10 Tips to Get a Chinese Student Visa (X), Study Visa Application Requirements


10 Tips to Get a Chinese Student Visa (X), Study Visa Application Requirements  

If pursuing further studies, fieldwork, or course work in china is in your agenda, you will need a Chinese student visa. Student visas fall into two categories: the X1 and the X2. The X1 variation is for those who intend to stay in china for academic purposes lasting more than 6 months, while the X2 is for those who intend to stay for less than 6 months. As expected, there are necessary requisites and guidelines involved. Below are 10 tips to ironclad your visa X application and ascertain its success.

Note down all the rules

Before commencing the application process, take note of all the rules and internalize them. With the guidelines as your compass, conceptualize the application procedure on a step-by-step basis. This way, it will be hard to miss any crucial step that might jeopardize your request. Also, take note of location-specific regulations.

Create a document checklist

With a thorough understanding of all requirements, source all the requisite documents and organize them. A checklist, which you will be marking against in relation to all documentation fulfilling set stipulations, will reduce the probability and related consequences of missing anything.

Invest in a quality passport photograph

The passport photo quality required in a visa application mirrors the top-caliber quality necessary in actualizing passport allocation. Therefore, invest in quality photography services. Both ears must be visible, and the lighting should be ideal with the background being a solid white. Excess makeup is not advised and the base idea is to appear as natural as possible. Caps, glasses and anything that might alter your look should not be in the final photo.

Check validity of all documentation

Tunnel vision and the fact that you will be deeply focused on fulfilling requirements may easily result in missing tiny details such as document validity which may derail your application. Ensure all your documents have at least a year’s validity. Your passport should have a minimum of 2 blank visa pages in addition to a minimum of six months validity

Fill all fields in the documents

It is incumbent upon you to fill all areas in the necessary documentation to boost the success chances of your application. Do not leave any blank spaces and make sure that all the information you give is 100% correct. If you feel unsure concerning what you should fill in any instance, contact support. Only use capital letters and avoid special characters.

Pay for visa charges using the right channels

The Chinese consulate, responsible for student visa applications, has payment methods it accepts. Take note of the same and the related requirements. Strictly adhere to them since payment pitfalls are one of the main reasons why most applications are unsuccessful. Personal checks, are for instance, not accepted. Also, consider service charges regarding the payment method you go for. Otherwise, you might send the correct amount needed to process your visa only for service charges to be deducted rendering your fee inadequate.

Type all documents

For official purposes, clarity, and improving the appeal of your application, do not handwrite any required information. Only type using standard, readable and official fonts. Any handwritten document shall not be accepted which may be a major setback regarding the application approval timeline.

Make a personal application copy for reference

Make a point of printing all the information you submit and create a copy of the same for reference. In case of anything, you will exactly know the data you provided, and you will have a point of reference to back it up.

Make quality copies and be proactive

All photocopies needed such as the admission notice must be high quality. Moreover, be proactive concerning the whole process. Commence visa application 2 months to 20 days before your set departure date. This way, in case of any hiccup, you will have enough time to react and make amends.

Review your application

Before you submit any information or documentation, make a habit of reviewing the same in light of all the set requirements. Reviewing is absolutely critical since it will unearth any occasion in which you have erred and areas that need revision and slight adjustments.

Study Visa Application Requirements

One accurate and honest application form signed accordingly and filled to satisfaction as per guidelines.

Two copies (original and copy) of Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW201 or JW202) for X1 applicants.

Two copies (original and copy) of the relevant admission letter from a Chinese school or university.

Recent quality passport photograph taken under clear lighting and plain background with no hat to be attached to the application form.

Valid passport with 2 blank pages.

Proof of address: for applicants hailing from Houston and Los Angeles. A driver’s license or official I.D copy will suffice.

Final thoughts

Provided you follow all the regulations to the letter and submit your application accordingly, your application is bound to go through. If due to any reason it does not, troubleshoot the causative issues in conjunction with the Chinese consulate and make the necessary adjustments before reapplying.