10 Tips to Build a Facebook Funnel That Converts


10 Tips to Build a Facebook Funnel That Converts

Facebook has become a global tool of marketing. Very many people are putting up Facebook ads in a bid to reach potential customers worldwide. Although they are very popular, very few people actually manage to get a good ROI for the Facebook adverts. To help you get more out of your Facebook ads here are 10 tips to build a Facebook Funnel that converts;

1. Create a lucrative email lead magnet

An email lead magnet is a free offer given to people for subscribing to your email list. These include eBooks, emails courses and video courses. Provide a lucrative email lead magnet and you will get more subscribers from your Facebook ad.

2. Optimize Facebook News Feed Ads 

Create an optimized Facebook news feed ad that will help you zoom in on your ideal market. An optimized ad will help you reach only the potential customers. This will mean that you can manage your funds easily and use extras for other things. You can easily identify the audience group with the most potential and zero in on it.

3. Create a relationship in your email list

You should always be keen to keep in touch with your subscribers once they have joined the mailing list. It is however almost impossible to email the, personally one by one. This calls for use of email Auto-responder tools that will send multiple conversion focused emails to your subscribers at once.

4. Courteously request your subscribers to make a purchase.

When you get a sizeable amount of subscribers in your mailing list, it is time to persuade them to make a purchase of your core product. Don’t be the nagging type however that always coerces the subscribers with endless mails now and then. Be courteous and they will make purchases.

5. Offer discounts when possible 

Nothing out there will earn you more sales than offering a discount on the core product that you are selling. Offer discounts and coupons to your customers when possible and you will start seeing more returns from the Facebook Ad investment.

6. Create an attractive ad to the relevant fans

There is no point in creating an ad that is not attractive enough and then posting it on Facebook expecting to get sales. Create something attractive and post it to a relevant market base. Focus on the quality rather than the quantity of the ads created.

7. Always provide value 

What next when someone subscribes to your list? Well, always give a customer a reason to come back to your website and make a purchase or request a service. Provide consistent value and the customers will keep coming back again and again.

8. The aim should always be to sell

Remember the sole reason you put up that ad on Facebook, is to make a sell and rake in some sort of profit for your company. Sometimes people are swayed away from the goal of making sales and they end up focusing on less important issues. Don’t be swayed; stay on track and aim to make as many sales as possible.

9. Know your audience

This is a very important aspect of any business. If you do not understand what your audience wants, then you will most likely not attract them. Know what aspects of your core product that the audience loves and focus on it more.

10. Find a reason to thank your buyers always 

When you successfully channel a customer from a Facebook Ad all the way to the point of him/her making a purchase, find a reason to thank them and give them a reason to shop with you again. Many marketers get caught up in the act most of the time because they feel they did all the work and forget to give their customers an incentive to come back again.