firms forbid or restrict the use of social media by the media citing reasons such as laziness and time wastage. However, social media has its advantages too.

For instance, any time the firm or employee of the firm is mentioned in a post or discussion on social media, and no responses/clarifications are made, the firm may lose out on a big business opportunity.

9. It humanizes the brand
After all, people want are hiring the lawyers and not the law firm. People will develop a sense of trust when they interact with lawyers online before meeting them face to face.

10. Everyone uses social media
Let us face it; everyone we know has an account on social media. It is only logic that the law firm interacts with the subscribers at a personal level.