10 skills a web designer needs in 2017


10 skills a web designer needs in 2017

Web designers are among the most sought after professionals and 2017 promises to be a fantastic season as many platforms and websites are built and redesigned. As a web designer, the idea is to always be marketable and capture what the potential client needs. It is therefore fundamental that you are able to internalize the skills that will place you on the map and market you as the competent designer of choice.

Responsive design

Skills in handling responsive designing will ultimately ensure you are competitive when it comes to making an impact in the industry. Responsive designs are what clients are looking after especially with the digital world expanding and varied devices being brought on for users.


as a web designer, skills in jQuery are mandatory and they will prove worthy in 2017 with most websites optimizing for the target audience. Since jQuery aids in adding slides and other dynamic elements to a website to increase user efficiency and interaction, it can streamline the ability to perfect websites.

Information architecture

Web designers are always tasked with the responsibility of structuring a website and making it appeal to the target market. With skills in information architecture, a web designer will be able to balance and identify how much information will impact the users. Information architecture will be huge in 2017 since it will also assist a web designer to categorize information and achieve a balance.

Project management

One of the crucial skills that a web designer must have in 2017 is project management. With most designing jobs and projects set to manifest, it becomes important for a web designer to structure a management system for the tasks and this is where project management will be crucial as it will ensure a web designer is able to understand and manage work flow.


Among the fundamental skills that a web designer must master in 2017 is typography. Typography is sure to be an avenue where web designers will get to understand how to pair typefaces which is important as it aids in scaling and sizing of website elements.

Graphic design

The fields of web design and graphic design have intertwined in recent times and 2017 will see a further blending of the industries. Graphic design skills will therefore work for a web designer as it will ensure the creation of visually appealing elements that have esthetic value.

User modelling

A crucial skill to master in 2017 for web designers is user modelling. User modelling allows you to create user personas and these become important when informing the designs that will work for the greater audience.

Bootstrap frameworks

Equipping yourself with skills in bootstrap frameworks will give you additional experience when it comes to designing. With the core task of the frameworks being the transformation of websites into responsive portals that are optimized for mobile devices, it is a skill that will map you among the best.


Web designers need constant exercise which is a factor that breeds the experience and creativity. With skills in HTML and CSS, you will be able to practice the building of pages and understanding designing in a deeper sense.

Data and Analytics

Skills in Data and Analytics will ensure you get to evaluate the design process including testing which is crucial when trying to influence a specific design.