10 Reasons Millennials Should Work as Illustrators


10 Reasons Millennials Should Work as Illustrators

Finding work in a volatile job market can be an extensive undertaking, but many millennials are finding that working as an illustrator is the perfect career. Whether you are looking to change careers or trying to decide which career path is best, consider the benefits of becoming an illustrator.

Working as an illustrator taps into your creative side. Not only does illustrating stimulate your brain in a different manner than other career choices, it reaches your creative potential, unlocking new levels each time you work.

Working as an illustrator often provides greater freedom. Many illustrators do go to work in an office and are valued members of the creative team at companies all over the globe. But many don’t go in to work at all, working in their home office, which can be your comfy bed or a blanket spread out in the park. Working remotely is a huge draw and one of the perks of becoming an illustrator.

Working as an illustrator offers greater flexibility. Illustrators are often able to write their own ticket regarding where they work, when they work, and how they work. Some may work split shifts, or four ten hour days or even three 12 hour days is they opt to work in the office while illustrators who work from home may find they are most creative at three or four in the morning.

Working as an illustrator opens a large variety of career paths. Illustrators find work all over. Illustrators with a background in science can put their paired skills to work illustrating concepts for text books. Some illustrators work to bring to life an authors character while still others use their illustration skills to help businesses illustrate their services and goods sold to consumers.

Working as an illustrator allows you to work as a team member or on your own. Whether you prefer to work alone or as part of a team, illustrators can find numerous career paths with either option. Working alone allows illustrators to work at their own pace, working when the feel inspired and productive and taking time off when needed or desired allows you to control your career.

Working as an illustrator freelancing allows you to be your own boss. You decide which clients you wish to work with and contract with only partners that inspire you, and you enjoy working with.

Working as an illustrator offers job security. Freelancers are need in a number of industries to perform a variety of jobs. This field is constantly evolving and new illustrators are finding it easier than ever to enter the field.

Working as an illustrator allows to work anywhere anywhere in the world. As long as you have reliable internet and the proper tools and programs required, the world is your oyster.

Working as an illustrator is good for your health. Studies have shown that people who enjoy their careers, live healthier lifestyles and develop fewer health problems.

Working as an illustrator opens a brand new world. You will meet many different types of people from those also working in a creative capacity such as writers to agents to people in the film industry. The list is endless.