10 Tips Creating a Social Media Manager Resume


10 Tips Creating a Social Media Manager Resume

With the increasing number of social media users, it has created new job titles such as social media managers. The social media manager is tasked with responsibilities such as managing and updating content on social media pages. However, there are certain skills that the social media manager must possess. Those skills must be highlighted on the resume.

What tips should a social media manager consider while creating a resume? Here are a few factors that they should put into consideration.

Highlight skills and responsibilities

The social media applicant’s resume need to highlight their skills. The skills should aim at developing, delivering and measuring a comprehensive social media plan. Some of the skills that must be included promotions, social media planning and community building.

Highlight the success stories

While writing your resume, do not forget to include your success stories. Some of the highlights for brand building as part of the success need some measurable outcomes to back up the claims. For instance, one can mention achievements such as increased likes/traffic and network building. While at it, remember to quantify your achievement. Making general claims will not give you a competitive edge.

Facebook profile

Forget the traditional resume format for a moment. One can add a twist to their resume. While a resume contains basic information such as educational history and contact information, one can include information from friends’ recommendation on Facebook. Include a paragraph containing positive reviews and recommendations from friends. It is one of the easiest ways of personalizing your resume.

Create a living resume

Most people do not understand the importance of creating a living resume. Create a collection of some of your online work. It may be a blog or Pinterest. Ensure that you mention that page or blog in your resume. Creating a living resume is a means of personalizing the resume.

Sales pitch

The main point of the resume is to sell yourself to the potential employee. Turn your resume into a product page. Show your experience and relevant works in the form of reviews and recommendations from friends and previous clients. However, not all employees may be impressed with the unique resume idea.

Proper formatting

Potential employees scan through the résumés. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the resume is well formatted. Here are a few helpful tips:

• Apply bold and italics selectively

• Clear headings, wide margins and no typos

• Replace “objective” with “career summary.”

Most of the people will include an objectives section in their resumes. In most instances, the objectives sound similar across various people. With a single chance to impress, include a career summary instead. Develop an eye-catching, accurately and powerfully described summary that will sell you to the potential employees.

Excellent writing skills

The resume of a social media manager should illustrate that he has excellent writing skills. It should not contain any typos or phrases that cannot be easily understood. Great writing and working online go hand in hand. The online written content needs to be easy to read as people tend to skim and scan.