10 Social Media Tips for Law Firms


10 Social Media Tips for Law Firms 

The recent explosion of social media popularity has come with its fair share of advantages especially to businesses. It is now much easier to promote and advertise the services offered by your company using social media. Just like any business, law firms are quickly realizing the huge potential that lies in social media marketing and are adopting the strategy to advertise and market their legal service.

Adopting social media and advertising on the various available platforms alone is not enough. As a law firm, you have to come up with a working strategy and employ tactics which will ensure that you will get the most out of social media. Often, numerous people fail at social media marketing because they use mainstream methods which don’t hand them an advantage over their potential competitors. To help you maximize on social media marketing, here are top 10 social media tips for law firms,

1. Create a plan first

For effective results on social media marketing, as a law firm it is important to create a plan before you proceed to create accounts to use. Ask yourself what you want to achieve through social media, who your target market is and how much you are willing to spend in-order to promote your firm. A good plan will help you avoid making unwanted errors.

2. Establish the most appropriate strategy

Once you have a good plan and know what you want to achieve as a legal firm through social media, it is crucial to come up with the most appropriate strategy on how you will be promoting and marketing your legal services. Identify the most suitable platform, get a concise message that will sell your legal practice and start posting.

3. Consistency is key to success

Once you identify a suitable strategy, you have to be consistent. Constantly update your social media channels with content and if possible hire a social media expert to run your social media marketing platforms. Fresh content will not only keep the existing customers glued to your page but will also help solidify your concise message promoting your services.

4. Always engage your followers 

Social media is not a one way channel. You should always be keen to engage with your subscribers and followers to make one huge happy family. Engaging with your followers not only shows that you care about them but can lead to you landing clients. Talk to them when possible.

5. Use social media to drive traffic to your website 

Does your law firm have a website? A website is critical in showcasing your services and commitment of your law firm to serving clients. If you have a website, then social media can be a good tool to drive traffic to the website. Post links and leads of your website and clients visiting the page will not only get the services they are looking for but also increase the rank of the website.

6. Think about social media adverts 

Look, just setting up a page about your law firm is not enough. Take the bold step and pay for Facebook, Twitter and other platforms advertising. This way, your services will be sold to the potential clients by the social site.

7. Identify your target market

It’s crucial to identify the ripe market and shift your focus to this market. As a law firm, always look at the age groups and class of people that are likely to need your services. It’s of no use trying to sell your services to vibrant teens and students who might be active on these social media sites but are unlikely to employ your services.

8. Differentiate between negative criticism and positive feedback

Out there on social media platforms, there are numerous idlers who will literally pop into your page and comment thrash or make some nasty statements about your company. Ignore them! It is however important to read all the feedback given by the visitors. Some of it makes sense and will help you better your service delivery.

9. Photos do the magic

People are more likely to read a story on Facebook f it has a captivating photo attached. Always use some relevant but captivating photos to get the attention of social media visitors.

10. Keep track of your ROI (returns on investment)

Ever since you invested in social media marketing, has there been any significant difference in the number of clients to your law firm? Have you had any increase in the number of calls or emails? Is the investment paying? Evaluate all this and if the answer is NO, then reconsider your tactics and strategy.