10 Tips for Mastering Social Media Marketing Right Now


10 Tips for Mastering Social Media Marketing Right Now

Social media has presented a platform for both large and small organizations to create awareness about their brands, online. In fact, research indicates that more than 90% of marketers are using this platform to drive traffic to their websites or businesses. For this reason, social media has become an important part of most digital marketing strategies.

Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more present a great opportunity for you to reach your target audiences. In order, to effectively utilize this platform you must master the ever evolving art of social media marketing, here are ten tips to help you achieve this:

Use social media influencers : Just like celebrity endorsements, social media influencers have the ability to not only get your brand noticed  but also “close deals” on your behalf.  Customers tend to trust recommendations made by people they trust such as family and friends, hence the need to use social media influences to create brand awareness. For instance, if you deal with cosmetic products try and engage several make-up artists who have a lot of followers on twitter or friends on Facebook and have them endorse your products.

Place timely ads: before you post your ads or any type of promotional message on social media, do some research to find out the best times to post so as to reach your target audience.  For instance, young people tend to be on social media throughout the day, while the older age groups tend to use social media in the evening.

Choose the right platform: there are over a hundred different social media platforms. This gives you an opportunity to choose a platform that will address your social media marketing goals. Take time and analyze the most suitable platform and choose a few to work with for marketing purposes.

Build a relationship with your target audience: You should bear in mind that social media was never really meant to be a marketing platform. Social media was meant to be a forum in which people could connect, communicate and build relationships. For this reason, you should engage your target audience and build a relationship with them, doing this can help you gain loyal customers.

Offer promotions and special deals: offer these deals and promotions exclusively to your social media followers. This can help you gain a larger audience, who are likely to be converted to customers.

Amplify your posts with images: If you want to get a lot of likes and engagement on your preferred social media platform, consider placing posts with images.  Images help to amplify your message.

Make use of analytics: there are so many tools you could use to analyze the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. Some of these tools are on the social media platforms. Read the reports given and take the appropriate measures required to achieve success.

Live-streaming and videos: advancements in technology have made videos very popular. For this reason, most social media platforms are improving their sites to allow for better video capabilities which you can take advantage of to market your products or services.

Make your marketing more target focused: Some social media platforms have “targeting” capabilities, utilize this to market to your specific target audience as opposed to the “broad spectrum” of social media users.

Quality content: Users will respect you and your business when your content speaks to their needs and is of high quality.