Pokémon GO, the gaming sensation that has the older generation confused about how they feel about it. The Android and iPhone augmented reality game has come back to the fore and enjoyed a stellar rise to the top of gaming popularity almost like it never left thanks to mostly millennials. Satoshi Tajiri has been chastised and praised in equal measure as been the height of the millennials’ detachment from society and as the app that got millennials to leave their couches and go outside respectively.

However, as the massive game takes in criticism and applause, Pokémon GO could be a valuable asset to a very unlikely group of professionals- lawyers. As that tide of collective whats and huhs subsides, these are six reasons why lawyers should join the fold and start collecting pocket monsters.

Learning how to adapt to change

When Pokémon GO hit the app stores, news about it was initially met with less than enthusiastic nods from those who did not understand the nostalgic excitement it elicited from users. While it looked like it would go the way of many a game, a la Flappy bird et al, Pokémon GO is a definition of culture. What does a hugely successful smartphone app have to do with a lawyer? As with any runaway success, the app has brought with it acres of lawsuits, some of them class action and some of them with lawyers as plaintiffs. By trying their hand at Pokemon GO, lawyers can familiarize themselves with technological advancements that are bound to keep coming.

Creating a niche

An app with more users than Twitter and twice as many as Tinder is a huge opportunity for lawyers to cash in on a mammoth goldmine. From counter lawsuits when a Pokemon GO user gets hit by a motorist to exploiting loopholes in the treacherous terms and conditions. But unlike fields like family, property or children’s law, a lawyer creating a niche in such cases would have to know the ins and outs of the game if they are to put up valid case defenses.

Stress reliever

The sign on the door might have three names on it, but the person sitting on that leather chair with his elbows perched on that Brazilian Rosewood table is a person. Not only does Pokemon GO offer an excellent platform for users to meet up at gyms but it’s also a way to release that tension to which most lawyers are accustomed.


It’s almost a pattern at this point; in a huge group of people partaking in an activity, there are some bad eggs. Pokemon GO uses GPS to know the location of players and to indicate that of Pokemon. Since a lawyer’s domain is the court, if there is a case that involves Pokemon, such as in cases where Lures are used to mug people, the last GPS coordinates could be a valuable clue.

Lawyer to client positivity

One of the allures of Pokémon GO is the reward system that keeps the game going. Sure, there are items that would require actual legal tender to make it interesting, but the overall mode of operation of the app is based on positive reinforcement. By playing Pokémon, the ideal lawyer transfers positivity to clients. It is assuring for a client to know that the monies paid as retainers or one-time fees are translating to dedicated service.

Enhancing communication

Niantic, the creators of Pokémon GO, experienced a massive backlash when they made changes to the app without prior engagement with the users. Being in the front seat of such a backlash gives you an idea of the importance of keeping communication channels open.

Pokemon GO is a huge success and may go down in mobile app history as a huge influence. Its use and resulting success may be a case study on the significance of embracing technology and the role it plays. Go ye forth and try to capture Mewtwo.