10 Tips for Getting a Data Science Job

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The future belongs to data science and companies everywhere, are scrambling to get data scientists to analyze their raw data and use it to improve their products and service delivery. Data scientist jobs are on the rise but they are not a guarantee, you have to have the necessary qualifications and make the right impression to land the job.

As a budding data scientist looking to land a lucrative job, there are things you’ll need to make the job hunting process less challenging and more fruitful. Here at Runrex, we have been down that road of job hunting for a data science job and we know how frustrating it can be at times. Fortunately, we learnt a thing or two from our journey and have put together this specific guide for data scientists looking for that dream job in the data science world;

10 Tips for Getting a Data Science Job

Ensure that you truly are good at it first

However good your application or job hunting skills might be, if you are not good at data science, nobody will employ you. Here at Runrex, we always advise data science job seekers to strive hard and understand the basic principles and fundamentals of data science and put their skills to test before venturing into the job market.

Build a good online portfolio

The days of physical curriculum vitae are behind us. Online portfolios are the way to go and as a data scientist, you should know this. Create an online portfolio and use the same to hunt for jobs. If you can’t create a good portfolio yourself, you can get a professional to create a portfolio for you and this will increase the chances of you getting the dream job.

Get on LinkedIn

The first data science gig we ever landed, was through LinkedIn. This is not to imply that our fates will be similar or anything but LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to not only connect with likeminded professionals but to job hunt. All you need to do is to find prolific data scientists on the platform, send them connections and message them on your data science job hunt.

Create a personal website

Nothing oozes professionalism like a professional website. A professional website gives you a chance to not only post your portfolio, it gives you a chance to market your services to a target audience. You can use your personal blog to market your services and rank highly on search engines.

Talk to professional data scientists

The other thing you should do, is to talk to professional data scientists like us here at Runrex. Professional data scientists will not only give you leads on companies that might be hiring, they will advise you on what you need to make it in the data science world.

Cold pitching

Yes, sometimes it needs an initiative for you to get a data science job. You’ll need to take the initiative and pitch your skills to as many potential employers as possible. Research on how to pitch to data science clients and adequately prepare for the pitches and you will make the most out of the pitches.

Prepare adequately for interviews

Interviews are an integral part of any job hunting process. They will either make or break your chances of getting employed by the interviewers. It is therefore imperative to prepare adequately for the same by researching some of the most common questions asked in data science job interviews and other interview necessities.

Take as many interviews as you can

Remember that the more interviews you take, the higher your chances of getting employed. If you are in a position to attend an interview, always avail yourself and arrive on time. Be it an online interview or a physical interview, treat every interview with seriousness and you will get lucky in one of them.

Understand the position you are really looking for

Depending on your proficiency in data science, there are very many positions which you can hold in an institution. It is therefore up to you to analyze your skills and experience and understand the positions that are best suited for you. This way, you’ll be able to not only prepare for interviews but to negotiate offers.

Embrace rejections and keep your head high

You will get rejected a couple of times and if you are not resilient enough, you might give up and lose hope. While some people are lucky to get employed after their first interview, some need as many as ten interviews before they get job offers. You should therefore not take rejections negatively and use them as a stepping stone for the next interview.

Talk to Runrex

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We have been down that path and understand what it takes to land a job as a data scientist. Give us a call today and hopefully, we can help you land your first job as a data scientist.