10 Tips Creating a Pay Per Click Manager Resume


10 Tips Creating a Pay Per Click Manager Resume

By the Internet only being on the scenes for just a few short decades, several job opportunities has emerged as a result of it. Primarily jobs that are related to marketing, such as online advertising, traffic and link building, research and analytics, SEO, PPC and a host of other social media related job functions. But what’s the best way to develop a job resume that is associated with this field? More particularly, jobs that are associated with PPC, such as a PPC manager. To point you in the right direction, below are10 tips for creating an impressive resume for pay per click managers.

1. Industry Experience 

The resume should clearly reflect the manager’s industry experience. Such as experience in the eCommerce, Retail and or the Social Media space to increase the potential client’s confidence in his abilities.

2. Goal Oriented

The resume should display the manager’s ability to be goal oriented by previously setting and accomplishing PPC related goals.

3. Performance / Results Oriented

The resume should reflect the manager’s ability to demonstrate a results driven performance, whereby he can indicate the result of implementing his PPC services.  The resume should provide clients with a means to measure the manager’s performance.

4. Transparent and Full Disclosure

There should be some indication of the manager’s willingness to fully disclose the details of what his intentions are with respect to managing the client’s account and rendering PPC services on behalf of the client. Including the methods used, the settings tab, the timeline, and other critical issues.

5. Ability to Educate

The resume should explain the manager’s previous consulting abilities, by educating clients about what PCC is, why it’s needed and how they can benefit from it.

6. Ability to Track Revenue per Conversion

The resume should show past performance concerning the total conversions rate and the revenue that has been generated as a result of the manager’s PPC management efforts.

7. Have a Basic Understanding of the Overall Marketing Campaign

The resume should reflect the manager’s basic understanding of the overall marketing campaign and his role in it.

8. Must Have the Ability to Test

The resume should display the manager’s ability to test different PPC campaigns and provide a report of the various test performed.

9. Must Have Budgeting Abilities

The resume should also reflect the manager’s ability to budget well and his ability to render services within the budget that has been previously set.

10. Being Able to Capitalize on New Opportunities

The resume should demonstrate the manager’s ability to keep abreast of any new developments that take place within the PPC industry and his ability to capitalize on opportunities that may benefit the client.

Basically, a PPC manager should have a resume that is strong enough to convince potential clients that he is highly experienced and well-seasoned with respect to the PPC sector and all of its job functions. After reading the manager’s resume, the client should feel confident that the manager is capable of delivering suburb PPC management services and feel 100% confident in allowing the manager to take over their PPC account.