10 Social Media Tips for Car Dealerships


10 Social Media Tips for Car Dealerships:


Though many marketers have pointed out that Facebook power is going down, people still use it and visit their homepage on a regular basis.

Do not miss this social media and place ads to reach people who have indicated they are in the market for a car. You have the option to select the geographic areas you are pointed to, near your dealership, by vehicle type, gender, consumer interests, and more. The investment is trust worthy.


Twitter is growing and marketers have said that $716 million in car sales, have been dealt through twitter. Twitter continues to be a popular choice among auto consumers. Do not forget to use keyword targeting, to pick up direct messages and advertising can be sent directly to consumers.

3-Millennials on Instagram

A recently survey has discovered that millennials are leaving Facebook and are turning more of their attention to Instagram. Instagram, used the mobile devices and primarily, is about sharing, and uploading photos, videos. Instagram is a creative platform to share your brand’s story. Share pictures of your consumers with the new cars, at the beach, tailgating, or on a sporting event. For example, share pictures that allow consumers to imagine themselves in the moment ,showing this way the life that represent your brand.


People who are looking for a car, the want to find information about brands: compare models, safety features, connected devices, before they make a decision. Why not show your brand in a video in YouTube to help them make a decision. While videos should be embedded into your website, they should be hosted on a channel such as YouTube for more organic visibility. People are visual, and everything comes through the eyes, first.

5- Pinterest

Many marketer forget about Pinterest, as they are all too focus on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube. Pinterest is known for having a huge amount of feminine audience. However it is great for automotive industry in many ways. Do not forget female buy cars, and even in the family she is the one to consult and sometimes have the final decision, do not underestimate the power of Pinterest. This site can also drive more traffic to you site when it is linked.

6-Story Telling

People do not like when something is sold directly on social media, people like to connect, take part.

Social media is the best places to interact with your audience, see what they like, and want from your brand. In other words humanize your brand. Show your staff, post pictures of happy customers, share funny anecdotes. Show pictures of events your brand take part of.

7-Answer people comments

Do not forget to be active part in social media, by answering comments, tag in Instagram, answer in twitter, and above all, respond to complaints, people like to see that you are there when needed. If you are not checking continuously, you are missing possible sales. .

8- It’s all about Promotions

Remember Social Media is not only to talk about your bran and how awesome it is. People love deals, so give them promotions, promote contests and giveaways. This will give you shares, and more traffic to your site.

9-Social Reviews

Encourage your customers to leave reviews in social media. People read reviews before they make a decision.

10- Be 100% Committed

Social media has huge benefits to the automotive industry, but it does not do it alone. You must be committed a 100% and have an active presence. The more followers, the more sales you might have. It will get you more appointments, help you sell more services and vehicles, and boost your brand’s revenues.