10 Social Media Tips for Dentist


10 Social Media Tips for Dentist

A dental practice can surely rip the benefits of delving further into the online arena. With social media increasingly becoming a part of the average consumer’s daily life, it can be a fantastic way for dentists to reach new patients as well as a keep in touch with existing patients.

With the amount of digital influence present in today’s world, dental professionals should work towards improving a social media presence be it a blog, a twitter account or a Facebook page.

Unfortunately, it can be a challenging task for dentists to figure out what to post or how to engage their audience especially with the availability of so much content to read online. Here are ten tips that will help your social media accounts stand out from the pack.

Be yourself

Your social media accounts should show people that you are a real person. Your posts should offer more than just information about the new services your practice is offering or about a new blog post. Occasional updates about funny things a friend said or the beautiful puppy who just joined you family make you more likable in the eyes of a potential customer. Although its best to stay on topic most of the time, adding a personal face to your social media accounts makes it easier for consumers to relate, like and trust you.

Customize your profiles

Yes, it easy to use the same old generic profiles everyone else is using. The truth is, a generic profile doesn’t always reflect you or your dental practice. It’s crucial that you customize your profiles in a way that reflects the brand image of your dental practice. This creates an impression that ensures your clients are always immersed in your brand every time they visit social media pages.

Incorporate the right platforms

It’s not enough to have a social media profile; you need to make sure you’re operating on the right platforms. Social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter have the greatest potential advantages these days. Other sites such as google+, Pinterest and Instagram may also come in handy since they offer opportunities for creativity and extra features that aren’t available on other social media platforms.

Schedule your posts

Consistency is key while marketing your practice on social media. Posting on a regular basis is in your best interest if you want to maintain the interest of your followers. Majority of your followers expect that you will provide something new at least a few times a week or even daily.

Amplify the response

Social media requires more than just posting. Interact with your dental patients by liking, sharing and commenting on posts.

Avoid over-posting

Overly frequent posts can be annoying. It’s important that you limit the number of items you post daily to limit the risk of getting unfriended.

Encourage your current patients to review your practice

The feedback from your patients is valuable. As your patients to submit honest reviews on social medias sites such as Yelp and Google+.

Maintain a cohesive brand strategy

Unlike your social media profiles that are more casual in tone, a dentist website is formal and maintains a professional tone. While it’s important to preserve your authority and credibility in your field, your social media profile should adopt a more conversational tone. Using a technical, stiff tone might not engage your followers as would an informal, personal tone.

Provide relevant information

While you may want to use social media to generate more sales, it’s important that you keep sales to a minimum. Instead, make your content worthwhile for your followers by providing information they might need. Educational information not only helps you in demonstrating your expertise but also improves your search rankings.

Create a call-to-action

Writing content that inspires potential clients to act, such as, “click here to schedule an appointment today” can be a great way of getting new patients out of your marketing efforts.